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<p>The Sex Pistols is an iconic British punk rock band that has inspired many bands. It was actually formed from the young musicians &quot;The Strand&quot;, which have existed since 1972. The band was composed of vocalist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and guitarist Wally Nightingale. In 1974, Malcolm McLaren, the owner of a rocker and biker clothing store, became their &quot;producer&quot;.</p><p> A year later, nineteen-year-old John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) became the vocalist, who did not hit the notes at all, but had a remarkable appearance. The group came up with the name &quot;Sex Pistols&quot; in 1975, and then they had their first performance. However, quite unfortunate.</p><p> However, the band was gaining experience in performing and could already gather about 600 people, and also began writing songs: in the summer of 1976, the Sex Pistols&#39; performance was broadcast for the first time on television with their song Anarchy in the UK.</p><p> Then the group signed a contract with EMI, and they released the single &quot;Anarchy in the UK&quot;, which immediately became popular (ranked 38th on the UK Singles Chart), but could not be released on radio and TV.</p>
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<p>Alexandra Stan (born Alexandra Stan, born June 10, 1989, Constanta, CPP) is a Romanian singer.</p>
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Dutchman Armin Van Buuren, along with Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk, is considered one of the main adepts of stadium trance. It was through their efforts that trance from a club genre turned into a pop product for millions. Armin began recording his first tracks at a very young age, and his first success came at 19, when the track &quot;Blue Fear&quot;, a nine-minute epic prog-trance instrumental, hit the UK charts. Two years later, the Dutchman joined forces with fellow countryman Tiesto and released several records under the pseudonyms Alibi and Major League. The duo&#39;s main hit was Alibi&#39;s single &quot;Eternity&quot;. Some of the material, including this plastic, Van Buuren initially publishes on his own label Armind, but more and more major players are interested in his tracks: Paul Van Dyck&#39;s Vandit label, the British major Ministry of Sound and the dance divisions of Warner Brothers. Since 1999, the Dutchman has been annually releasing mixes under the name &quot;State of Trance&quot; (the first one is sold with a circulation of more than 10 thousand), and since 2001 he has also launched a radio program of the same name.
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<p>Big Time Rush (band) is an American boy band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. Team members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson.</p>
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Paul Oakenfold began his DJing career in Ibiza, where he threw acid house parties and the then balearic beats genre. Fashion events caught the attention of British (especially Manchester) musicians, for whom Ibiza was a favorite vacation spot, and soon Paul and his colleague Steve Osborne began receiving orders for remixes from Happy Mondays, The Cure, INXS and U2. In 1989, Paul opened his own label Perfecto, where he also initially released Balearic house, but this wave soon passed and Oakenfold switched to trance, at the same time becoming one of the first stadium DJs. In 1993, Paul embarked on a world tour with U2, and two years later became the first DJ to play on the main stage of Glastonbury. His set gathered more than 90 thousand viewers then. Perfecto was doing great too. The label was known around the world thanks to such artists as BT, Tilt and Grace (this pop project was patronized by Oakenfold himself), and in our country it became famous with the release of PPK&#39;s single &quot;Ressurection&quot;.
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<p>One Direction is an English / Irish band made up of five young people: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zane Malik and Liam Payne. The group formed on the UK show &quot;X-factor&quot; in 2010, where they finished in third place. Today the team enjoys particular popularity in France, Sweden and the UK.</p><p> The debut album of the newly minted group was released on November 21, 2011 under the name &quot;Up All Night&quot;. Later, the music video for their first single &quot;What Makes You Beautiful&quot;, presented by the guys, gained over 24 million views on the popular video hosting on the Internet.</p>
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<p>A-ha is a Norwegian electro-pop band.</p><p> In 1976, young Pal Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen decided to form a band, calling it Bridges.</p><p> In 1980, the group released the album &quot;Fakkeltog&quot;, which was not successful.</p><p> In early 1983, friends invited Morten Harket to join them as vocalist, and he agreed. The guys recorded several demos, and also came up with a new, short and easy-to-remember name for the group - A-ha.</p><p> In 1983, after listening to the recordings of the group, Warner studio signed a contract with them and did not fail.</p><p> Composition &quot;Take on Me&quot;, took the leading positions in the charts of the world, becoming number one in the United States and second in the UK. Another big hit was The Sun Always Shines on TV.</p><p> In 1985, with the release of their debut album &quot;Hunting High And Low&quot; a-ha firmly occupied the Top 10. The album won the &quot;Spellemannsprisen&quot; (Norwegian Grammy) award.</p><p> A-ha&#39;s video clips with interesting visuals contributed to the group&#39;s popularity.</p><p> In the same year, A-ha presented their second album &quot;Scoundrel Days&quot;, the most popular tracks from which are such tracks as &quot;Cry Wolf&quot;, &quot;Manhattan Skyline&quot; and &quot;I&#39;ve Been Losing You&quot;.</p><p> In 1987, Paul Vaaktaar was asked to compose the theme for the next James Bond film. This is how The Living Daylights appeared, a remix of which was included in the band&#39;s third album, Stay On The Roads (1988).</p><p> In 1990, the band&#39;s fourth album, East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon, was released, which many fans consider the best work of A-ha. On the disc, the first composition especially stood out - a cover version of the famous song from the repertoire of Everly Brothers &quot;Crying In The Rain&quot;.