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<p>Park Chae Sang (Korean 박재상; born December 31, 1977, Seoul) is a South Korean artist and songwriter under the pseudonym Sai (PSY; Korean 싸이 ssai). Known for his humorous videos and concert performances.</p>
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<p>&quot;Kiss&quot; is a rock band from America known for their stage makeup and pyrotechnic effects. Founded in New York in 1973. The total circulation of sold records is over 100 million (as of 2010) worldwide.</p><p> Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (former members of Wicked Lester) are the founders of the group. At the performances, the guys experiment with makeup and costumes, shocking the audience as much as possible. Each member came up with their own makeup: Gene became the &quot;Demon&quot;, Peter became the &quot;Cat&quot;, Ace became the &quot;Space Ace&quot;, and Paul became the &quot;Star Child&quot;.</p><p> The first performances of the group took place in 1973, and in the same year they began recording their first album &quot;Kiss&quot;, which was released in 1974.</p>
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<p>Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer, daughter of country performer Billy Ray Cyrus. She was born on November 23, 1992, in fact, her pseudonym was invented already in childhood: she received the nickname Miley (Miley, derived from Smiley - smiling), because she was a smiling child. In 2008, the singer officially changed her name to Miley Rae.</p><p> Cyrus&#39;s career began in 2001: eight-year-old Destiny Hope played a girl named Kylie in an episode of the Doc series. However, success was brought by the series &quot;Hannah Montana&quot;, in which she played the main role, having passed the casting at the age of twelve: Miley&#39;s vocal abilities and perseverance played a decisive role here.</p><p> Accordingly, Cyrus&#39;s first single was The Best of Both Worlds, the main theme of Hannah Montana.</p>
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The history of the group Sum 41 does not contain anything remarkable - all the more unexpected is the success that has befallen the team in recent years. The band was founded in 1996 in the Canadian city of Ajax by vocalist Deryck Whibley and drummer Steve Jocks. They soon found lead guitarist Dave, and after changing several bass players, they worked with Jason McCaslin. 4 years after the creation of the group, the guys released a demo, then an EP, and after it the first album &quot;All Killer No Filler&quot;, which turned out to be in tune with the requirements of the time and immediately took the group to the Olympus of pop-punk, on which they already sat, dangling their legs and throwing down with beer cans, Offspring, Green Day and Blink 182. Sum 41 differed from the last only in a slightly denser and more varied sound (thanks to the use of two guitars), childish professionalism (listening to Sum 41, you feel that these people are capable of playing a much more serious and complex music) and a much longer period of existence.
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<p>Freddie Mercury (English Freddie Mercury, real name Farrukh Bulsara (Guj. ફારોખ બલ્સારા‌); September 5, 1946, Stone Town, Zanzibar - November 24, 1991, London, UK) - British singer of Parsi origin, songwriter, vocalist of the rock band Queen ... He was the author of such hits of the group as &quot;Seven Seas of Rhye&quot;, &quot;Killer Queen&quot;, &quot;Bohemian Rhapsody&quot;, &quot;Somebody to Love&quot;, &quot;We Are the Champions&quot;, &quot;Crazy Little Thing Called Love&quot;, etc. The musician also had solo creativity. Freddie died on November 24, 1991 from bronchial pneumonia, which developed against the background of AIDS.<br /> In 2002, Freddie Mercury was ranked 58th in the BBC&#39;s 100 Greatest Britons poll. In 2005, Blender magazine conducted a poll, according to the results of which Freddie ranked second among vocalists (first among men). In 2008, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 18th on Rolling Stone magazine&#39;s 100 Greatest Vocalists of All Time. Allmusic described him as &quot;one of the greatest rock singers and one of the greatest voices in the history of music.&quot;</p>
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<p>The hot Spanish guy has become almost native to the Russian public. Firstly, he recorded a duet with one of the most popular singers of the 90s, Alsou, and secondly, he shot Anna Kournikova, the most famous tennis player in the world, in his video. Moreover, Enirke did not limit himself to professional relations: it seems that there is no tabloid left in the world who would not write about their romance with the most famous blonde from Russia. The most surprising thing is that the career of a singer, who, it would seem, for dynastic reasons had to strive for the stage, could not have taken place. The fact is that his father, Julio Iglesias - himself a world star - really did not want his third (and last) son from his first marriage to follow in his father&#39;s footsteps. Iglesias Sr. passionately wanted Enrique (born May 8, 1987) to become a businessman. For this, he “pickled” him in one of the most prestigious schools in America and kept him “in a black body”, and then forced him to enter the University of Miami: learn the basics of business and get an MBA. Although Enrique Iglesias obeyed his dad, he secretly dreamed of the stage, wrote lyrics and recorded at local studios under the pseudonym Enrique Martinez. In 1995, his demo got to the managers of the Fonovisa label, and they offered him a contract to release the album. The young artist did not refuse. He simply confronted his parents with the fact that he was leaving the hated university, and left for Toronto to record a disc.