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<p>Ashley Tisdale, full name Ashley Michelle Tizdale, was born on July 2, 1985, in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The girl got on television at a very early age. And how not to be an actress, if you have someone to take an example from - the older sister Jennifer. Ashley&#39;s manager, Bill Perlman, is her first producer and continues to represent her today. After her first audition, she successfully appeared in over 100 national advertisements.<br /><br /> At the age of eight, Ashley Tisdale landed the lead role on a national tour from the Broadway musical Les Miserables. Her solo album &quot;Headstrong&quot; debuted in February 2007 and entered the Billboard Top 200 list at the prestigious number five. Tisdale was also named People&#39;s U-25, Vogue&#39;s Young Hollywood Stars, and the popular Entertainment Weekly&#39;s annual Must List in Musical Hopes. (&quot;Must &#39;Musical&#39; Prodigy&quot;).</p>
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Arash was born in Iran, but his great-grandfather was from Azerbaijan. Therefore, the musician himself admits that in his soul, and, therefore, in his work, a variety of cultures are intertwined. To build a career, he decided to cross from east to west, to Sweden. There, Arash began writing music for Swedish and Indian films, and then, in 2004, his single &quot;Boro Boro&quot; hit the charts and topped them. So the long-awaited glory comes to Arash. He instantly becomes popular at discos in Europe, his songs are snapped up and even get on the Eurovision Song Contest (his duet with Aysel Teimuradze takes third place in the 2009 competition). In addition, he begins to record remixes, including even for Russian groups and performers. And Arash&#39;s performances at the Olympic sports complex in Moscow attract 40,000 spectators, a record for the singer.
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<p>Super Junior (Korean 슈퍼 주니어, Japanese ス ー パ ー ジ ュ ニ ア) is a South Korean idol group that originally had 13 members. According to its official composition, it is considered the largest group in the world. Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2005 by SM Entertainment. Group members: Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kanin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun, as well as two Super Junior-M members Zhou Mi and Henry Lau.</p>
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<p>Pendulum is a British / Australian drum and bass / rock band formed in 2002 in Perth by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding.<br /><br /> Swire and McGrillen were members of the metal band Xygen, but after listening to Konflict, they were inspired by drum and bass. They formed Pendulum with Harding, a DJ familiar with the drum and bass scene. In 2003 the band moved to the UK.</p>
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<p>BAP, the name stands for Best. Absolute. Perfect - The best. Absolute. Perfect) is a boy music group from South Korea. Submitted by TS Entertainment on December 9, 2011. The group debuted on January 28, 2012 in Seoul with the song &quot;Warrior&quot;.</p>
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<p>James&#39;s childhood passed in a military family, which, of course, affected his fate. He was born on February 22, 1974. In total, he served 6 years, but due to his craving for music, he was forced to quit.</p><p> In 2002, he was fortunate enough to meet Pink and Christina Aguilera&#39;s producer Linda Perry and soon signed a contract with her recording studio Custard Records.</p><p> The singer does not like to evaluate his work, therefore he confines himself to the phrase - &quot;In the songs I get away with everything.&quot; And after the tremendous success of his ballad &quot;You&#39;re Beautiful&quot; critics began to compare James Blunt with Elton John himself.</p><p> In 2004 his debut album &quot;Back to Bedlam&quot; was released, and in 2007 the album &quot;All the Lost Souls&quot; was released.</p><p> The last disc was released in 2010 under the title &quot;Some Kind of Trouble&quot;.</p>
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<p>Born December 18, 1992, released her debut album &quot;Hello My Name Is ...&quot; on October 22, 2012.</p>
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<p>This greatest group in history was founded in September 1968. guitarist Jimmy Page after the breakup of his former project &quot;The Yardbirds&quot;. Former band member Chris Dredge was replaced by John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), renowned arranger and session musician. They wanted to take on the vocalist Terry Reid, but he advised to contact Robert Plant. He, in turn, brought drummer John Bonham with him. The quartet was originally called &quot;New Yardbirds&quot;, but the band&#39;s style was so strikingly different from the traditionally blues style of &quot;Yardbirds&quot; that they decided to change the sign to &quot;Led Zeppelin&quot;.</p>
