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Brave - Sara Bareilles
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Bop Bop - Елена Александра Апостоляну (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu)
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Fous Ta Cagoule - Fatal Bazooka
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Já não sei mais nada (Yo no se mañana) - Bruno E Marrone
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Save Me - The Parakit feat. Alden Jacob
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Take Control - Amerie
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Just a Little Walk With Jesus (feat. Larry Ford and J.D. Sumner) (Live) - Bill & Gloria Gaither
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Wal-Mart Commercial - Mark Lowry
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Kemosabe - Everything Everything
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Let's Love - Echosmith
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A Change Is Gonna Come - Seal
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Mas - Nelly Furtado
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Jezebel - Sade
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Victory - Bond
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Son Of The Morning - Tommytommy
Rock 'N' Roll Robot - Ustmamò
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Crick Neck - Sean Paul
Wake Up Call - Hayden Panettiere
What I Need Is You - David Phelps
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The recognized king of pop music (The King of Pop), the largest representative of the world of show business. Unprecedented record holder: leader in number of solo album sales, hits recorded and awards received, including the most prestigious - the Grammy, the industry's main newsmaker for decades. The musician who radically changed the course of the history of the recording industry, developed music video to the level of an independent genre, became the brightest star in the history of pop music, lasted exactly four decades on the professional scene.
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British duo La Roux (which means "redhead" in French), which is often taken for a solo project by vocalist Ellie Jackson, was the first to sign the label Kitsune, sensitive to new talents. “She’s only nineteen, but she’s sure to be a star,” label owner Gildas Loaëc said of Ellie Jackson. The recipe for La Roux's music was simple but effective: deliberately simple electro-pop arrangements with references to the eighties (Ben Langmaid, a longtime friend of Rollo Armstrong from Faithless, is solely responsible for the electronics in the group), plus Ellie's shrill, slightly hysterical voice. The music was complemented by a bright visual image of the red-haired singer, who loves exotic outfits in the spirit of new-wave performances of thirty years ago.
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<p>Adam Lambert (January 29, 1982) is one of the few mainstream performers who openly inform the public about his &quot;rainbow&quot; orientation. Adam began performing on stage at the age of ten. As an actor, throughout his studies he took part in various school performances. And the young artist got his first singing experience when he played in an amateur production of Arthur Sullivan&#39;s American opera &quot;The Pirates of Penzance&quot;. Later, Adam began to sing in the school group MC Jazz. Even then, he was the pride of the entire school, and the girls referred to him as &quot;Sweetie&quot; (&quot;sweet&quot;) ..</p>
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<p>Brian Adams was born in Canada to a family of immigrants from England. Since his father was a diplomat, until the age of 14, Brian traveled the world with his family - he was in England, Israel, Austria, Portugal, where he learned the local language. It wasn&#39;t until 1973 that the family finally returned to Canada, and a year later Brian left school to sing in the rock band Sweeney Todd and release an album with them. According to Brian, at that time he was so carried away by music that he was no longer interested in anything. Around the same period, Adams met drummer Jim Vallance - together the young musicians began to write songs and became so successful that famous performers began to order material for them - Kiss, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt and others ... Brian, however, decided to develop a solo career - in 1978 he sent a demo tape to A&amp;M Records and soon signed a contract with them for a symbolic amount of one dollar. His first album and second albums enjoyed modest success, with 1983&#39;s &quot;Cuts Like A Knife&quot; becoming a real hit, mainly thanks to the singles of the album of the same name and &quot;Straight From The Heart&quot;. Even more successful was the next album, &quot;Reckless&quot; (1984). The song &quot;It&#39;s Only Love&quot; from this album, co-performed with Tina Turner, was nominated for a Grammy.</p>
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<p>Singer Lily Rose Allen was born on May 2, 1985 in London, in the family of the famous Welsh comedian Keith Allen and his wife and producer Alison Owen.</p>
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Gorchitza is a musical duet in the popular “girl and programmer” format, which became popular with lightning speed first in Ukraine, and later in Europe. Listeners who prefer quality in music are attracted by the modern European sound and bright English-speaking vocals. The project was created by the talented arranger and composer Alexei Gorchitza (Crimea, Kerch) and the vocalist Allois from Kiev. In August, the group performed for the first time in front of the Russian public at the Lounge Fest with a 50-minute program, preceding the performance of Morcheeba&#39;s lead singer, Sky Edwards. Despite the fact that usually &quot;warming up&quot; compositions are most often perceived by the public negatively and barely carry their feet off the stage, dodging beer glasses and rotten tomatoes, Gorchitza was greeted by the people very well. Many note that this stylish, timely project with high-quality fresh sound and strong lyrics from the first notes managed to create a sense of quality work in the listeners. this opinion was supported by the concept videos of the group “Call It A Dream” and “Final Cut”, which soon appeared on the air of Russian music channels.