</p><p> In 1993, the band released their fifth album, &quot;Memorial Beach&quot;, without a hit outside of Norway. The disc had no commercial success.</p><p> The release of the single &quot;Shapes That Go Together&quot; (1994) put an end to a certain stage in the band&#39;s creativity. A-ha played at the White Nights festival in St. Petersburg, and then Paul, Morten and Magne went about their own business.</p><p> In 1998, A-ha - with the help of new manager Brian Lane - decided to reunite after a long hiatus. The band began performing and recording new material. The result of this work was the album &quot;Minor Earth, Major Sky&quot; (2000), full of strong and fresh material, modern sounding, but executed, at the same time, in the best traditions of A-ha. The big hits were the compositions &quot;Velvet&quot;, &quot;Summer Moved On&quot;, &quot;Minor Earth, Major Sky&quot;. As always, the trio&#39;s fans were drawn to the original music videos.</p><p> On October 15, 2009, it was officially announced that the band would end their existence following the end of the Ending on a High Note tour.</p><p> After the final concert in Oslo on December 4, 2010, the band ceased their creative activities.</p>
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Avril Lavigne has dreamed of a musical career for a rock star since childhood. “When I was little, I often got up on the bed and imagined that I was standing on stage. I sang with all my strength and imagined thousands of people listening to me with bated breath, ”says Avril. She achieved her goal: now a girl can perform anywhere and sing whatever she wants - and there will be loyal fans everywhere. Avril was born in the small town of Napanee (Ontario, Canada) in 1984. The city with a population of 5 thousand people is a small audience for a girl who wants to conquer the world, so at the age of 15, leaving school, Avril went to New York. During the audition, Antonio Reid became interested in her, who helped Lavigne sign a contract with Arista Records, and Avril sat in the label&#39;s studio in Manhattan, working on her debut album. “I like writing. When I’m upset or upset about something, and I need to throw it all out of myself, then I take up the guitar. At times it seems to me that the guitar is my therapist, ”said the girl. Despite the fact that the singer literally did not leave the New York studio, the result she received did not satisfy her at all. “I worked with very talented people, but I just didn&#39;t feel it. The songs that came out didn&#39;t include me. They told me that I needed to find people who would write songs, but I wanted to do everything myself. &quot; According to Avril, it was a very difficult period in her life. “I was constantly stressed, but I never even thought about quitting music,” says the singer.
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Jeezy is a very solemn rapper. The rest of American hip-hoppers mostly focus on how many bucks they have, what kind of girls they ride in limousines, and how long their trunks are. All this is no stranger to Jeezy - in one of his videos a black model even throws dollars into the camera - but there is also a certain sublimity in his work, which is not characteristic of tough guys from the black ghetto. It is achieved through pompous composer moves that would be quite appropriate in symphonic soundtracks to Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. However, all the orchestral parts of strings and winds are deliberately recorded on a synthesizer, which gives them some flavor of 90s music. And if you add a broken minimalistic R&amp;B beat to this picture, you get a rather original arrangement.
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<p>Pitbull was born in Miami to a family of wealthy Cuban immigrants. It was the southern disco culture, where the so-called crank was born in the 2000s - the southern version of hip-hop, combining elements of various dance styles, more rhythmic and &quot;sunny&quot;, and influenced the future star of dance floors. Pitbull did not really want to be engaged exclusively in cracking, but the music and fame attracted the young man extremely. Then he began to make various mixes for Miami discos and was soon noticed by Lil Jon himself, who was called in Miami nothing less than &quot;the king of crank&quot;. Lil John was just working on the soundtrack for the movie &quot;Fast and Furious 2&quot; and the services of a young and talented DJ came in handy: the first joint single of Pitbull and Lil John &quot;Oye&quot;, which sounded in the film, became a hit and strengthened Pitbull&#39;s heart desire to start a solo career. Moreover, the moment was just right.</p>
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<p>American rock musician, vocalist, songwriter. Cooper was one of the first shock rockers and became, according to the All Music Guide, the king of this genre, with his pioneering work, radically expanding the scope of ideas about the stage capabilities of a rock artist.</p>
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<p>Kiesza is a Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dancer from Calgary who has recently worked in New York and London. Best known for her single &quot;Hideaway&quot;.</p>
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<p>&quot;I just shot John Lennon&quot; ... This risky phrase of The Cranberries once conquered not only the Beatle fans who had seen a lot, but also those who are called &quot;young punks&quot;. On the threshold of the 2000s, the Irish collective with its characteristic vocalist became the very bridge that united the tastes and aspirations of several generations of world rock connoisseurs at once. It was the musicians of The Cranberries who succeeded in the most organic fusion of melodic rock with female vocal improvisations, Celtic motives and uncompromising alternative riffs.</p>
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Having started his career in the electronic duo Soft Cell, Mark Almond has always tried to adhere to the same principle: everything should be beautiful and original. The bright and at the same time complex electronic music of Soft Cell did not exclude additional experiments, which Mark always indulged in with extraordinary zeal. His main hobby was the French cabaret: the work of Jacques Brel had a strong influence on Almond. In parallel with electronic musical projects, Almond begins to re-sing the repertoire of great chansonniers - and his search for new sources of inspiration brings him to Russia.
