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Cheryl grew up in a poor English family. Her parents did not marry and ended their life together when Cheryl was 11. Despite financial and family difficulties, the girl did not lose heart - from childhood she was interested in dance, at the age of 9 she entered a ballet school, and also starred in commercials and participated in youth beauty pageants, often winning them - for example, she was chosen "the most attractive girl in Newcastle." In 2002, the "girl" pop group Girls Aloud was formed by audience voting, one of the five members of which was Cheryl. The group enjoyed some popularity, but in 2009 took a sabbatical. From that moment, Cheryl began work on solo material, and in October 2009 her first album, "3 Words", was released. Sherrill was actively involved in the work on the album with will.i.am, a member of The Black Eyed Peas.
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<p>Radiohead is a British rock band founded in 1985 in Oxfordshire. The band&#39;s direction is defined in terms of alternative rock and electronic music. At the time of 2008, the group&#39;s records had sold a total circulation of 28 million copies. And Rolling Stone magazine ranked Radiohead 73rd on the list of the greatest musicians in history.</p><p> It all started with the debut single &quot;Creep&quot;, released in 1992 and at first went unnoticed. But after the release of the album &quot;Pablo Honey&quot; the single became a real hit.</p>
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<p>Amy Winehouse is a recognized singer who went down in history as an amazing performer and record holder: she is listed in the Guinness Book of Records because she is the first and only British singer to receive five Grammy awards.</p><p> She was born on September 14, 1983 in London. Her parents were descendants of Jews who immigrated from the Russian Empire. It was the family who instilled in her a love for music, in particular - for jazz. She began writing her songs at the age of 14, it was at this age that she tried drugs.</p><p> She soon signs her first contract with EMI. However, her debut album was released only in 2003. &quot;Frank&quot; goes platinum, and Amy receives British Female Solo Artist and British Urban Act awards. Almost all the songs on the album were written by a young talented performer.</p>
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The duo Pet Shop Boys have miraculously managed to remain relevant and loved by the public for twenty-five years in a row. None of their ten studio albums missed the top ten on the UK charts. Pet Shop Boys have always served as a model for a kind of pop music for intellectuals: restrained and sophisticated electronic arrangements, excellent songwriting, Neil Tennant&#39;s melancholic voice and ironic lyrics, often touching on social topics. Both members of the duo are gay, and although Chris and Neil began to talk about it openly only in the mid-nineties, their songs always had a liberal &quot;message&quot;. They had time to go to Catholic schools (It&#39;s A Sin) and give a second life to the old gay anthem (Go West).
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<p>She was born in Nantorpe (a suburb of Middlesbrough) in the family of Aranka Bradley and Barry Oliver. In 2011 she took part in the British TV show &quot;X Factor&quot;, in which she took third place. After the show, Amelia signed a deal with Sony Music and Xenomania. On September 29, 2012 she released her first single, &quot;You Bring Me Joy&quot;, which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart. On February 2, 2013 the second single was released - &quot;Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)&quot;. Her debut album is expected to be released on July 29, 2013.</p>
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Flipsyde became famous, oddly enough, thanks not so much to music as to sports. Their composition &quot;Someday&quot; was selected by NBC to accompany the broadcast from the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Not surprisingly, when the question of choosing the official song of the Beijing Olympic Games came up, the choice fell on Flipsyde again. Their next &quot;sports hit&quot; was the song &quot;Champion&quot;. Rapper Gino Ferreira also writes screenplays for films (his screenplay &quot;Walter&#39;s Boys&quot;) was awarded the Tribeca prize for best screenplay.
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<p>The hot Spanish guy has become almost native to the Russian public. Firstly, he recorded a duet with one of the most popular singers of the 90s, Alsou, and secondly, he shot Anna Kournikova, the most famous tennis player in the world, in his video. Moreover, Enirke did not limit himself to professional relations: it seems that there is no tabloid left in the world who would not write about their romance with the most famous blonde from Russia. The most surprising thing is that the career of a singer, who, it would seem, for dynastic reasons had to strive for the stage, could not have taken place. The fact is that his father, Julio Iglesias - himself a world star - really did not want his third (and last) son from his first marriage to follow in his father&#39;s footsteps. Iglesias Sr. passionately wanted Enrique (born May 8, 1987) to become a businessman. For this, he “pickled” him in one of the most prestigious schools in America and kept him “in a black body”, and then forced him to enter the University of Miami: learn the basics of business and get an MBA. Although Enrique Iglesias obeyed his dad, he secretly dreamed of the stage, wrote lyrics and recorded at local studios under the pseudonym Enrique Martinez. In 1995, his demo got to the managers of the Fonovisa label, and they offered him a contract to release the album. The young artist did not refuse. He simply confronted his parents with the fact that he was leaving the hated university, and left for Toronto to record a disc.</p><p> In 1995, the disc, simply and without fuss called &quot;Enrique Iglesias&quot;, in its first week of sales crossed the bar of 500,000 discs sold, which was an unprecedented result for albums not recorded in English.