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<p>Bomfunk MC&#39;s is a Finnish musical group performing electronic dance music with hip-hop elements.</p>
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Robbie Williams is a rare example of an artist leaving a successful band to pursue an even more successful solo career. In the boy band Take That, Robbie played the unenviable role of a cute boy dancer who was allowed to the microphone on big holidays. Having trumped five years, Rob left the group with a scandal, giving out a freak show at the Glastonbury Festival. Williams had a good drink with his new friends from Oasis, and then, during their performance, he jumped onto the stage and performed shamanic dances there. Robbie was signed to EMI and hired an experienced writer and producer, Guy Chambers. The debut album &quot;Life Thru A Lens&quot; showed Britpop (friendship with the Galager brothers was not in vain), but Take That&#39;s audience was not ready for this turn of events. The disc would have failed, if not for the ballad Angels, the single with which became a &quot;millionaire&quot; (which was not least contributed to by the scandal: the press dug up an Irish singer from whom Rob allegedly bought a song after hearing him perform it in a bar).
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A fabulously wealthy man (worth more than $ 30 billion), husband of the first R&amp;B diva Beyonce and former staffing director of the Def Jam label, Jay-Z is one of the leading figures in hip-hop today, he is also often called &quot;The greatest of MC&quot;. His youth was &quot;stormy and interesting&quot;: for example, at the age of 12, Sean wounded his brother with a pistol, who stole his bracelets, rings and other tsatski from him; in addition, the rapper confessed that he was a young man selling cocaine and crack on the streets. Jay-Z went to school with Busta Rhymes and Notorious BIG, and of course started writing and reading early. Rap.
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Young American singer Kesha (Ke $ ha) became the first real pop sensation of 2010. The first single of this cheerful and outrageous singer &quot;Tik Tok&quot; became a hit in autumn 2009 throughout Europe, and in winter the girl&#39;s popularity reached Russia. Kesha’s prospects look so exciting primarily because she consistently embraces the popular “mean girl” image that is so close to young people around the globe. In her songs, dance-pop is adjacent to punk and r&#39;n&#39;b. And the creator of most of the hits on Keshi&#39;s debut disc was Max Martin - the most fashionable and successful pop composer of recent years. In the past two years alone, several of his songs have become # 1 hits: &quot;So What&quot; Pink, &quot;Hot N Cold&quot; and &quot;I Kissed a Girl&quot; by Katy Perry, &quot;My Life Would Suck Without You&quot; by Kelly Clarkson and &quot;3&quot; Britney Spears.
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<p>Pink Floyd is a British rock band. She is famous for her philosophical lyrics, acoustic experiments, innovations in album design and grandiose shows. They are one of the most influential and most successful bands in rock music.</p><p> The group was founded in 1965 by fellow architecture students at the London Polytechnic Institute (Regent Str. Polytechnic) Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals), Roger Waters (bass, vocals), Nick Mason (drums) and their Cambridge friend Syd Barrett (vocals , guitar). In 1968, the quartet was joined by David Gilmour, who replaced Barrett after the latter had to leave the group. After Barrett&#39;s departure, bassist Roger Waters and keyboardist Richard Wright became the dominant figures in the group, but over time, Wright gave way to guitarist David Gilmore. Waters consolidated leadership with each new album, gradually coming to one-man management. After Barrett&#39;s departure and until 1983, Waters was the author of the vast majority of the band&#39;s lyrics (starting in 1973, he alone wrote the lyrics for ten years) and the main author of The Wall&#39;s concept album. The band&#39;s last album (The Division Bell), the last tour and an unspoken disbandment took place in 1994. Each of the members of the group has made a more or less successful career, relying mainly on the experience of the alma mater. The last performance of the classic line-up happened in July 2005 at the Live 8 concert.</p>
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<p>American pop-rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, it consists of Riker Lynch, Rydell Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Ellington Ratliff. In March 2010, they released the EP &quot;Ready Set Rock&quot; and in September their debut studio album with Hollywood Records.</p>
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<p>Aron started making music in early 2001. In 2005, he uploaded his first four tracks, &quot;Franny&quot;, &quot;Surface Air&quot;, &quot;Breaking Through&quot; and &quot;Sometimes&quot;, to the site where he received his first acclaim. Together with his close friend Jorel Decker (J-Dog), he founded the group Hollywood Undead, in which he was a producer and one of the lead vocalists before leaving. He left the band in 2010 and began a solo career.</p>