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<p>Big Time Rush (band) is an American boy band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. Team members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson.</p>
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Ne-Yo was born in Arkansas in 1979. His father (African American) and mother (African American and half Chinese) were musicians. Unfortunately, the family fell apart when Schaffer was still a child. The boy stayed with his mother, who moved with him to Los Angeles. By the early 2000s, Ne-Yo was already making music professionally and even signed a contract with Columbia Records. However, the company canceled the agreement with the rapper even before the release of his debut album, which Ne-Yo managed to record. Fortunately, singer Marques Houston somewhere heard one of Ne-Yo&#39;s tracks called &quot;That Girl&quot;, which was supposed to be the first single from the rapper&#39;s unreleased album. Houston bought the rights to the song from Ne-Yo and released it on his own album. From that point on, Ne-Yo mainly began writing songs for other artists (his &quot;clients&quot; included Mary J. Blige and Musiq). His own material remained unpublished.
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Danish of Chilean descent, Medina released her first single &quot;Et øjeblik&quot; (One Moment) at the age of 25 in 2007. The next single, &quot;Kun for mig&quot; (&quot;Only for me&quot;), brought the singer nationwide fame, holding on to the first place on the Danish dance charts for 7 weeks. This single is still the best-selling single in Denmark, with over 2 million people already purchased. The English version of the same song was called &quot;You and I&quot; and had modest success in the UK (39th place in the British singles charts), but it became very popular in Russia. Medina has already released two albums, and in 2009 won the prize for best Danish artist according to MTV Europe.
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<p>The Doors is an American rock band that was founded in 1965 in Los Angeles and had a strong influence on the culture and art of the 60s. Mysterious, mystical, allegorical lyrics and a vivid image of the band&#39;s vocalist, Jim Morrison, made it perhaps the most famous and equally controversial band of its time. Even after the (temporary) breakup in 1970, its popularity did not decline. The total circulation of the group&#39;s albums exceeded 75 million copies.</p>
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The daughter of a native of Jamaica, the girl Oceana, already in her early childhood loved to listen to soul and reggae music, was a fan of James Brown and Bob Marley. Studying the recordings and attending concerts of her favorite musicians, at home she diligently rehearsed in front of the mirror, trying to repeat the unearthly plastic of Marley, then she trained her vocal cords in order to be able to sing both in Marley&#39;s reggae style and in Brown&#39;s soul style. ... The path for a dark-skinned girl who wanted to become a singer was determined: if you do not want to practice &quot;pop-music&quot; - go sing jazz or soul. So Oseana&#39;s early career was quite successful, she worked as a backing vocalist in the band of the famous Masio Parker, and they didn&#39;t take &quot;anyhow&quot; there, the maestro&#39;s vocal talents in the girl saw. But the soul demanded a solo career. ...
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<p>The Script is an Irish rock band.</p>
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The duo Pet Shop Boys have miraculously managed to remain relevant and loved by the public for twenty-five years in a row. None of their ten studio albums missed the top ten on the UK charts. Pet Shop Boys have always served as a model for a kind of pop music for intellectuals: restrained and sophisticated electronic arrangements, excellent songwriting, Neil Tennant&#39;s melancholic voice and ironic lyrics, often touching on social topics. Both members of the duo are gay, and although Chris and Neil began to talk about it openly only in the mid-nineties, their songs always had a liberal &quot;message&quot;. They had time to go to Catholic schools (It&#39;s A Sin) and give a second life to the old gay anthem (Go West).
