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Musician, Songstress
Real name: Oceana Mahlmann
Country: Germany
Genre: Pop music 
The daughter of a native of Jamaica, the girl Oceana, already in her early childhood loved to listen to soul and reggae music, was a fan of James Brown and Bob Marley. Studying the recordings and attending concerts of her favorite musicians, at home she diligently rehearsed in front of the mirror, trying to repeat the unearthly plastic of Marley, then she trained her vocal cords in order to be able to sing both in Marley's reggae style and in Brown's soul style. ...

The path for a dark-skinned girl who wanted to become a singer was determined: if you do not want to practice "pop-music" - go sing jazz or soul. So Oseana's early career was quite successful, she worked as a backing vocalist in the band of the famous Masio Parker, and they didn't take "anyhow" there, the maestro's vocal talents in the girl saw. But the soul demanded a solo career. ...

And Oseana decides to take a desperate step - she leaves Europe and goes to the USA, because she believes that it is possible to become a pop star only in America. The assumption makes sense: Oseana is building her career according to an extremely correct method - you need to warm up the public's attention with a couple of scandals, record several provocative singles, and everything will work out. ...

Oseana's scandals all worked out: the release of Oseana's debut album "Love Supply" was marked by a whole heap of tabloid articles. First of all, Oseane was accused of plagiarism by the Kansas group, from which Oseane allegedly stole the name for one of the songs - "Baby Hold On". Oseana answered the accusations harshly and impudently: “If you had composed the same driving song, you would have performed like me - in Carnegie Hall and Budokan, and not eat chips in front of the TV” ..

Then Oseana fulfilled one of the main dreams of the brawlers around the world - she got into the "black lists". In the USA and Germany, some TV channels banned the video for the song "Fucked Up Situation", in which they saw elements of eroticism and sadomasochism. And Oseane just needed that - a song based on an affectionate reggae rhythm with a bright bass part she actively performs at concerts, which, thanks to the growing hype, became more and more. ...

But, despite all the scandals (or maybe thanks to them?), Several Oseana's songs conquered the world charts: her songs “Cry Cry” (in the plot very much resembling individual creations of the unforgettable group “TaTu”) and “All Genetic” became hits both in the USA and in Germany. As for "Cry Cry" - in the video for this song, the motives of same-sex love are not traced, so expecting a "Kansas blow" from Yulia Volkova or Lena Katina Oseane, in all likelihood, is not worth it. ...

With her compositions, Oseana fits perfectly into what is called “both ours and yours” - on the one hand, her song is, of course, pop music, but on the other hand, the jazz, reggae and soul roots of her compositions are visible to the naked with the eye. It is thanks to this polystyle that the songs of Oceans are readily used by European and American DJs to create disco remixes. ...

Oseana is also popular in our country: at the end of 2009, Oseana, as part of a world tour, visited Russia and performed at the B1 Maximum club. With a full hall, she performed all her main hits and went on to conquer the world and scandal. Both, the girl turns out great.

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