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<p>American rapper, music producer, arranger and songwriter. Founder of the Mosley Music Group label, two-time Grammy winner.</p><p> He started in the 1990s, recording with his friend Magoo as part of the duo Timbaland &amp; Magoo. In addition, he wrote and arranged compositions for his school friend Missy Eliot and for the young singer Alia. His original, unrepeatable arrangements - inspired by Prince&#39;s &quot;funky&quot; work - opened a new page in the history of popular music, gaining widespread recognition from both experts and the general public.</p><p> By 2006, Timbaland&#39;s signature sound had become the standard of modern hip-hop and R&#39;n&#39;B, as evidenced by the fact that during this period six singles featuring Timbaland climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (three by Justin Timberlake and three in tandem with Nelly Furtado). Also, starting in 2007, he began to create most of his hits in brilliant tandem with Danja. His albums FutureSex / LoveSounds and Nelly Furtado&#39;s &quot;Loose&quot; albums by Justin Timberlake became bestsellers in 2006 and received more than one platinum in the United States.</p><p> In 2007, Timbaland released a solo album titled &quot;Timbaland Presents: Shock Value&quot;. The album went platinum in many countries and surpassed the one million mark in the United States. In 2009, Timbaland promised to release another solo album, Shock Value II, featuring Keri Hilson, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Rihanna, TI, Missy Eliot, T-Pain, Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers &quot;.</p><p> In 2007, Timbaland and Danja co-produced Duran Duran&#39;s Red Carpet Massacre, co-produced the first single from Britney Spears&#39; fifth album Gimme More, and in 2008 Timbaland also produced the pop group&#39;s album with Danja Pussycat Dolls.</p><p> For 2009, Timbaland has announced work on albums for 50 Cent, Chris Cornell (whose new album &quot;Scream&quot; he produced entirely; release March 10), Keri Hilson, Leto Luckett, Sean Paul and Sebastian. He also released his third solo album, Shock Value II.</p><p> In 2009, work on Dima Bilan&#39;s studio album was completed. The presentation of the album took place on May 15. 12 of the 15 songs on the &quot;Believe&quot; album were recorded at Timbaland Studios. The album also features Jim Beanz, Charlie Huep, rapper DOE, Timbaland&#39;s brother Sebastian and Ryan Tedder.</p><p> In November 2010, Timbaland announced that he would be releasing a new song every Thursday. She plans to release her new album &quot;Shock Value III&quot; in 2012. Some of the singers who will appear on the album will be Keri Hilson, Missy Eliot and Chris Brown. Timbaland also produced a song for Chris Brown called &quot;Paper, Scissors, Rock&quot;, which was featured on Chris&#39; fourth album, &quot;FAME&quot;.</p><div></div>
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<p>German pop singer. After the breakup of the disco group &quot;Arabesque&quot;, in which in 1979-1984. Sandra was the lead vocalist, the singer began a successful solo career, becoming one of the most popular singers on the European stage in the second half of the 1980s - early 1990s. In the 1990s, Sandra also took part in the Enigma project, created by her husband Michel Cretu.</p>
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<p>K&#39;Naan (real name Keinan Abdi Warsame) is a Somali-Canadian poet, rapper and musician. Winner of Juno Awards, Polaris Music Prize and BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music. The remix of his song &quot;Wavin &#39;Flag&quot; became the anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In Somali, the word k&#39;naan means &quot;traveler.&quot;</p><p> Poet, rapper and musician K&#39;Naan was born on February 1, 1978 into a creative family in the capital of Somalia - the city of Mogadishu. His childhood was difficult because of the war in his homeland. But even then he finds solace in hip-hop music. Keinan moved to Canada with his parents as a teenager. His passion for rap grows more and more passionate, and eventually he drops out of school to devote all his time to music.</p>
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<p>The Offspring is an American punk rock band formed in 1984. Today, the group has 8 albums, one collection of the best songs and more than 50 million copies of albums sold worldwide. The Offspring is one of the most commercially successful bands in history.</p><p> In March 1989, the band released their first album, The Offspring, followed by a six-year tour.</p><p> In 1992 the second album of the group &quot;Ignition&quot; was released, which listeners and critics met with a bang. And again the guys are going on tour, this time with bands like Pennywise, No Doubt and Voodoo Glow Skulls.</p><p> The most successful album in the band&#39;s career was &quot;Smash&quot;, released in 1994. Thanks to the singles Come Out and Play, Self Esteem and Gotta Get Away, The Offspring has become the talk of the world.</p>
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The Swedish band Basic Element is one of the many children of the era of Eurodance, which in the early nineties was the main music of the dance floor. The history of this group is very indicative: in 1992, Peter Telenius and Cesar Zamani joined forces and wrote several tracks, but for a full-fledged Eurodance band they needed a vocalist (the genre formula categorically assumed female vocals in the choruses). The first vocalist, with whom the debut album &quot;Basic Injection&quot; was recorded, Peter and Cesar found through an employment agency. A year later, Zetma went on maternity leave and the guys, like directors of a soap opera, made a replacement on the go. Released a year later, in 1995, the album &quot;The Ultimate Ride&quot; was written with the vocals of Saunet Sparrell. Basic Element disks sold well not only in Europe, where at that moment the fashion for Eurodance reached its peak, but also in Japan.