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<p>Pitbull was born in Miami to a family of wealthy Cuban immigrants. It was the southern disco culture, where the so-called crank was born in the 2000s - the southern version of hip-hop, combining elements of various dance styles, more rhythmic and &quot;sunny&quot;, and influenced the future star of dance floors. Pitbull did not really want to be engaged exclusively in cracking, but the music and fame attracted the young man extremely. Then he began to make various mixes for Miami discos and was soon noticed by Lil Jon himself, who was called in Miami nothing less than &quot;the king of crank&quot;. Lil John was just working on the soundtrack for the movie &quot;Fast and Furious 2&quot; and the services of a young and talented DJ came in handy: the first joint single of Pitbull and Lil John &quot;Oye&quot;, which sounded in the film, became a hit and strengthened Pitbull&#39;s heart desire to start a solo career. Moreover, the moment was just right.</p>
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The main quality of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is the ability to feel the spirit of the times and remain relevant at every moment, now and then running ahead of the musical locomotive of history. It was this flair that eventually led the daughter of poor provincial immigrants from Italy and Canada to the title of the main pop star of the turn of the century and the most successful woman in the music world. In the eighties, Madonna looked quite organically in the image of a disco diva: she performed unpretentious, but affectionate and well-arranged dancers and gradually shocked the audience with an image that was too sexy by the standards of those times. And although many rightly noted that the singer&#39;s choreographic training is much ahead of her vocal training, those who happened to work with Madonna (and the “best people” of the disco era like Nile Rodgers and Shep Pettibone often worked on her records) they have always noted her hard work, desire to develop and sobriety of mind: &quot;When communicating with Madonna, it is impossible to get rid of the feeling that in front of you is not a pop star, but a successful business woman.&quot;
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&quot;Beasts&quot; is a rare project for Russian pop music, in which the production efforts were adjusted to the leader: usually it is quite the opposite. But in the case of Roma the Beast, the music resonated so precisely with the expectations of the masses that the producer had only to create favorable conditions for Roma&#39;s creativity - and the teenagers brought the “Beasts” money for albums and performances. The group was conceived by Alexander Voitinsky and Valery Polienko, who had some relation to the creation of Tatu. At the first stage, it was planned to create something like a male analogue of this girlish duo. Project participants were recruited through advertisements on the Internet. However, when the Taganrog compatriot Polienko Roma Bilyk appeared on the production horizon in 2001, this concept was forgotten: it became clear that the group needed to be created around this provincial with a not very presentable appearance.
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Usually American rappers tend to be as &quot;gangsta&quot; as possible. They knit their brows, rattle their weapons and boast that they grew up in a ghetto and at the age of 13 &quot;held the block&quot;, even if nothing of the kind actually happened. Flo Rida is not like that. He moved in the opposite direction from the beginning. “All my friends served in due time - he says - but not me! I preferred to look at things positively and chose hip-hop. The correct outlook on life was taught to me by my mother, who alone raised me and my seven sisters. If you believe in it , she said - you can achieve it. And I believed in music. &quot;
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<p>Simple Plan is a French-Canadian pop-punk band formed in Montreal, Quebec. Members of the group: Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Jeff Stinko (lead guitar), Sebastian Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), David Derosier (bass guitar, backing vocals), Charles Como (drums). All five members of the group are French-Canadians born in the province of Quebec.</p>
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<p>Andrei Gubin was born in Ufa, his family moved to Moscow, when Andrei was 8 years old, in 1983 they often moved around Moscow. Stepfather Viktor Viktorovich Gubin worked as a researcher and cartoonist in many Soviet magazines, the former vice-president of the Russian Commodity Exchange, was Andrey&#39;s producer, had several record companies. Andrei&#39;s mom, Svetlana Vasilievna, is a housewife. The younger sister is Nastya Klementyeva.</p>
