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<p>Her career began with a meteoric rise. The energetic and sensual voice combined with accordion notes and arrangements by Edward Maya earned the track &quot;Stereo Love&quot; platinum sales worldwide and the subsequent gold for the single &quot;Latin Moon&quot;.</p>
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<p>&quot;I just shot John Lennon&quot; ... This risky phrase of The Cranberries once conquered not only the Beatle fans who had seen a lot, but also those who are called &quot;young punks&quot;. On the threshold of the 2000s, the Irish collective with its characteristic vocalist became the very bridge that united the tastes and aspirations of several generations of world rock connoisseurs at once. It was the musicians of The Cranberries who succeeded in the most organic fusion of melodic rock with female vocal improvisations, Celtic motives and uncompromising alternative riffs.</p>
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The BiS group belongs to that happy minority of Star Factory graduates who, after the end of the television phase of the project, remained under the tutelage of a kind producer. Bikbaev and Sokolovsky met in 2007 at the seventh (and to date, the last) &quot;Factory&quot; under the strict guidance of Konstantin Meladze, who, to the delight of the teenagers, decided to combine two pretty blondes together. Vlad Sokolovsky had such a career from birth: he is the son of Andrei Sokolovsky, the leader of the little-known boy band “IKS-Mission”, the abbreviation of which stands for “Art. Culture. Sport&quot;. Dima Bikbaev made his way on his own - at the age of 15 he moved from Ussuriisk to conquer the capital and on the way to the &quot;Factory&quot; he managed to work in the Luna Theater.
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<p>Björk is an iconic Icelandic singer, musician and actress. He is also the laureate of many music awards and the owner of the Palm Branch of the Cannes Film Festival.</p><p> Bjork has been singing since the age of 11. She participated in several musical groups, but in the end she decided to sing solo. The singer released her solo album in 1993 and gave it the name &quot;Debut&quot;, he gave her world fame and the opportunity to work with other famous musicians. Some of the songs from this disc were written by Bjork as a teenager.</p>
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<p>Paramore is an American rock band formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004. It includes Hayley Williams (vocals, keyboards), Taylor York (rhythm guitar), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar). The band released their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, in 2005. The second album &quot;Riot!&quot; was released in 2007 and subsequently went platinum in the US, and in the UK and Ireland - gold. The third album &quot;Brand New Eyes&quot; was released on September 29, 2009, topped the charts in many countries around the world, including Australia and the UK, and is considered the most successful in the history of the group at the moment.</p>
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<p>Group Five is the second project of father and son Chris and Bob Herbert. The male version of the Spice Girls appeared in early 1997 after three thousand auditions nationwide.</p><p> Already in June 1998, the young group released their first album, thanks to which the young handsome men became the most popular group in the country, having received many awards. The commercial success of Five was also enhanced by the fact that they became the face of Pepsi.</p><p> In 1999 the single &quot;If Ya Getting &#39;Down&quot; was released, followed by the new album &quot;Invincible&quot;.</p><p> The successful group was also able to enlist the support of the eminent musician, having recorded in 2000 a remix of the immortal composition &quot;We Will Rock You&quot; with Brian May of Queen.</p>
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The band&#39;s first single, Cinema Bizarre, with an average age of about 19 at the time, was released in 2007 and was titled &quot;Lovesongs (They Kill Me)&quot;. A little later the first album &quot;Final Attraction&quot; was released. The group was nominated for participation in Eurovision from Germany, but in the end did not pass the audience vote. Perhaps the real reasons were the infantile image and the music of the group, which is primarily aimed at emo teenagers, and not at a wide audience - the band members, for example, even hide their true names, using &quot;anime&quot; pseudonyms for musical activity.
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The first musical group appeared in the life of Katrin Verbeek when she was only 16 years old. However, the Melt collective, which existed for about 5 years, did not go beyond performances in bars and small clubs. That all changed in 2001 when Keith met producer Andy Janssens. Leaving the band, Kate, with the support of Andy, embarked on a solo career, quickly gaining a contract with EMI. The very first single &quot;Scream For More&quot; hit the charts of several countries in continental Europe. A year later, the debut album &quot;Different&quot; was released. In Belgium the disc received &quot;gold&quot; status, and in other European countries it sold well. Poland turned out to be especially susceptible to Kate&#39;s frivolous dancers, where &quot;Different&quot; rose to first place. In Russia, where French-speaking pop is traditionally held in high esteem, Kate Ryan&#39;s covers of Mylene Farmer&#39;s songs were regularly played on radio stations: not only the single &quot;Désenchantée&quot; hit the air, but also the hotly recorded &quot;Libertine&quot;.
