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<p>Pendulum is a British / Australian drum and bass / rock band formed in 2002 in Perth by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding.<br /><br /> Swire and McGrillen were members of the metal band Xygen, but after listening to Konflict, they were inspired by drum and bass. They formed Pendulum with Harding, a DJ familiar with the drum and bass scene. In 2003 the band moved to the UK.</p>
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<p>Eric Khaled Saade (Swedish Eric Khaled Saade; October 29, 1990, Kattarp) is a Swedish pop singer and TV host. He represented Sweden at Eurovision 2011 and took third place, which was the country&#39;s best result in the competition from 2000 to 2011.</p>
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At first, Westlife was apparently conceived as the main competitor of another Irish boy band - Boyzone. The team got off to a good start, and the path to the top was very short: the collapse of Boyzone in 2000 turned Westlife into monopolies. Out of work Boyzone manager Louis Walsh took Westlife under his wing and the band took over exactly the same place where Boyzone had been on the market. Indeed, it is quite difficult to distinguish groups from each other.
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<p>OneRepublic is an American pop-rock band from Colorado Springs, which brought fame to the single &quot;Apologize&quot;, which went three times platinum in the United States and reached number three in the UK on November 11, 2007. A remix of the song was included on Timbaland&#39;s album Shock Value and on OneRepublic&#39;s debut album Dreaming Out Loud.</p>
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<p>The classic &quot;bad girl&quot; image with which Pink first appeared on stage and on screens in the early 2000s, coupled with the aggressive, energetic sound of her songs, quickly made the singer megapopular. Over time, however, Pink&#39;s work matures and goes through a series of changes: from rap to pop music, from R&amp;B to alternative rock - the singer seeks to reveal all the facets of her talent. Pink was born on September 8, 1979 in Doylestone, Pennsylvania. The constant quarrels of parents, their subsequent divorce, problems at school, the absence of real friends - only one thing allowed the little girl to survive such sorrows: a selfless love for music. From the cradle, Alicia knew that she would sing and dance - the hobby for the second was in her blood. The readiness of the girl, and then of the girl, to go anywhere, just to be noticed, was simply amazing. According to Alishia herself, she was persistently pursued by only one thought: &quot;Well, let me in, let me go on stage!&quot;</p><p> At the age of 13, Alicia began dancing in clubs, in one of which he met a local dancer and part-time lead singer of the Schools of Thought group. And so, a little dancer - already a vocalist named Pink, a member of a rap group, albeit an amateur one. Soon the group broke up, but the future star was not very saddened, because the supporting role, backing vocalist, was still not for her.</p><p> In early 2000, the singer released her debut single &quot;There U Go&quot;, which goes gold by February. In April of the same year, the solo album &quot;Can&#39;t Take Me Home&quot; was released, which later became double platinum. To cement the success, Pink teamed up with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Mia and rapper Lil &#39;Kim to sing &quot;Lady Marmalade&quot;, which became the soundtrack for the acclaimed musical &quot;Moulin Rouge &quot;. The composition turned into a hit, and Pink literally bathed in the rays of worldwide fame.</p><p> In 2001, the next album &quot;M! Issundaztood&quot; was released. With this name, the singer wanted to hint to fans that her public image does not coincide with her personality. To assist in the recording of the album, Pink invited Linda Perry, who helped the singer write a number of songs. The new album sold out with great success, received platinum status in more than 20 countries around the world, and the songs Don&#39;t Let Me Get Me and Get The Party Started became world hits.</p><p> In 2003, the album Try This was released, and a few years later, Pink released the album I&#39;m Not Dead (2006).</p><p> In 2008, Pink released the album Funhouse, the first single from which, titled &quot;So What&quot;, leaked on the Internet in August and immediately gained popularity in many countries.</p>
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<p>Status Quo is a legendary British rock band founded in London in 1962. The founders are Alan Lancaster and Francis Rossi. The group holds the record for the most singles released (63). Their worldwide circulation of records is 118 million copies (for 2008), the group performed 106 times on the Top of the Pops TV program, which is also a record. In terms of the number of albums (32), they are second only to the Rolling Stones.</p>
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<p>John Newman (born June 16, 1990, England) is a British soul singer and musician, songwriter, whose debut single &quot;Love Me Again&quot; topped the UK Singles Chart in July 2013. Previously as a guest vocalist, he has featured on Rudimental&#39;s hits such as &quot;Feel the Love&quot; (# 1 in England in 2012) and &quot;Not Giving In&quot;.</p>
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<p>REM is an American rock group founded in 1980. One of the main bands that influenced the development of alternative rock. The band&#39;s direction is a mixture of post-punk and folk-rock with indie rock. The name is the medical abbreviation for Rapid Eye Movement.</p><p> The first single &quot;Radio Free Europe&quot; was released in 1981, and in 1983 the band released their first album, &quot;Murmur&quot;, which received positive reviews from music critics and listeners.</p><p> After a long tour, the band released the album &quot;Green&quot; in 1988 and began to raise political and environmental issues in their songs.</p><p> The most commercially successful albums are &quot;Out of Time&quot;, released in 1991, and &quot;Automatic for the People&quot; in 1992.</p>
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Akon is one of the undisputed lucky ones of modern pop music: fate could more than once bring the singer to the brink of disaster, but Akon always found the only correct way out of a difficult situation. Well, or almost always. He was born into the family of jazz musician Mor Thiam, and in early childhood he was sent to his historical homeland - Senegal, where he spent his childhood. However, the father tried to raise his son, taught him to play musical instruments and sometimes took the baby with him on tour. Therefore, when the Tiam family finally decided to move to the United States, fifteen-year-old Akon already understood what was happening in American realities.