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<p>In 1935, on January 8, the future king of the scene, Elvis Presley, was born. Since childhood, he was surrounded by religion, poverty and music. On his 11th birthday, Elvis received a guitar instead of the promised bike, which was beyond his family&#39;s means. Then he and his family moved to Memphis, where he became even more interested in blues and contemporary music.</p><p> At 18, Presley decided to visit Sam Phillips&#39;s record company, where he recorded his first songs, &quot;My Happiness&quot; and &quot;That&#39;s When My Heartache Begins&quot;.</p><p> Later, in 1954, Sam himself plans to record several songs for Sun Records, and calls for this familiar guitarist and bass player, and in search of a vocalist decides to try Elvis.</p><p> The first single &quot;That&#39;s All Right&quot; was released on July 19, 1954 and, thanks to almost continuous airplay on the radio, sold 20,000 copies.</p>
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The main quality of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is the ability to feel the spirit of the times and remain relevant at every moment, now and then running ahead of the musical locomotive of history. It was this flair that eventually led the daughter of poor provincial immigrants from Italy and Canada to the title of the main pop star of the turn of the century and the most successful woman in the music world. In the eighties, Madonna looked quite organically in the image of a disco diva: she performed unpretentious, but affectionate and well-arranged dancers and gradually shocked the audience with an image that was too sexy by the standards of those times. And although many rightly noted that the singer&#39;s choreographic training is much ahead of her vocal training, those who happened to work with Madonna (and the “best people” of the disco era like Nile Rodgers and Shep Pettibone often worked on her records) they have always noted her hard work, desire to develop and sobriety of mind: &quot;When communicating with Madonna, it is impossible to get rid of the feeling that in front of you is not a pop star, but a successful business woman.&quot;
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<p>Rakim Myers was born on October 3, 1988 in Harlem. In part, his fate was already determined, because he was named after the rapper Rakim. Actually, he started rapping at the age of 8. Despite the tragic circumstances of his childhood, Rakim did not go to prison, was not killed, in general, did not repeat the fate of his father and brother. He was seriously engaged in music, and already in 2007 Rakim joined the ASAP collective, after which he became</p><p> A $ AP Rocky.</p>
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<p>Lenka was born into the family of a Czechoslovak musician and teacher from Australia.<br /> Grew up on the ocean coast in the Australian state of New South Wales. She began to study music at the age of 7 in Sydney, with admission to school.<br /> As a teenager, Lenka studied acting at school at the Australian Theater for Children and Youth [4], where she studied with actress Cate Blanchett</p>
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<p>Wayne Static (full name Wayne Richard Wells) is an American musician and lead vocalist, guitarist, programmer for the industrial metal band Static-X.</p>
43 clips
<p>Eric Khaled Saade (Swedish Eric Khaled Saade; October 29, 1990, Kattarp) is a Swedish pop singer and TV host. He represented Sweden at Eurovision 2011 and took third place, which was the country&#39;s best result in the competition from 2000 to 2011.</p>
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<p>Singer and author Sarah Connor was born on June 13, 1980 in Germany. As a child, she sang in a church choir, and then studied at a music school, where she studied exclusively vocals. She had to earn extra money in order to pay for her studies.</p><p> At first she sang under the pseudonym Sarah Gray. Taking part in the choir at the 1997 Michael Jackson concert, she recorded several songs, including cover versions of famous hits of the past. However, she did not achieve much success and changed her manager and pseudonym.</p><p> Sarah Connor&#39;s truly musical career began when she was 21 years old, singing with musicians Rob Tyger and Kay Denar. A single with her participation - &quot;From Sarah with Love&quot; - rose to the top of the charts in Germany, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland and glorified her throughout Europe.</p>
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<p>Alexander was born in Southwark, London, England. He grew up listening to his father&#39;s jazz songs as well as turning to soul (Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway), which sparked his interest in Garyj, drum and bass and dubstep. Although Claire was proficient in trumpet and drums, he ended up focusing on the guitar, writing songs and performing them on open mic using the source material.</p>
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