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In the nineties, Kelly Rowland was one of the key members of the super-successful (over 50 million records sold) girl's R&B group Destiny's Child. Her solo career began suddenly and rapidly. In 2002, when there was a pause in the group's activities, Kelly recorded the song "Dilemma" with rapper Nelly and ended up at the top of the charts as a solo artist. Inspired by the success of the single, Kelly pushed work on her debut solo album, Simply Deep, which was released in 2003. Remaining loyal to R&B, Kelly nevertheless moved away from obsessive genre clichés in favor of slightly more meaningful pop music (this trend was perfectly illustrated by the single "Stole"). The change in mood did not interfere with the success of the disc, the album sold two and a half million copies around the world. Around the same time, Kelly began her career as an actress and TV presenter.
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Ciara is one of the most award-winning young pop stars of today. Her debut on the music scene was truly overwhelming - the album "Goodies" - instantly topped the Billboard charts, and soared to the top of the charts in the UK, USA and Canada. However, in addition to her solo work, Ciara actively collaborated with other musicians: she took part in the tours of Gven Stefani and Chris Brown, and her joint video with Missy Elliot for the song "Lose Control" was even awarded a Grammy.
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The Gorillaz Project proudly bears the title of the world's first virtual music group. The restless Damon Albarn is responsible for the musical component of Gorillas, and the visual image is taken over by the artist Jamie Hewlett, the creator of the Tank Girl comic. There are four characters in the virtual band: vocalist and keyboardist 2D, bassist Murdoc, drummer Russel Hobbs and a singing guitarist nicknamed Noodle. Everyone has not only a visual image, but also a detailed biography, in general, the whole story is thought out with the thoroughness of good fantasy. The Gorillaz were shown to the public exclusively from the screens - in clips, in DVDs, which were published on a par with albums and singles, and even at rare concerts, which the group usually gave on the occasion of the presentation of some next prize.
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GDR-born Paul Van Dyck became a key figure in the German trance scene in the first half of the nineties. Back then, soft, melodic club electronics became perhaps the largest German cultural export after Kraftwerk. Paul became famous not only for his own tracks (among which at the time the most notable hits were "My World" and "For An Angel"), but also thanks to remixes. Among his clients were not only colleagues like Humate, but also British rock stars. The MFS label, where Paul published his compositions, was owned by British expat Mark Reeder, who introduced Van Dyck to New Order and Inspiral Carpets. Paul played records in clubs, one of the first international stars drove to Moscow, in general, behaved like a shy guy.
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Antre Tannenberger's career began in the first half of the nineties. Solo and with the group Sequential One, Tannenberger mastered the fields of the German rave - not without success, but invariably remaining in the shadow of Westbam and Marusha. In 1998, signing with the abbreviation ATB, Andre released the solo single "9 PM (Till I Come)", which became a hit on the wave of the then fashionable dream trance. The track went down in history as the first "trance" song to reach number one on the British charts. Luckily for Tannenberger, he has managed to keep out of the long list of one hit wonders and put his success on stream. The single was soon followed by the album "Movin 'Melodies", two more singles from which made it into the British five. And although the single "Let You Go" (2001) was Andre's last work to hit the British charts, major dance labels, including Kontor, ZYX and Ministry of Sound, constantly showed interest in his tracks, and almost every one in his native Germany the release went with a bang.
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<p>Cher (English Cher), real name - Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere Bono Allman (born May 20, 1946, El Centro, California) - American pop singer, songwriter, actress, director and musician producer. She is one of the few singers to have won Oscars, Grammy, Emmy and 3 Golden Globes for her work in the film, music and television industries. Cher has been called the Goddess of Pop by the American people.</p>
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After parting with Genesis, Peter Gabriel embarked on a solo career, furiously pursuing all his musical and social ideas. What was embodied in the conceptual works of Genesis was reflected in the diversity of solo works. Initially, Gabriel did not intend to give his solo records any names, heading each simply - &quot;Peter Gabriel&quot;. This continued until 1986, when Gabriel released his fifth solo disc entitled &quot;So&quot;, going to the other extreme - now all his discs did not contain more than one word in the title, preferably a monosyllabic one. True, in 2008 Gabriel broke this tradition too, releasing an album under the modest and discreet title &quot;Big Blue Ball&quot;.