</p><p> In 1995, the disc, simply and without fuss called &quot;Enrique Iglesias&quot;, in its first week of sales crossed the bar of 500,000 discs sold, which was an unprecedented result for albums not recorded in English.</p><p> The single &quot;Enomorado Por Primera Vez&quot; from the second album &quot;Vivir&quot; (1997) topped the Latin American charts for 12 weeks. And at the end of the year, the incredible happened - Enrique got into one nomination for the American Music Awards with his father.</p><p> In 1998, Enrique finally gained worldwide recognition. More precisely - it came a little later, but it was in 1998 that the album &quot;Cosas del Amor&quot; was released, in which there was the song &quot;Bailamos&quot;, which adorned the film &quot;Wild, Wild West&quot;.</p><p> Almost immediately, &quot;hot on the heels&quot; &quot;a boy with a mole&quot; recorded and released his first English-language album &quot;Enrique&quot; (1999), which, among other things, was notable for the song &quot;You are me # 1&quot;, where our Alsou noted.</p><p> 2001 Enrique met, firstly, with the ballad “Hero”, written in honor of those killed on September 11, 2001, when the planes rammed the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and, secondly, with the new album “Escape”. &quot;Escape&quot; became a truly iconic album for the artist: it was the most successful disc in his career until the release in 2003 of the absolutely disastrous album &quot;7&quot; (&quot;Seven&quot;).</p><p> The reaction of the public and critics touched the singer so much that he fell silent for 4 years. He returned only in 2007 with the album &quot;Insomniac&quot; - a fairly solid work, which still fell a little short of the success of &quot;Escape&quot;. But the track &quot;Can You Hear Me&quot; became the official song of the European Football Championship 2008, where the Russian team won bronze medals. Returning to big show business had such a fruitful effect on Enrique that he immediately released two more records in a row &quot;95/08 Éxitos&quot; (2007) and the compilation &quot;Greatest Hits&quot; (2008).</p>
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<p>Jesse Arthur Abraham McCartney was born on April 9, 1987 in Manhattan, into a large family, father - Scott McCartney, mother - Ginger McCartney, younger brother - Timothy Glover Mark McCartney and sister - Lea Joyce McCartney.<br /> Jesse now lives in Ardsley, New York. He graduated from Ardsley High School - June 22, 2005. From childhood, Jesse already wanted to sing and play in films, and was able to realize his dream.<br /> First, at the age of 7, he begins performing in the local community, and then joins the play in productions of Oliver (1994), The King and I (1995 and 1997), A Christmas Carol (1998) and Fireworks on Broadway ( Salute to Broadway, 2002).<br /> At the age of 11, Jesse gets her first role in the show All My Children. He stayed on the show from 1998 to 2001.</p>
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<p>&quot;Yes&quot; is a British rock band performing music in the style of &quot;progressive rock&quot;. The band was founded in 1968 thanks to John Anderson and Chris Squire.</p><p> Neither the constantly changing fashion for music, nor the disintegration of the group and the change in line-up have prevented this collective from existing for 40 years!</p><p> The band members do not skimp on new experiments and often use symphonic &quot;structures&quot;, combining different styles.</p><p> Their first debut album &quot;Yes&quot; in 1969 was not commercially successful, but critics already predicted a stellar future for them.</p>
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<p>Little Celine recorded her first song at the age of 12, and already at the age of 13, the famous producer Rene Angelil took her under his wing. Rene would have known where this creative union would lead him! But initially, the bet on the young star was made surprisingly correctly and accurately: Dion was positioned as an all-rounder, capable of singing everything from jazz to rock. Not surprisingly, it gained popularity with songs by Luc Plamondon, author of the superseded rock opera &quot;Starmania&quot;. The part of Stella Spotlight in this opera seemed to have been written especially for Dion. It was in Plamondon&#39;s songs, which made up the golden fund of the world musical, that Dion&#39;s vocal talent was revealed in the most multifaceted way.</p>
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In the 80s, a native of Romania, Mihai (Michael) Cretu was successfully engaged in music - a professional keyboardist, arranger and composer, he released his own albums, produced others - for example, Mike Oldfield&#39;s Islands, and also helped with recordings for his wife. singer Sandra from the Arabesque group. However, by the end of the 80s, the inspiration, according to Cretu, began to leave him, and the time was to invent something new. Cretu&#39;s colleague David Fairstine suggested that he start an electronic project that would combine dance rhythms with New Age ethnic melodies. David has already come up with a name for the project, a mysterious one - Enigma. Cretu took the idea with pleasure, and the very first single, Sadeness, released by Cretu, Fairstine and Peterson, was a huge success. The secret was Cretu&#39;s creative approach - a music enthusiast, he set himself the goal of bringing to the masses of listeners music that they most likely had not heard before - for example, Gregorian sacred singing in Latin. Finding such &quot;pearls&quot;, Cretu acted simply - mix them with a direct and powerful dance beat, and the hit is ready! The composer worked in a positive and warm atmosphere in his own studio in Ibiza, the cradle of electronic pop music.
