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When you look at our boy bands, you involuntarily recall the phrase from Gennady Khazanov's humoresque "we would have striptease before retirement, no one would have said a word." Okay "Ivanushki" - they at least exploit their former popularity. But what are "Roots" doing, which will soon be eight years old? Where are they developing, what do they want to achieve? There are no answers. The Malchukovy quartet was born at the first "Star Factory" at the end of 2002, simultaneously with the women's group "Factory" - producer Igor Matvienko tried to make two beautiful projects out of his best wards. For "Roots" hits "I am losing roots", "Birch was crying", "You will recognize her" were written in the favorite genre of Matvienkov's "pop a la russe", and the four guys quickly grew into an audience of young fans.
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<p>Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya (née Gorelik; Ukrainian Lolita Markivna Milyavska, Rusyn. Milyavska Lolita Markivna) (November 14, 1963, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region) - Russian pop singer, actress, TV presenter and director.</p>
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<p>On the one hand, White Hot Ice is a two-man group that released the cassette album In Fools in the very early 90s. The disc became a cult among fans of the style, on this music the majority of modern rappers grew up, including, for example, Rustaveli from the Ellipsis group. The album was reissued at the turn of the century in CD format, thereby only expanding the circle of fans.</p><p> On the other hand, White Hot Ice is one person Vitaly Orlov, who, having returned to the music show business several years ago, immediately conquered new listeners with his hit &quot;Rastaman&quot;.</p>
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The recognized king of pop music (The King of Pop), the largest representative of the world of show business. Unprecedented record holder: leader in number of solo album sales, hits recorded and awards received, including the most prestigious - the Grammy, the industry&#39;s main newsmaker for decades. The musician who radically changed the course of the history of the recording industry, developed music video to the level of an independent genre, became the brightest star in the history of pop music, lasted exactly four decades on the professional scene.
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Arash was born in Iran, but his great-grandfather was from Azerbaijan. Therefore, the musician himself admits that in his soul, and, therefore, in his work, a variety of cultures are intertwined. To build a career, he decided to cross from east to west, to Sweden. There, Arash began writing music for Swedish and Indian films, and then, in 2004, his single &quot;Boro Boro&quot; hit the charts and topped them. So the long-awaited glory comes to Arash. He instantly becomes popular at discos in Europe, his songs are snapped up and even get on the Eurovision Song Contest (his duet with Aysel Teimuradze takes third place in the 2009 competition). In addition, he begins to record remixes, including even for Russian groups and performers. And Arash&#39;s performances at the Olympic sports complex in Moscow attract 40,000 spectators, a record for the singer.
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Paula Abdul began her career as a dancer and later as a choreographer. In this capacity, she worked with the Jacksons Five, and then &quot;inherited&quot; went to Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson). However, Paul was attracted by a singing career. Her good voice, appearance and choreographic training made her the ideal MTV heroine of the late eighties, and soon after Ms. Abdul recorded the first demo, she already had a contract with Virgin in her hands. Six consecutive singles, from &quot;Straight Up&quot; from their debut album &quot;Forever Your Girl&quot; to &quot;The Promise Of A New Day&quot; from the &quot;Spellbound&quot; disc, have climbed to the top of the US charts. The field was equally successful in pop ballads and dance music with elements of breakdancing. Video clips played an important role in popularizing the singer - just remember “Opposites Attract”, where live filming is combined with animation, and Paula is dancing with a cartoon cat.