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<p>The Script is an Irish rock band.</p>
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Dutchman Armin Van Buuren, along with Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk, is considered one of the main adepts of stadium trance. It was through their efforts that trance from a club genre turned into a pop product for millions. Armin began recording his first tracks at a very young age, and his first success came at 19, when the track &quot;Blue Fear&quot;, a nine-minute epic prog-trance instrumental, hit the UK charts. Two years later, the Dutchman joined forces with fellow countryman Tiesto and released several records under the pseudonyms Alibi and Major League. The duo&#39;s main hit was Alibi&#39;s single &quot;Eternity&quot;. Some of the material, including this plastic, Van Buuren initially publishes on his own label Armind, but more and more major players are interested in his tracks: Paul Van Dyck&#39;s Vandit label, the British major Ministry of Sound and the dance divisions of Warner Brothers. Since 1999, the Dutchman has been annually releasing mixes under the name &quot;State of Trance&quot; (the first one is sold with a circulation of more than 10 thousand), and since 2001 he has also launched a radio program of the same name.
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Ne-Yo was born in Arkansas in 1979. His father (African American) and mother (African American and half Chinese) were musicians. Unfortunately, the family fell apart when Schaffer was still a child. The boy stayed with his mother, who moved with him to Los Angeles. By the early 2000s, Ne-Yo was already making music professionally and even signed a contract with Columbia Records. However, the company canceled the agreement with the rapper even before the release of his debut album, which Ne-Yo managed to record. Fortunately, singer Marques Houston somewhere heard one of Ne-Yo&#39;s tracks called &quot;That Girl&quot;, which was supposed to be the first single from the rapper&#39;s unreleased album. Houston bought the rights to the song from Ne-Yo and released it on his own album. From that point on, Ne-Yo mainly began writing songs for other artists (his &quot;clients&quot; included Mary J. Blige and Musiq). His own material remained unpublished.
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Matt Schwartz was born and raised in Israel, where he received a good musical education and studio skills. In the early nineties, Matti moved to London, where he quickly found himself in the record industry. As a sound engineer and producer he has worked with such artists as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Massive Attack, Arthur Baker, Wamdue Project and many more. In 2000, Matt opened his own label, Destined Records, and launched several dance projects under his roof. Asmodeus, Crackdown, Dada, Drill, M &#39;Black, Mad Matt, Nova - all of these were his many alter egos, under which Matt released various kinds of club music. In 2002, his track &quot;Can You Feel&quot;, signed by the Sholan project, entered the UK charts for the first time.
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Justin Bieber is in a sense the Canadian Peter Nalich. His story is as atypical for the modern pop scene as the unexpected rise of our gypsy bard. It all started when, in 2007, at the age of 12, Justin suddenly discovered his singing talent (according to various versions - either in the bathroom, or in the kitchen, in short, at home). Without hesitation, for the sake of fun, he applied for a local competition for young talents and took second place there, although, unlike most of the participants, he never studied music and vocals. In order to &quot;show their performance&quot; to friends, Justin and his mother posted several videos (including a video from the aforementioned competition) on YouTube. There, these clips, without any additional advertising, quickly gained as much as 10 million views. Among those who watched the videos was a former employee of the So So Def record label Scott Braun, who contacted Justin&#39;s mother and immediately became the manager of the young talent.
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Vanessa&#39;s career began early: at the age of seven she appeared on TV with the song &quot;Emilie Jolie&quot;. And at the age of 14 her hit &quot;Joe Le Tzxi&quot; brings her European fame. After that, it is not surprising that Vanessa&#39;s debut album &quot;M &amp; J&quot; goes platinum. Vanessa begins acting in films, sometimes - not particularly shy about explicit scenes. Apparently, the screen and stage image attracts another bully and rebel of cinema to her - Johnny Depp. The couple becomes inseparable, begins to live in a civil marriage and successfully brings up two children. True, Johnny and Vanessa&#39;s wedding is still in no hurry to this day.