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<p>James&#39;s childhood passed in a military family, which, of course, affected his fate. He was born on February 22, 1974. In total, he served 6 years, but due to his craving for music, he was forced to quit.</p><p> In 2002, he was fortunate enough to meet Pink and Christina Aguilera&#39;s producer Linda Perry and soon signed a contract with her recording studio Custard Records.</p><p> The singer does not like to evaluate his work, therefore he confines himself to the phrase - &quot;In the songs I get away with everything.&quot; And after the tremendous success of his ballad &quot;You&#39;re Beautiful&quot; critics began to compare James Blunt with Elton John himself.</p><p> In 2004 his debut album &quot;Back to Bedlam&quot; was released, and in 2007 the album &quot;All the Lost Souls&quot; was released.</p><p> The last disc was released in 2010 under the title &quot;Some Kind of Trouble&quot;.</p>
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N-Dubz are some of the best representatives of British hip-hop, praising all the delights of the London suburbs - not only people from Harlem frighten the public with socially oriented lyrics! They are very, very popular: their hit &quot;I Need You&quot; peaked in the UK charts, and six singles hit the UK Top 40. N-Dubz are quite successfully targeting the modern youth audience, actively promoting music on the Internet. But recently they became heroes of the tabloids for a completely different reason: the vocalist Tulisa fell with a high temperature during the 2008 tour. The newspapers were full of headlines that the girl was diagnosed with swine flu, but the diagnosis was not confirmed, and N-Dubz got their 15 minutes of world fame.
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<p>Today in the world there is practically no person who would not have heard about this artist. In just six months, from a sassy debutante, she suddenly turned into the main star of the first decade of the 21st century. Having started her career with striptease and staging club shows, Lady GaGa retrained herself as a successful songwriter, and after a while she literally blew up the charts and television broadcasts with her songs and became one of the most talked about artists on the planet, thanks to her outspoken theatrical image. Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), as the real name sounds Lady GaGa, - was born on March 28, 1986 in the family of Italian Americans Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta (Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta). Besides Stephanie, they also have a youngest daughter, Natalie. As Stephanie herself later said in an interview, her love for music and earlier hobby for playing instruments was influenced, first of all, by her father. He played in amateur bands and occasionally performed in local clubs. Thanks to the influence of her dad, Stephanie started playing the piano quite passably at the age of 4. At the age of 13, she wrote her first song, and at the age of 14, she began performing in small clubs as part of the show, which in America is called an &quot;open microphone&quot; - when any visitor to the institution can perform with his own small musical program or a comic number. These were her first steps on stage.</p><p></p><p> Lady signed her first contract at the age of 19 with Def Jam Records and even managed to work there with a producer nicknamed RedOne, with whom they managed to make a mash-up single &quot;Boys, Boys, Boys&quot;. The song was a mix of hits from Motley Crue&#39;s Girls, Girls, Girls and AC / DC&#39;s TNT. Alas, nothing serious came out of this cooperation.<br /><br /> The second producer and in fact the godfather of Stephanie was Rob Fusari: it was he who came up with the pseudonym Lady GaGa, comparing her vocals with the voice of Freddy Mercury. With him, she recorded several club hits, but their popularity did not go further than the clubs in New York. But at the suggestion of Fusari, she met the manager Vincent Herbert, who offered her to work at Famous Music Publishing. It was during her work there that Lady Gaga wrote music for Pyssicat Dolls (and even made friends with Nicole Scherzinger), Britney Spears, Fergie and even the legendary boy band New Kids On The Block. In early 2007, the Interscope label offered Stephanie to work with rapper Akon - it was this acquaintance that determined her future destiny.</p><p> As soon as he started working with Lady GaGa, Akon was so imbued with the girl&#39;s talent that he signed her to his own label. And he offered to release an album. Stephanie did not miss this chance: with producer RedOne she recorded her songs &quot;Poker Face&quot; and &quot;Just Dance&quot; in a week, and with producer Martin Kierszenbaum - &quot;Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)&quot;.</p><p> Lady GaGa&#39;s success came almost instantly. The first single &quot;Just Dance&quot; (2008) went platinum four times in the US, went platinum six times in Canada and went platinum in the UK. The song “Poker Face” reached the same level. A relative failure can only be called &quot;Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)&quot;, which became only &quot;golden&quot; and even then in Australia, but since then Lady GaGa&#39;s invasion of planet Earth has not been stopped. Her first album &quot;The Fame&quot; (2008) has sold over 8,000,000 copies worldwide, which will be with the second &quot;The Fame Monster&quot; (2009) - so far no one dares to predict.</p>
