Ани Лорак - Новый бывший

Fascinating clip of Ani Lorak for the song "New Ex".Текст песни:

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Ани Лорак – <p>Many people remember that in 2008 Ani Lorak represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. Then the girl took second place, losing gold to the Russian troika Bilan-Plushenko-Marton. It is curious that on May 25, 2008, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko greeted the singer with the following words: “From the bottom of my heart I greet you with your victory at Eurovision! That&#39;s right - with Victory! I know that you were the First, but virtuous and delicate Europe could not reconcile itself to Ukraine hosting Eurovision twice in the past four years.</p> – lorak lorac лорок
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Fascinating clip of Ani Lorak for the song "New Ex".

Release date: Декабрь 2017

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