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Natalie Horler simply could not help but become a singer - the origin required. Natalie&#39;s dad, David, was a famous jazz musician in Germany and played in the WBR Big Band. At home, David built a studio, where he recorded not only his own compositions, but also attracted a growing daughter to work. They started with a simple one: songs from Disney cartoons, then moved on to hits from musicals, and then grown up Natalie began to compose and record her own songs, without the help of her dad. Natalie&#39;s idol has always been Alicia Keys, but she didn&#39;t want to imitate her favorite performer. Therefore, the young singer decided to first take all European discos by storm, because you can, if you wish, weave elements of both soul and jazz into disco music, and also realize your acting and dancing abilities, provided that a good video is shot for a successful composition. Natalie began to implement her ambitious plan - and success was not long in coming: soon the compositions composed by Horner were included in the set lists of leading European DJs.
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<p>Pur: Pur is a Ukrainian indie-pop group from the city of Kharkov. In their native country, the group quickly became popular due to the light, pleasant and melodic sound of their own songs /</p><p> The name of the group comes from the Latin root &quot;pur&quot; - meaning &quot;pure&quot;.</p>
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<p>Martina Stoessel is an Argentine singer, actress and aspiring model, better known for her leading role in the TV series Violetta.<br /> In 2015 she began working under the Hollywood Records label and this made her the first Argentinean woman to sign a contract with an American label.<br /> On April 29, 2016, Stoessel released his debut album &quot;TINI&quot;.</p>
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<p>Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer, daughter of country performer Billy Ray Cyrus. She was born on November 23, 1992, in fact, her pseudonym was invented already in childhood: she received the nickname Miley (Miley, derived from Smiley - smiling), because she was a smiling child. In 2008, the singer officially changed her name to Miley Rae.</p><p> Cyrus&#39;s career began in 2001: eight-year-old Destiny Hope played a girl named Kylie in an episode of the Doc series. However, success was brought by the series &quot;Hannah Montana&quot;, in which she played the main role, having passed the casting at the age of twelve: Miley&#39;s vocal abilities and perseverance played a decisive role here.</p><p> Accordingly, Cyrus&#39;s first single was The Best of Both Worlds, the main theme of Hannah Montana.</p>
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Chris Brown belongs to the category of music geeks. Even as a child, he listened to his parents&#39; soul records, and at ten-something he already perfectly learned to sing and dance, imitating Michael Jackson and Usher. At thirteen, young Chris caught the eye of Island Def Jam label employee Tina Davis, who introduced the boy to her bosses. They did not seem to mind signing the young talent, but the label then had no time for new names. In the end, Tina took over Chris&#39;s business with her own hands and eventually signed him to Jive Records. The debut made a splash - the single &quot;Run It!&quot; (a duet with rapper Julez Santana) climbed to the top of the Billboard 200 charts, and the unpretentious title &quot;Chris Brown&quot; peaked at number two and went double platinum in the US.
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<p>This greatest group in history was founded in September 1968. guitarist Jimmy Page after the breakup of his former project &quot;The Yardbirds&quot;. Former band member Chris Dredge was replaced by John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), renowned arranger and session musician. They wanted to take on the vocalist Terry Reid, but he advised to contact Robert Plant. He, in turn, brought drummer John Bonham with him. The quartet was originally called &quot;New Yardbirds&quot;, but the band&#39;s style was so strikingly different from the traditionally blues style of &quot;Yardbirds&quot; that they decided to change the sign to &quot;Led Zeppelin&quot;.</p>
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<p>As a child, Fergie was a participant in the children&#39;s show Kids Incorporated, and later in the musical group Wild Orchid. Ferguson has also co-hosted Great Pretenders. Since 2003 she has been the vocalist of the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. During breaks in the group, he pursues a solo career, composes fragrances for Avon, and designs footwear. Her debut solo album, The Dutchess, was released in September 2006 and was certified triple platinum in the United States.</p>
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