</p><p> The single &quot;Enomorado Por Primera Vez&quot; from the second album &quot;Vivir&quot; (1997) topped the Latin American charts for 12 weeks. And at the end of the year, the incredible happened - Enrique got into one nomination for the American Music Awards with his father.</p><p> In 1998, Enrique finally gained worldwide recognition. More precisely - it came a little later, but it was in 1998 that the album &quot;Cosas del Amor&quot; was released, in which there was the song &quot;Bailamos&quot;, which adorned the film &quot;Wild, Wild West&quot;.</p><p> Almost immediately, &quot;hot on the heels&quot; &quot;a boy with a mole&quot; recorded and released his first English-language album &quot;Enrique&quot; (1999), which, among other things, was notable for the song &quot;You are me # 1&quot;, where our Alsou noted.</p><p> 2001 Enrique met, firstly, with the ballad “Hero”, written in honor of those killed on September 11, 2001, when the planes rammed the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and, secondly, with the new album “Escape”. &quot;Escape&quot; became a truly iconic album for the artist: it was the most successful disc in his career until the release in 2003 of the absolutely disastrous album &quot;7&quot; (&quot;Seven&quot;).</p><p> The reaction of the public and critics touched the singer so much that he fell silent for 4 years. He returned only in 2007 with the album &quot;Insomniac&quot; - a fairly solid work, which still fell a little short of the success of &quot;Escape&quot;. But the track &quot;Can You Hear Me&quot; became the official song of the European Football Championship 2008, where the Russian team won bronze medals. Returning to big show business had such a fruitful effect on Enrique that he immediately released two more records in a row &quot;95/08 Éxitos&quot; (2007) and the compilation &quot;Greatest Hits&quot; (2008).</p>
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Avril Lavigne has dreamed of a musical career for a rock star since childhood. “When I was little, I often got up on the bed and imagined that I was standing on stage. I sang with all my strength and imagined thousands of people listening to me with bated breath, ”says Avril. She achieved her goal: now a girl can perform anywhere and sing whatever she wants - and there will be loyal fans everywhere. Avril was born in the small town of Napanee (Ontario, Canada) in 1984. The city with a population of 5 thousand people is a small audience for a girl who wants to conquer the world, so at the age of 15, leaving school, Avril went to New York. During the audition, Antonio Reid became interested in her, who helped Lavigne sign a contract with Arista Records, and Avril sat in the label&#39;s studio in Manhattan, working on her debut album. “I like writing. When I’m upset or upset about something, and I need to throw it all out of myself, then I take up the guitar. At times it seems to me that the guitar is my therapist, ”said the girl. Despite the fact that the singer literally did not leave the New York studio, the result she received did not satisfy her at all. “I worked with very talented people, but I just didn&#39;t feel it. The songs that came out didn&#39;t include me. They told me that I needed to find people who would write songs, but I wanted to do everything myself. &quot; According to Avril, it was a very difficult period in her life. “I was constantly stressed, but I never even thought about quitting music,” says the singer.
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<p>Ross Lynch is an American teenage actor, singer, musician and dancer. He became famous for his role as Austin Moon in the series &quot;Austin and Ellie&quot;. In July 2013, he starred as Brady in Summer. Beach. Movie. He sings in a family group called R5 with his brothers Riker and Rocky, sister Rydell, as well as family best friend Ellington Ratliff.</p>
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The bassist and guitarist of the future Blink-182 met in 1992 at the initiative of the guitarist&#39;s sister Mark Hoppus. Soon, the guys decided that they needed to make a full-fledged band, invited drummer Scott Raynor, and began to actively rehearse - until the moment when Mark&#39;s girlfriend declared &quot;either the band or me.&quot; Mark hung his nose and went to the girl, but bassist Tom DeLonge told him that he &quot;took to drive&quot; a four-track tape recorder and was already writing a demo with the drummer. The girlfriend was abandoned, and the musicians continued with rehearsals called Blink. Under the same name, they recorded their first studio album, Buddha, which was released on cassette in 1993.
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Tinchy Strider is the brightest of the young representatives of British rap, combining the melody of R&amp;B with the bright and clear reading typical of American rap artists. He got his nickname (&quot;Baby&quot;) for his small stature (about 5 feet). Stayder actively collaborates with representatives of not only pop, but also the rock scene, for example, he remixes The Killers songs. while among his friends - Craig David (Craig David). Bright, melodic, catchy songs provide Strider high places in the charts and wide radio circulation
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The first musical group appeared in the life of Katrin Verbeek when she was only 16 years old. However, the Melt collective, which existed for about 5 years, did not go beyond performances in bars and small clubs. That all changed in 2001 when Keith met producer Andy Janssens. Leaving the band, Kate, with the support of Andy, embarked on a solo career, quickly gaining a contract with EMI. The very first single &quot;Scream For More&quot; hit the charts of several countries in continental Europe. A year later, the debut album &quot;Different&quot; was released. In Belgium the disc received &quot;gold&quot; status, and in other European countries it sold well. Poland turned out to be especially susceptible to Kate&#39;s frivolous dancers, where &quot;Different&quot; rose to first place. In Russia, where French-speaking pop is traditionally held in high esteem, Kate Ryan&#39;s covers of Mylene Farmer&#39;s songs were regularly played on radio stations: not only the single &quot;Désenchantée&quot; hit the air, but also the hotly recorded &quot;Libertine&quot;.