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<p>A-ha is a Norwegian electro-pop band.</p><p> In 1976, young Pal Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen decided to form a band, calling it Bridges.</p><p> In 1980, the group released the album &quot;Fakkeltog&quot;, which was not successful.</p><p> In early 1983, friends invited Morten Harket to join them as vocalist, and he agreed. The guys recorded several demos, and also came up with a new, short and easy-to-remember name for the group - A-ha.</p><p> In 1983, after listening to the recordings of the group, Warner studio signed a contract with them and did not fail.</p><p> Composition &quot;Take on Me&quot;, took the leading positions in the charts of the world, becoming number one in the United States and second in the UK. Another big hit was The Sun Always Shines on TV.</p><p> In 1985, with the release of their debut album &quot;Hunting High And Low&quot; a-ha firmly occupied the Top 10. The album won the &quot;Spellemannsprisen&quot; (Norwegian Grammy) award.</p><p> A-ha&#39;s video clips with interesting visuals contributed to the group&#39;s popularity.</p><p> In the same year, A-ha presented their second album &quot;Scoundrel Days&quot;, the most popular tracks from which are such tracks as &quot;Cry Wolf&quot;, &quot;Manhattan Skyline&quot; and &quot;I&#39;ve Been Losing You&quot;.</p><p> In 1987, Paul Vaaktaar was asked to compose the theme for the next James Bond film. This is how The Living Daylights appeared, a remix of which was included in the band&#39;s third album, Stay On The Roads (1988).</p><p> In 1990, the band&#39;s fourth album, East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon, was released, which many fans consider the best work of A-ha. On the disc, the first composition especially stood out - a cover version of the famous song from the repertoire of Everly Brothers &quot;Crying In The Rain&quot;.</p><p> In 1993, the band released their fifth album, &quot;Memorial Beach&quot;, without a hit outside of Norway. The disc had no commercial success.</p><p> The release of the single &quot;Shapes That Go Together&quot; (1994) put an end to a certain stage in the band&#39;s creativity. A-ha played at the White Nights festival in St. Petersburg, and then Paul, Morten and Magne went about their own business.</p><p> In 1998, A-ha - with the help of new manager Brian Lane - decided to reunite after a long hiatus. The band began performing and recording new material. The result of this work was the album &quot;Minor Earth, Major Sky&quot; (2000), full of strong and fresh material, modern sounding, but executed, at the same time, in the best traditions of A-ha. The big hits were the compositions &quot;Velvet&quot;, &quot;Summer Moved On&quot;, &quot;Minor Earth, Major Sky&quot;. As always, the trio&#39;s fans were drawn to the original music videos.</p><p> On October 15, 2009, it was officially announced that the band would end their existence following the end of the Ending on a High Note tour.</p><p> After the final concert in Oslo on December 4, 2010, the band ceased their creative activities.</p>
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<p>Nicholas &quot;Nick&quot; Jerry Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is a popular American singer and actor, member of the Jonas Brothers.</p>
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Gorchitza is a musical duet in the popular “girl and programmer” format, which became popular with lightning speed first in Ukraine, and later in Europe. Listeners who prefer quality in music are attracted by the modern European sound and bright English-speaking vocals. The project was created by the talented arranger and composer Alexei Gorchitza (Crimea, Kerch) and the vocalist Allois from Kiev. In August, the group performed for the first time in front of the Russian public at the Lounge Fest with a 50-minute program, preceding the performance of Morcheeba&#39;s lead singer, Sky Edwards. Despite the fact that usually &quot;warming up&quot; compositions are most often perceived by the public negatively and barely carry their feet off the stage, dodging beer glasses and rotten tomatoes, Gorchitza was greeted by the people very well. Many note that this stylish, timely project with high-quality fresh sound and strong lyrics from the first notes managed to create a sense of quality work in the listeners. this opinion was supported by the concept videos of the group “Call It A Dream” and “Final Cut”, which soon appeared on the air of Russian music channels.