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<p>Samantha Jade Gibbs (born April 18, 1987), better known as Samantha Jade, is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress and model from Perth, Western Australia. She has written songs for artists such as JoJo and Ashley Tisdale. On 20 November 2012, Jade won The_X_Factor Australia season 4, becoming the first woman to win the Australian version of the competition. She then signed to Sony Music Australia and released her debut single, &quot;What You&#39;ve Done to Me,&quot; which debuted at # 1 on the ARIA Singles Chart.</p>
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<p>Katy Perry released her first disc, Katy Hudson, under her real name Katy Hudson. Later, the singer took her mother&#39;s maiden name - to avoid the similarity in name with the actress Kate Hudson. Katy Perry is an American pop singer and songwriter. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. It was under this name - Katie Hudson - that the singer released her first album &quot;Katy Hudson&quot;. Later, the singer took her mother&#39;s maiden name - to avoid the similarity in name with the actress Kate Hudson.</p>
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Daft Punk made history as the first electronic band to contract with a major label on their own terms. After making a splash with a couple of singles released by the techno label Soma, the French began to receive offers for long-term contracts. Enlisting the support of manager Pedro Winter, who would later open Ed Banger&#39;s label and become the patron of Justice, Thomas (whose father, incidentally, had a hand in many hits by Ottawan and Gibson Brothers) and Guy-Manuel began to knock the opportunity out of labels. control the creative process. &quot;We weren&#39;t particularly interested in money,&quot; Bangalter explained, &quot;so we just turned down labels that wanted to get involved in the band.&quot; As a result, Daft Punk became Virgin customers. The album &quot;Homework&quot;, where the guys mixed techno, house and disco in equal proportions, went so well that even in the USA it became &quot;gold&quot;, and Daft Punk turned into trendsetters, setting an example for everyone. Neither the wave of French house, nor the success of Miss Kittin and Vitalic, nor the emergence of Justice would have been possible if Daft Punk had not paved the way for them.
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<p>The Foo Fighters are an alternative American group founded by Dave Grohl, a former member of the Nirvana group. The very name of the group is taken from the slang of American pilots of the Second World War, who so called unidentified flying objects.</p><p> The band first released the single &quot;This Is A Call&quot; in 1995, and a month later the first album &quot;Foo Fighters&quot;, all the songs to which were written by Dave.</p><p> After touring in May 1997, the second album &quot;The Color and the Shape&quot; was released, later the singles &quot;My Hero&quot;, &quot;Monkey Wrench&quot;, and &quot;Everlong&quot; were released.</p>
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Matt Schwartz was born and raised in Israel, where he received a good musical education and studio skills. In the early nineties, Matti moved to London, where he quickly found himself in the record industry. As a sound engineer and producer he has worked with such artists as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Massive Attack, Arthur Baker, Wamdue Project and many more. In 2000, Matt opened his own label, Destined Records, and launched several dance projects under his roof. Asmodeus, Crackdown, Dada, Drill, M &#39;Black, Mad Matt, Nova - all of these were his many alter egos, under which Matt released various kinds of club music. In 2002, his track &quot;Can You Feel&quot;, signed by the Sholan project, entered the UK charts for the first time.
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<p>&quot;I just shot John Lennon&quot; ... This risky phrase of The Cranberries once conquered not only the Beatle fans who had seen a lot, but also those who are called &quot;young punks&quot;. On the threshold of the 2000s, the Irish collective with its characteristic vocalist became the very bridge that united the tastes and aspirations of several generations of world rock connoisseurs at once. It was the musicians of The Cranberries who succeeded in the most organic fusion of melodic rock with female vocal improvisations, Celtic motives and uncompromising alternative riffs.</p>
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