Help & F.A.Q.

What is Soundbox?

Soundbox is the gold mine of music video worldwide. Licensed clips, concert videos, artist biographies, filming videos - this is your personal musical encyclopedia. Tens of thousands of music videos from all musical eras on one site.


What can you do on the project?

Here you can just watch the clips. It is easy and convenient to do it: we have an excellent search and a wonderful heading list, over which the best music editors racked their brains.

Here you can find out interesting information about your favorite artist: real name, age, interesting facts from the biography.

You can rate clips by giving ratings. Ratings affect the rating of clips.

You can create your own playlists by adding your favorite clips. The playlist can be private or open, both for friends and for all lovers of good music.

You can embed our clips into your site. Absolutely free.

And here you can also look for friends with similar musical tastes, chat with friends, win valuable prizes in contests, and of course watch and listen to high-quality music in the Clips Matrix!


Why do I need to register here?

To create your own playlist, vote for a video, add a video to favorites, write a comment or find friends with similar musical tastes - you need to log in.

Registered users get the opportunity to turn off ads in videos, add their clips to the project, participate in contests, and also sync their playlists on the website and in the iPhone and iPad app!

You can register or login in a couple of clicks using your account on popular social networks.



The player displays the message "Access to this video is restricted for your region."

Soundbox is a site with a licensed video, the rights to which are purchased for a specific territory. At the moment, most of the content is licensed for display in the CIS.

The region is determined based on your IP address. if you live in the CIS and see such a message, please write to us


What does the clip in the red frame mean?

If the clip is enclosed in a red frame, it means that you already have this video in your favorites or in the playlist.


Forgot password?

In the "Login and registration" menu, click on the "Forgot your password?" Link, then in the form that opens, enter your e-mail, which you indicated during registration and click the "Get password" button. A letter will be sent to your mailbox with a link to be followed.


How to find friends?

If you are not logged in, then you need to follow the link "All users" at the very bottom of the main page. Then use the convenient search filter system. 

If you are logged in, then in your personal profile in the "Friends" section, follow the link "Find friends".


How to import your tracklist from VKontakte by converting it to a video list?

If you are not logged in, then on the main page of the project, under the top banner, click "Upload your audio recordings from VKontakte".

If you are logged in, then on the main page of the site under the top banner click on the link "Import from VKontakte".


I still have a question. Who to contact?

You click on this link and set out. The letter must be literate.

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