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<p>The name of the group is its leader and founder, an Englishman of Portuguese origin, Jason Kay, invented in his youth, smoking marijuana (for which, by the way, he was kicked out of a private school) and dreaming of what his own ensemble could be. Jamiroquai is a combination of the words jam (jam session, collective music making) and iroquai is a variant of the self-name of the Iroquois Indians (apparently, in his youth, Jason, like any decent child of the 70s, was fond of Indians). Having started making music at home, by the end of the 80s, Jason became interested in a new music that appeared in London clubs at that time called acid jazz, &quot;acid jazz&quot;, mixing jazz arrangements with hip-hop beats and funky rhythms. Jason first went to work as a singer with one of the founders of the genre, Brand New Heavies, but failed and instead assembled his own ensemble.</p>
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<p>American rock musician, vocalist, songwriter. Cooper was one of the first shock rockers and became, according to the All Music Guide, the king of this genre, with his pioneering work, radically expanding the scope of ideas about the stage capabilities of a rock artist.</p>
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Muse is often referred to as one of the main musical hopes of our time. Indeed, the musicians have taken so much from the classics of rock and transferred a fertile seed to modern soil that it is inevitably time to write them down into modern classics. And even the very beginning of Muse&#39;s career has already determined that the musicians are determined to conquer the greatest musical heights. At first they turned out to be the winners of the local The Battle Of Bands and, having acquired a solid fan base, Muse began to haunt record labels with an eye to releasing their first album. The debut album &quot;Showbiz&quot; was received ambiguously by critics - the music was too eclectic. Bellamy absorbed all possible British sound currents, and the expressiveness of the texts, which at times bore an openly confessional character, pleased young people - it is always pleasant to try on the mask of an incomprehensible genius.
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<p>Brian Adams was born in Canada to a family of immigrants from England. Since his father was a diplomat, until the age of 14, Brian traveled the world with his family - he was in England, Israel, Austria, Portugal, where he learned the local language. It wasn&#39;t until 1973 that the family finally returned to Canada, and a year later Brian left school to sing in the rock band Sweeney Todd and release an album with them. According to Brian, at that time he was so carried away by music that he was no longer interested in anything. Around the same period, Adams met drummer Jim Vallance - together the young musicians began to write songs and became so successful that famous performers began to order material for them - Kiss, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt and others ... Brian, however, decided to develop a solo career - in 1978 he sent a demo tape to A&amp;M Records and soon signed a contract with them for a symbolic amount of one dollar. His first album and second albums enjoyed modest success, with 1983&#39;s &quot;Cuts Like A Knife&quot; becoming a real hit, mainly thanks to the singles of the album of the same name and &quot;Straight From The Heart&quot;. Even more successful was the next album, &quot;Reckless&quot; (1984). The song &quot;It&#39;s Only Love&quot; from this album, co-performed with Tina Turner, was nominated for a Grammy.</p>
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Jersey Jon Bon Jovi from childhood wanted to become a musician and chose the shortest path for this, in his opinion - he got a job at a recording studio. He worked as a simple cleaner, but got access to the equipment. In the evenings, after work, he recorded his first demos, which he began sending out to various record companies. As a result - John got a contract with Mercury, and began a dizzying career in the world of rock music. The Bon Jovi style was a cross between hard rock, glam rock and country, and the lyrics about the life of ordinary working guys instantly elevated the young group to the rank of hitmakers, however, traditional rock critics ostracized Bon Jovi for being too pop. However, it is not unreasonable.
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Paula Abdul began her career as a dancer and later as a choreographer. In this capacity, she worked with the Jacksons Five, and then &quot;inherited&quot; went to Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson). However, Paul was attracted by a singing career. Her good voice, appearance and choreographic training made her the ideal MTV heroine of the late eighties, and soon after Ms. Abdul recorded the first demo, she already had a contract with Virgin in her hands. Six consecutive singles, from &quot;Straight Up&quot; from their debut album &quot;Forever Your Girl&quot; to &quot;The Promise Of A New Day&quot; from the &quot;Spellbound&quot; disc, have climbed to the top of the US charts. The field was equally successful in pop ballads and dance music with elements of breakdancing. Video clips played an important role in popularizing the singer - just remember “Opposites Attract”, where live filming is combined with animation, and Paula is dancing with a cartoon cat.
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The recognized king of pop music (The King of Pop), the largest representative of the world of show business. Unprecedented record holder: leader in number of solo album sales, hits recorded and awards received, including the most prestigious - the Grammy, the industry&#39;s main newsmaker for decades. The musician who radically changed the course of the history of the recording industry, developed music video to the level of an independent genre, became the brightest star in the history of pop music, lasted exactly four decades on the professional scene.