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<p>Ariana Joan Butera-Grande (born Ariana Joan Butera-Grande; born June 26, 1993, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is an American actress, model and singer.<br /> Grande was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Her older brother is actor and producer Frank Grande. She studied vocals with Eric Vetro. As a child, Ariana began performing at the Little Palm Theater in Boca Raton. A few years later, she began performing at the Fort Lauderdale Children&#39;s Theater.</p>
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<p>Fifth Harmony is an American girl group founded in 2012 on the second season of the American show The X Factor. The group consists of five girls: Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Corday, Ellie Brook and Lauren Jauregui. The group released their first single &quot;Miss Moving On&quot; on June 5, 2013.<br /> After finishing third on the second season of the American show The X Factor, they signed a deal with Simon Cowell&#39;s record company Syco Music and Epic Records.</p>
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<p>Amy Winehouse is a recognized singer who went down in history as an amazing performer and record holder: she is listed in the Guinness Book of Records because she is the first and only British singer to receive five Grammy awards.</p><p> She was born on September 14, 1983 in London. Her parents were descendants of Jews who immigrated from the Russian Empire. It was the family who instilled in her a love for music, in particular - for jazz. She began writing her songs at the age of 14, it was at this age that she tried drugs.</p><p> She soon signs her first contract with EMI. However, her debut album was released only in 2003. &quot;Frank&quot; goes platinum, and Amy receives British Female Solo Artist and British Urban Act awards. Almost all the songs on the album were written by a young talented performer.</p>
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<p>Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer, daughter of country performer Billy Ray Cyrus. She was born on November 23, 1992, in fact, her pseudonym was invented already in childhood: she received the nickname Miley (Miley, derived from Smiley - smiling), because she was a smiling child. In 2008, the singer officially changed her name to Miley Rae.</p><p> Cyrus&#39;s career began in 2001: eight-year-old Destiny Hope played a girl named Kylie in an episode of the Doc series. However, success was brought by the series &quot;Hannah Montana&quot;, in which she played the main role, having passed the casting at the age of twelve: Miley&#39;s vocal abilities and perseverance played a decisive role here.</p><p> Accordingly, Cyrus&#39;s first single was The Best of Both Worlds, the main theme of Hannah Montana.</p>
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<p>Group members<br /><br /> Patrick Martin Stump - vocals, rhythm guitar, composer<br /> Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III - backing vocals, bass<br /> Joseph Mark Trohman - vocals - guitar, backing vocals<br /> Andrew John Hurley - drums<br /> The history of the group began in early 2001. The founders were two longtime friends - Joe Troman and Pete Wentz. These two residents of Wilmett, a suburb of Chicago, started playing together in 2001, and they started as a metal project, but very soon they became convinced that such a musical direction did not suit them. Much more musicians were inspired by the success of Green Day, after which they took up the development of pop punk. After that, Joe and Pete were joined by newly graduated vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump and drummer Andy Hurley.<br /><br /> These four heirs to the glorious traditions of American pop-punk, united in 2001, played several concerts, but still could not think of a suitable name. In such cases, you can always turn to the people. Which they did. At one of the concerts in college, the musicians asked their listeners what the best name for the group was. Someone from the audience shouted: &quot;Fall Out Boy!&quot; The group liked the name, although none of them had any idea where it came from. And it came from the animated series about the Simpsons family, where one of the heroes of the comic about Radioactive Man was called that.</p>
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<p><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Luke Bryan real name Thomas Luther &quot;Luke&quot; Bryan (born Luke Bryan, born July 17, 1976) is an American country singer and songwriter.</span> Brian worked as a composer before releasing his debut album in 2007. His debut single, &quot;All My Friends Say&quot;, peaked at number five on the Billboard Country Charts and since then several of his singles have climbed to the top of the charts and received gold and platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America. His third album, Tailgates &amp; Tanlines, released in 2011, was certified platinum, and in 2012, Brian received an American Music Award for Best Country Artist.</p>
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