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<p>American pop-rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, it consists of Riker Lynch, Rydell Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Ellington Ratliff. In March 2010, they released the EP &quot;Ready Set Rock&quot; and in September their debut studio album with Hollywood Records.</p>
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Tinchy Strider is the brightest of the young representatives of British rap, combining the melody of R&amp;B with the bright and clear reading typical of American rap artists. He got his nickname (&quot;Baby&quot;) for his small stature (about 5 feet). Stayder actively collaborates with representatives of not only pop, but also the rock scene, for example, he remixes The Killers songs. while among his friends - Craig David (Craig David). Bright, melodic, catchy songs provide Strider high places in the charts and wide radio circulation
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<p>Rita Ora was born in Yugoslavia, but immediately after her birth, Rita&#39;s family moved to the UK. Ora began to sing in early childhood, but in adolescence she made a choice in favor of the Sylvia Theater School, and then the college &quot;St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College&quot;. Having starred in the film &quot;Peeves&quot; in 2004, Rita still prefers a musical career and three years after filming recorded her first release: the song &quot;Awkward&quot; with Craig David.</p>
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The history of the group Sum 41 does not contain anything remarkable - all the more unexpected is the success that has befallen the team in recent years. The band was founded in 1996 in the Canadian city of Ajax by vocalist Deryck Whibley and drummer Steve Jocks. They soon found lead guitarist Dave, and after changing several bass players, they worked with Jason McCaslin. 4 years after the creation of the group, the guys released a demo, then an EP, and after it the first album &quot;All Killer No Filler&quot;, which turned out to be in tune with the requirements of the time and immediately took the group to the Olympus of pop-punk, on which they already sat, dangling their legs and throwing down with beer cans, Offspring, Green Day and Blink 182. Sum 41 differed from the last only in a slightly denser and more varied sound (thanks to the use of two guitars), childish professionalism (listening to Sum 41, you feel that these people are capable of playing a much more serious and complex music) and a much longer period of existence.
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<p>The Moscow rapper has not needed an introduction for a long time, his lyrics are catchy, they are original, he knows his business. Slim knows how to simply talk and talk about important and inalienable things in our daily life against the backdrop of pleasant bits.</p><p> Perhaps the most experienced CENTR member, in turnips since 1996. On his account, three albums of &quot;Smoke Screen&quot;, Guf&#39;s first solo album &quot;City of Roads&quot;, two albums in &quot;CENTR&quot;, where Slim, in addition to his own verses in the text, is also the author of almost the entire musical component of the material.</p>
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<p>Little Mix is a British girl group formed in 2011 and won the eighth season of The X Factor. The band&#39;s first two singles, &quot;Cannonball&quot; and &quot;Wings&quot;, reached # 1 on the UK charts. In November 2012, Little Mix released their debut studio album DNA, which peaked at number three on the UK charts. At the moment, the group has also released 4 more singles and videos for them - &quot;Wings&quot;, &quot;DNA&quot;, &quot;Change Your Life&quot; and &quot;How Ya Doin &#39;?&quot;</p>
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The bassist and guitarist of the future Blink-182 met in 1992 at the initiative of the guitarist&#39;s sister Mark Hoppus. Soon, the guys decided that they needed to make a full-fledged band, invited drummer Scott Raynor, and began to actively rehearse - until the moment when Mark&#39;s girlfriend declared &quot;either the band or me.&quot; Mark hung his nose and went to the girl, but bassist Tom DeLonge told him that he &quot;took to drive&quot; a four-track tape recorder and was already writing a demo with the drummer. The girlfriend was abandoned, and the musicians continued with rehearsals called Blink. Under the same name, they recorded their first studio album, Buddha, which was released on cassette in 1993.
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Daft Punk made history as the first electronic band to contract with a major label on their own terms. After making a splash with a couple of singles released by the techno label Soma, the French began to receive offers for long-term contracts. Enlisting the support of manager Pedro Winter, who would later open Ed Banger&#39;s label and become the patron of Justice, Thomas (whose father, incidentally, had a hand in many hits by Ottawan and Gibson Brothers) and Guy-Manuel began to knock the opportunity out of labels. control the creative process. &quot;We weren&#39;t particularly interested in money,&quot; Bangalter explained, &quot;so we just turned down labels that wanted to get involved in the band.&quot; As a result, Daft Punk became Virgin customers. The album &quot;Homework&quot;, where the guys mixed techno, house and disco in equal proportions, went so well that even in the USA it became &quot;gold&quot;, and Daft Punk turned into trendsetters, setting an example for everyone. Neither the wave of French house, nor the success of Miss Kittin and Vitalic, nor the emergence of Justice would have been possible if Daft Punk had not paved the way for them.
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<p>Tim Bergling is a Swedish DJ and music producer best known by his stage name Avicii. He also used the pseudonyms Tim Berg and Tom Hangs. Avici rose to fame in 2010 with the singles &quot;My Feelings for You&quot;, &quot;Seek Bromance&quot;, &quot;Blessed&quot; and &quot;Levels&quot;. According to Forbes magazine, in 2013, he was one of the ten highest paid DJs in the world with an annual income of $ 20 million.</p>
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