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GDR-born Paul Van Dyck became a key figure in the German trance scene in the first half of the nineties. Back then, soft, melodic club electronics became perhaps the largest German cultural export after Kraftwerk. Paul became famous not only for his own tracks (among which at the time the most notable hits were &quot;My World&quot; and &quot;For An Angel&quot;), but also thanks to remixes. Among his clients were not only colleagues like Humate, but also British rock stars. The MFS label, where Paul published his compositions, was owned by British expat Mark Reeder, who introduced Van Dyck to New Order and Inspiral Carpets. Paul played records in clubs, one of the first international stars drove to Moscow, in general, behaved like a shy guy.
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<p>The name of the group is its leader and founder, an Englishman of Portuguese origin, Jason Kay, invented in his youth, smoking marijuana (for which, by the way, he was kicked out of a private school) and dreaming of what his own ensemble could be. Jamiroquai is a combination of the words jam (jam session, collective music making) and iroquai is a variant of the self-name of the Iroquois Indians (apparently, in his youth, Jason, like any decent child of the 70s, was fond of Indians). Having started making music at home, by the end of the 80s, Jason became interested in a new music that appeared in London clubs at that time called acid jazz, &quot;acid jazz&quot;, mixing jazz arrangements with hip-hop beats and funky rhythms. Jason first went to work as a singer with one of the founders of the genre, Brand New Heavies, but failed and instead assembled his own ensemble.</p>
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<p>The Secret Service was one of Sweden&#39;s most famous pop music groups in the 1980s.<br /> The original line-up of the group consisted of a trio: Ola Håkansson, Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg. They were joined by Tony Lindberg (guitar), Leif Johansson (drums) and Leif Paulsen (bass).<br /> The trio still works in the studio as Secret Service, but on stage the group can be seen with a new line-up: Ulf and Tim along with Mikael Erlandsson (vocals), Mats Lindbergh (bass) and Jamie Borger (drums).</p>
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<p>Rihanna's name became known to everyone after the release of the single "Umbrella". The song, performed by a duet with rapper Jay-Z, became the most memorable hit of the year, it was publicly sung by everyone from Amanda Palmer and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park to the editor-in-chief of Afisha Yuri Saprykin, and the day of the single's release in the UK, there was a downpour that gradually turned into a flood. In fact, the singer was super successful even before that: the album "Good Girl Gone Bad", from which the song about the umbrella comes, was preceded by two more, each of which hit the American top True, at the time of their release, when Rihanna had not yet got rid of her long curls, singing songs about love and the Caribbean sun (a girl from the island of Barbados, where she managed to become the face of the country and the main cultural heritage), no one really suspected, that "another R&amp;B" singer will be able to conquer her own (and rather spacious) niche in the modern show business.</p>
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<p>It seems that this girl with seductive forms recently appeared on the stage - and after all, Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970, and will soon celebrate a serious anniversary! It is not known how the career of a young waitress would have developed if her demo tape had not been received by the president of Sony Music Tommy Mottola (who soon became the singer&#39;s husband), but being a very punchy, persistent and talented girl, Mariah very quickly staked out a place in the sun with her debut super successful album &quot;Mariah Carey&quot; (1990). Subsequent creations of the soul diva no longer needed special advertising, for they were scattered in millions of copies.</p><p> In 1991, Carey received her first Grammy in two nominations at once: &quot;Best New Artist&quot; and &quot;Best Pop Vocalist&quot;. Further, from the album &quot;Music Box&quot; (1993) to &quot;Daydream&quot; (1995), her creative-production tandem with Mottola consistently brought the singer places in the ratings and awards. And as soon as the marriage fell apart, the next album &quot;Butterfly&quot; (1996) was expecting a much more modest success.</p><p> In 1999, Carey realized her acting ambitions, starring in the film &quot;The Bachelor&quot; (The Bachelor). In the same year, she released her next studio album, Rainbow.</p><p> 2001 was the singer&#39;s first failure: Mariah parted ways with the Sony label and began a new streak of experiments. Having released an &quot;experimental&quot;, full of rap and r&#39;n&#39;b, album &quot;Glitter&quot; in early November, Maraya decided that she had a whole box of hits, and again gave birth to a collection of her own compositions, but its sales did not go as well as she wanted would.</p><p> It became obvious that it was time to remove rap and experiments from the albums - and the tenth studio album &quot;The Emancipation Of Mimi&quot; (2005) became just that, beautiful in its tradition. And it paid dividends: Billboard loves her again! April 1, 2008 joker Mariah released the album &quot;E = Mc2&quot; (the name of which is not borrowed from Einstein, but from friends-philosophers).</p><p> But most importantly, with her new work, Mariah Carey broke Elvis Presley&#39;s record: the song &quot;Touch My Body&quot; from the album &quot;E = MC2&quot; became the 18th hit in the entire history of Carey&#39;s career, which took 1st place on the Billboard charts. Elvis had 17 such hits. The Beatles have 20.</p>
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