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<p>&quot;Yes&quot; is a British rock band performing music in the style of &quot;progressive rock&quot;. The band was founded in 1968 thanks to John Anderson and Chris Squire.</p><p> Neither the constantly changing fashion for music, nor the disintegration of the group and the change in line-up have prevented this collective from existing for 40 years!</p><p> The band members do not skimp on new experiments and often use symphonic &quot;structures&quot;, combining different styles.</p><p> Their first debut album &quot;Yes&quot; in 1969 was not commercially successful, but critics already predicted a stellar future for them.</p>
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<p>Austin was born in the city of San Antonio.<br /><br /> Since November 2012, Austin has partnered with hip-hop artist Lil Wayne&#39;s clothing line for skateboarders, Trukfit.<br /> On December 3, 2012, a joint single with rapper Flo Rida &quot;Say You&#39;re Just a Friend&quot; was released. In April 2013, Austin, along with singer Becky G, covered the song &quot;Magic&quot; by American rapper BoB for the soundtrack to the cartoon &quot;The Smurfs 2&quot;. On June 10, 2013 the single &quot;What About Love&quot; was released. Thanks to this single, Austin manages to become the most promising artist of the year at the annual MTV VMA 2013 ceremony. Thus, after such an unexpected victory, Austin joined another successful label Cash Money Record.<br /> Austin is currently working on his debut album, which will be titled &quot;Junior Year&quot;.</p>
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Antre Tannenberger&#39;s career began in the first half of the nineties. Solo and with the group Sequential One, Tannenberger mastered the fields of the German rave - not without success, but invariably remaining in the shadow of Westbam and Marusha. In 1998, signing with the abbreviation ATB, Andre released the solo single &quot;9 PM (Till I Come)&quot;, which became a hit on the wave of the then fashionable dream trance. The track went down in history as the first &quot;trance&quot; song to reach number one on the British charts. Luckily for Tannenberger, he has managed to keep out of the long list of one hit wonders and put his success on stream. The single was soon followed by the album &quot;Movin &#39;Melodies&quot;, two more singles from which made it into the British five. And although the single &quot;Let You Go&quot; (2001) was Andre&#39;s last work to hit the British charts, major dance labels, including Kontor, ZYX and Ministry of Sound, constantly showed interest in his tracks, and almost every one in his native Germany the release went with a bang.
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<p>Popular Belgian rapper of Rwandan descent. The surname Van Haver is of Flemish origin and pronounced Van Haver in Flemish. The stage name Stromae is a garbled Maestro in French verlan.</p><p> In 2000 he chooses the pseudonym Opmaestro and begins his activities in the rap world. But his pseudonym was too similar to another and he changes it, stopping at Stromae.<br /> At the age of 18, Paul together with the rapper JEDI (Didier Jean-Longan) created a group, and they recorded the song and video &quot;Faut que t&#39;arrête le Rap&quot;. However, JEDI decides to leave the duo, which marks the beginning of Stromae&#39;s solo career.<br /><br /> In 2009 he released the single &quot;Alors On Danse&quot;, which very soon became popular in other European countries. The single takes first places in the top sales in France, Germany, Belgium. At the moment, this song is the &quot;calling card&quot; of the rapper; several Russian-language covers have even been released on it.<br /><br /> Stromae uses a computer with Reason software in his compositions.</p>
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<p>David was born on August 25, 1968 in France, in addition to him, there were seven more children in the family, and one mother raised them. Since childhood, he became interested in music, especially electronic. His favorite performers at the time were Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre.</p><p> Later he moved to Paris and started playing in one of the nightclubs.</p><p> The single &quot;Love To Love You Baby&quot;, featuring Donna Summer, was his first hit in 2006. The second single is &quot;Unidos Para La Musica&quot;.</p>
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<p>Nirvana is an American rock band formed in 1987 in Washington by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Christ Novoselic.</p><p> In June 1989, Nirvana&#39;s debut album &quot;Bleach&quot; was released.</p><p> The first thousand records were released on white vinyl. The next two thousand copies were printed on black vinyl, with a poster attached to all the first three thousand records. The following copies were released on vinyl in a variety of colors, excluding white and black. The total circulation was 35,000 copies.</p><p> In 1991, the band released their second album &quot;Nevermind&quot; /</p><p> In 1993 the third and last album of the group &quot;In Utero&quot; was released. The compositions from this album differed in style from the previous musical works of the group.</p><p> On April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain died, in connection with which the history of one of the brightest groups of the twentieth century was interrupted.</p>
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<p>Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The young artist grew up in the family of a school teacher and engineer. His parents divorced when he was 13 years old.</p><p> In Philadelphia, he met musician Jeff Townes, and soon became widely known with him in the late 1980s as a member of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff &amp; the Fresh Prince, who won the first Grammy for Best Rap Performance.</p>
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