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Akcent was founded in 1999 by Adrian Claudia Sana and fellow singer Ramona Barta. Their first single &quot;Kylie&quot; hit a number of European charts and had some success even in the USA. In 2002 the debut album &quot;In Culori&quot; was released in Romanian. The album &quot;French Kiss with Kylie&quot;, which contained English versions of the band&#39;s popular songs, became the English-language debut. In 2008, Marius Nedelcu left the group and began his solo career. The members of the group invited Corneliu Ulici to join, but he also left in 2009.
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<p>Christina María Aguilera (born December 18, 1980, New York) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, producer, TV star, philanthropist, and UN Goodwill Ambassador.</p><p> Winner of 4 Grammy awards and one Latin Grammy award. Rolling Stone named her one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, making her the youngest representative and the only one under 30. With a total of over 70 million albums sold, she is one of the best-selling singers of all time.</p><p> Awarded by the US Department of State for her contribution to the fight against hunger. He is the ambassador of the World Food Program and the United Nations. Christina&#39;s participation in charitable projects has helped raise over $ 117 million.</p><p> Christina Aguilera stands out from the series of &quot;pop idols&quot; put on the conveyor by the presence of a proven vocal technique and the vocal itself, strong and flexible, she is compared with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Before making her debut on the music scene, Christina went through a good school.</p><p></p><p> Discography:</p><p> Studio albums</p><p> Christina Aguilera (1999)</p><p> Mi Reflejo (2000)</p><p> My Kind of Christmas (2000)</p><p> Stripped (2002)</p><p> Back to Basics (2006)</p><p> Bionic (2010)</p><p> Lotus (2012)</p><p> TBA (201415)</p>
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Amy MacDonald, the newest generation of folk musicians, was born in 1987 and became interested in music at the age of 13, after attending a concert of her fellow countrymen, Travis, in 2000. Having started playing her father&#39;s guitar, by the age of 15, she was performing in coffee shops and clubs in her native Glasgow - a classic example of the beginning of a young folk&#39;s career (in the same way, the genre icons began - Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and even modern indie giant Beck). The musician Pete Winkilson helped the girl become famous - Amy sent him her demos, after which Pete, delighted with the sent material, recorded her songs at his home studio and recommended MacDonald to Vertigo, which signed a contract with Amy in 2007 ...
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<p>Legendary American singer Whitney Houston is best known for two achievements: song &quot;I Will Always Love You&quot; and hitting the Guinness Book of Records for the most awards ever received by an artist (&quot;The Most Awarded Female Artist of All Time&quot;). Whitney has six Grammys alone! Houston is the absolute record holder among pop musicians: the total circulation of her albums will soon approach 200 million copies, and the Rolling Stone magazine has included Whitney in the list of the 100 greatest singers of the century.</p>
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Gabriella Chilmi was born in 1991 in the suburbs of the Australian city of Melbourne, in a family of immigrants from Italy. Already at an early age, the girl began to take an interest in music, and her favorite bands and performers were already &quot;not fashionable&quot; for a long time, but from this no less great T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens and others. Among rock singers, Gabriella was especially impressed by Suzi Quatro and Janis Joplin. Although the girl had a clear vocal gift, relatives told Gabriella that she could not be a singer. Despite this, Chilmi did not stop her musical activity and as a result, at the age of 13, in 2004, she was noticed by an employee of Warner Music - he heard Gabriella performing the Rolling Stones song &quot;Jumping Jack Flash&quot; at a street festival. Shortly thereafter, Gabriella visited the United States and Britain to sign a contract to record her own material. The girl had to consider several offers, and in the end she made a deal with Island Records.
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<p>This greatest group in history was founded in September 1968. guitarist Jimmy Page after the breakup of his former project &quot;The Yardbirds&quot;. Former band member Chris Dredge was replaced by John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), renowned arranger and session musician. They wanted to take on the vocalist Terry Reid, but he advised to contact Robert Plant. He, in turn, brought drummer John Bonham with him. The quartet was originally called &quot;New Yardbirds&quot;, but the band&#39;s style was so strikingly different from the traditionally blues style of &quot;Yardbirds&quot; that they decided to change the sign to &quot;Led Zeppelin&quot;.</p>
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