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<p>The hot Spanish guy has become almost native to the Russian public. Firstly, he recorded a duet with one of the most popular singers of the 90s, Alsou, and secondly, he shot Anna Kournikova, the most famous tennis player in the world, in his video. Moreover, Enirke did not limit himself to professional relations: it seems that there is no tabloid left in the world who would not write about their romance with the most famous blonde from Russia. The most surprising thing is that the career of a singer, who, it would seem, for dynastic reasons had to strive for the stage, could not have taken place. The fact is that his father, Julio Iglesias - himself a world star - really did not want his third (and last) son from his first marriage to follow in his father&#39;s footsteps. Iglesias Sr. passionately wanted Enrique (born May 8, 1987) to become a businessman. For this, he “pickled” him in one of the most prestigious schools in America and kept him “in a black body”, and then forced him to enter the University of Miami: learn the basics of business and get an MBA. Although Enrique Iglesias obeyed his dad, he secretly dreamed of the stage, wrote lyrics and recorded at local studios under the pseudonym Enrique Martinez. In 1995, his demo got to the managers of the Fonovisa label, and they offered him a contract to release the album. The young artist did not refuse. He simply confronted his parents with the fact that he was leaving the hated university, and left for Toronto to record a disc.</p><p> In 1995, the disc, simply and without fuss called &quot;Enrique Iglesias&quot;, in its first week of sales crossed the bar of 500,000 discs sold, which was an unprecedented result for albums not recorded in English.</p><p> The single &quot;Enomorado Por Primera Vez&quot; from the second album &quot;Vivir&quot; (1997) topped the Latin American charts for 12 weeks. And at the end of the year, the incredible happened - Enrique got into one nomination for the American Music Awards with his father.</p><p> In 1998, Enrique finally gained worldwide recognition. More precisely - it came a little later, but it was in 1998 that the album &quot;Cosas del Amor&quot; was released, in which there was the song &quot;Bailamos&quot;, which adorned the film &quot;Wild, Wild West&quot;.</p><p> Almost immediately, &quot;hot on the heels&quot; &quot;a boy with a mole&quot; recorded and released his first English-language album &quot;Enrique&quot; (1999), which, among other things, was notable for the song &quot;You are me # 1&quot;, where our Alsou noted.</p><p> 2001 Enrique met, firstly, with the ballad “Hero”, written in honor of those killed on September 11, 2001, when the planes rammed the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and, secondly, with the new album “Escape”. &quot;Escape&quot; became a truly iconic album for the artist: it was the most successful disc in his career until the release in 2003 of the absolutely disastrous album &quot;7&quot; (&quot;Seven&quot;).</p><p> The reaction of the public and critics touched the singer so much that he fell silent for 4 years. He returned only in 2007 with the album &quot;Insomniac&quot; - a fairly solid work, which still fell a little short of the success of &quot;Escape&quot;. But the track &quot;Can You Hear Me&quot; became the official song of the European Football Championship 2008, where the Russian team won bronze medals. Returning to big show business had such a fruitful effect on Enrique that he immediately released two more records in a row &quot;95/08 Éxitos&quot; (2007) and the compilation &quot;Greatest Hits&quot; (2008).</p>
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<p>Singer Eve, who has honed her skills since childhood, has achieved success not only in music. She launched her own clothing line &quot;Fetish&quot;, and was also the heroine of her own show dedicated to her and lasted for three seasons.</p><p> Eve Jihan Jeffers was born in Pennsylvania and began singing already at school, becoming a member of the EDGP group, as her interest in music grows, she performs in a choir, solo, or in groups (for example, she sang in DGP) , and a little later joined the rap project &quot;ABC&quot;. However, the team soon broke up, and she began to work under the pseudonym Eve of Destruction. It is interesting that all this vigorous activity developed when she was still in school, so she barely managed to graduate.</p>
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Italians sing a lot and well. And this applies not only to the classics from La Scala or pop music from San Remo. The descendants of Italians entrenched in the North American United States are excellent at showing themselves in the class of hard rock vocals. Moreover, in all his guises. Jon Bon Jovi, Ronnie James Dio, Dave Menicenti (Y&amp;T), Lou Gramm (Foreigner) ... There are also some good rock drummers among them - just remember the legendary Dave Lombardo or Peter Criss (aka Chrisswall) ... &quot;My great-grandfather, Giovani Tallerico, performed classical music on the cello: like me, he toured the country ... I spent all my childhood under my father&#39;s piano - I listened for hours as he rehearsed Debussy, Chopin, Liszt ... &quot;- says Stephen Tyler (full name Tallerico , born 03/26/1948). The classical influences, however, missed the mark - the guy was interested in rhythm and blues.
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