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<p><span style="color: #252525; font-family: sans-serif;"><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px;">English singer, composer, solo singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor began her musical career in 1997 as the vocalist of the indie rock band theaudience, but the band did not last even a year. Sophie tried to start a modeling career and sat down to write a book, but she soon got bored with these activities.</span></span></p><p> <span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px; color: #252525; font-family: sans-serif;">In 2000, Venetian (Italy) DJ Cristiano Spiller invited Sophie to take part in the recording of the vocals for his composition &quot;Groovejet&quot;, which managed to get into many dance compilations, which received the additional name &quot;If This Ain&#39;t Love&quot; (&quot;If This is not love…&quot;). The song hit the first places in many charts. This success largely predetermined the beginning of Ellis-Bextor&#39;s solo career.</span></p><p> <span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px; color: #252525; font-family: sans-serif;">Since June 25, 2005 Sophie is married to the bass-guitarist of the British band &quot;The Feeling&quot; Richard Jones. The couple have three sons.</span></p>
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<p>Alexey Poddubny was born on January 8, 1969 in Kiev. As a child, he learned to play the accordion, guitar, keyboard. In the army, he played the French horn, being a member of a brass band. Actually, he also began composing at a very young age.</p><p> Alexey was a member of many bands: Cool Before Drinking, Jolly Jail, The Plunge.</p><p> But in 2004 he creates a group himself, uniting Alexey German (keyboards, trumpet), Vladimir Pismenny (guitar), Sergey Goray (bass guitar) and Alexander Okremov (drums) under the pseudonym Django, which he invented while in the army.</p>
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<p>Christina María Aguilera (born December 18, 1980, New York) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, producer, TV star, philanthropist, and UN Goodwill Ambassador.</p><p> Winner of 4 Grammy awards and one Latin Grammy award. Rolling Stone named her one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, making her the youngest representative and the only one under 30. With a total of over 70 million albums sold, she is one of the best-selling singers of all time.</p><p> Awarded by the US Department of State for her contribution to the fight against hunger. He is the ambassador of the World Food Program and the United Nations. Christina&#39;s participation in charitable projects has helped raise over $ 117 million.</p><p> Christina Aguilera stands out from the series of &quot;pop idols&quot; put on the conveyor by the presence of a proven vocal technique and the vocal itself, strong and flexible, she is compared with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Before making her debut on the music scene, Christina went through a good school.</p><p></p><p> Discography:</p><p> Studio albums</p><p> Christina Aguilera (1999)</p><p> Mi Reflejo (2000)</p><p> My Kind of Christmas (2000)</p><p> Stripped (2002)</p><p> Back to Basics (2006)</p><p> Bionic (2010)</p><p> Lotus (2012)</p><p> TBA (201415)</p>
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Muse is often referred to as one of the main musical hopes of our time. Indeed, the musicians have taken so much from the classics of rock and transferred a fertile seed to modern soil that it is inevitably time to write them down into modern classics. And even the very beginning of Muse&#39;s career has already determined that the musicians are determined to conquer the greatest musical heights. At first they turned out to be the winners of the local The Battle Of Bands and, having acquired a solid fan base, Muse began to haunt record labels with an eye to releasing their first album. The debut album &quot;Showbiz&quot; was received ambiguously by critics - the music was too eclectic. Bellamy absorbed all possible British sound currents, and the expressiveness of the texts, which at times bore an openly confessional character, pleased young people - it is always pleasant to try on the mask of an incomprehensible genius.
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<p>Toni Michelle Braxton is an American rhythm and blues, pop and soul singer, songwriter and actress. She is known for such hits as “Un-Break My Heart”, “Breathe Again”, “You&#39;re Makin &#39;Me High”, “He Wasn&#39;t Man Enough” and others. Winner of 6 Grammy awards.</p>
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