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The main quality of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is the ability to feel the spirit of the times and remain relevant at every moment, now and then running ahead of the musical locomotive of history. It was this flair that eventually led the daughter of poor provincial immigrants from Italy and Canada to the title of the main pop star of the turn of the century and the most successful woman in the music world. In the eighties, Madonna looked quite organically in the image of a disco diva: she performed unpretentious, but affectionate and well-arranged dancers and gradually shocked the audience with an image that was too sexy by the standards of those times. And although many rightly noted that the singer&#39;s choreographic training is much ahead of her vocal training, those who happened to work with Madonna (and the “best people” of the disco era like Nile Rodgers and Shep Pettibone often worked on her records) they have always noted her hard work, desire to develop and sobriety of mind: &quot;When communicating with Madonna, it is impossible to get rid of the feeling that in front of you is not a pop star, but a successful business woman.&quot;
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<p>Nek is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician in rock and pop style. Real name - Filippo Naviani, was born in the city of Sassuolo on January 6, 1972.</p><p> At the age of eight, Filippo takes up the guitar for the first time. Today he is one of the most famous and famous Italian musicians of his time. Nek, in addition, along with such masters of the Italian stage as Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini, is one of the most famous and best-selling Italian artists abroad.</p><p> In 1985, Nek participated in the duo &quot;Winchester&quot;, and in the early 90s - in the group &quot;White Lady&quot;.</p>
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<p>One of the most commercially successful African American R&amp;B musicians, Usher was born on October 14, 1978 in the United States. Asher began singing at the age of nine in the church choir, showing unambiguous abilities, and his family understood this, which moved to Atlanta, Georgia for the sake of Asher&#39;s career. In particular, the singer&#39;s mother closely followed his career; it was by her decision that the young member of the NuBeginnings group left his first musical project. Until 2007, the singer&#39;s manager was his mother.</p><p> On August 30, 1994, Usher&#39;s debut studio album &quot;Usher&quot; was released. Sean Combs was one of the producers of this album. The album reached number 25 on the Top R &amp; B / Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album has currently sold 500,000 copies.</p>
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<p>Alex Hepburn (born December 25, 1986) is a British singer and songwriter.</p>
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Craig David became known to the general public in the late nineties. Then he was one of the many vocalists who worked with the successful UK-garage collective Artful Dodger. Their most famous single was the track &quot;Re-Rewind&quot;, which reached # 2 in the UK charts. In 2000, the singer decided to start a solo career. For the recording of his debut album, Craig brought in one of the Arftul Dodger members Mark Hill. Stylistically, Craig&#39;s music was reminiscent of R&amp;B, slightly diluted with fashionable garage rhythms. Album &quot;Born To Do It&quot; debuted at # 1 on the UK charts, with a total circulation of over 8 million, making Craig David one of the most successful UK R&amp;B artists of all time. Three singles from this disc, &quot;Fill Me In&quot;, &quot;7 Days&quot; and &quot;Walking Away&quot;, reached the top three in the UK charts, and &quot;7 Days&quot; also reached tenth in the United States.
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<p>Ross Lynch is an American teenage actor, singer, musician and dancer. He became famous for his role as Austin Moon in the series &quot;Austin and Ellie&quot;. In July 2013, he starred as Brady in Summer. Beach. Movie. He sings in a family group called R5 with his brothers Riker and Rocky, sister Rydell, as well as family best friend Ellington Ratliff.</p>
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Having started his career in the electronic duo Soft Cell, Mark Almond has always tried to adhere to the same principle: everything should be beautiful and original. The bright and at the same time complex electronic music of Soft Cell did not exclude additional experiments, which Mark always indulged in with extraordinary zeal. His main hobby was the French cabaret: the work of Jacques Brel had a strong influence on Almond. In parallel with electronic musical projects, Almond begins to re-sing the repertoire of great chansonniers - and his search for new sources of inspiration brings him to Russia.
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<p>BTS (or Bangtan Boys, Hangul: 방탄 소년단) is a South Korean boy band formed by BigHit Entertainment. The group consists of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook. BTS debuted on June 11, 2013. with the single &quot;2 Cool 4 Skool&quot;, in which there are 7 songs, two of which were video clips (No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof PT.2). 5 mini-albums and 3 full-length albums have been released so far. day are very popular.</p>
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Flipsyde became famous, oddly enough, thanks not so much to music as to sports. Their composition &quot;Someday&quot; was selected by NBC to accompany the broadcast from the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Not surprisingly, when the question of choosing the official song of the Beijing Olympic Games came up, the choice fell on Flipsyde again. Their next &quot;sports hit&quot; was the song &quot;Champion&quot;. Rapper Gino Ferreira also writes screenplays for films (his screenplay &quot;Walter&#39;s Boys&quot;) was awarded the Tribeca prize for best screenplay.
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<p>Lenka was born into the family of a Czechoslovak musician and teacher from Australia.<br /> Grew up on the ocean coast in the Australian state of New South Wales. She began to study music at the age of 7 in Sydney, with admission to school.<br /> As a teenager, Lenka studied acting at school at the Australian Theater for Children and Youth [4], where she studied with actress Cate Blanchett</p>
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