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Your television, Your reality, Yourself.

Music has always been with us, but was there a choice in what to listen to? Modern opportunities provide this choice, and the tools are becoming more effective and advanced.

We present you Soundbox - a video portal that has no analogues on the Internet.

Soundbox is a huge collection of licensed clips in excellent quality, unique opportunities for socializing users and the ability to create your own music television.

The Soundbox project is a video portal that specializes directly in music video. It is here that all the most fashionable novelties and the latest visual masterpieces of world celebrities will appear.

Users are given the opportunity not only to watch clips, but also create their own music playlists, which can be exported to blogs and social media pages, and also use Soundbox as a music encyclopedia, learning interesting information about popular artists.

The Soundbox video portal is a kind of music television for the modern generation that wants not only to watch clips, but also to choose what should be shown and what not. The content of users' playlists depends only on the users themselves.

We give you the opportunity to learn more about music, share your opinion and thoughts, come up with something of your own.

If you have any questions please visit our help section.

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