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<p>Martina Stoessel is an Argentine singer, actress and aspiring model, better known for her leading role in the TV series Violetta.<br /> In 2015 she began working under the Hollywood Records label and this made her the first Argentinean woman to sign a contract with an American label.<br /> On April 29, 2016, Stoessel released his debut album &quot;TINI&quot;.</p>
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Gorchitza is a musical duet in the popular “girl and programmer” format, which became popular with lightning speed first in Ukraine, and later in Europe. Listeners who prefer quality in music are attracted by the modern European sound and bright English-speaking vocals. The project was created by the talented arranger and composer Alexei Gorchitza (Crimea, Kerch) and the vocalist Allois from Kiev. In August, the group performed for the first time in front of the Russian public at the Lounge Fest with a 50-minute program, preceding the performance of Morcheeba&#39;s lead singer, Sky Edwards. Despite the fact that usually &quot;warming up&quot; compositions are most often perceived by the public negatively and barely carry their feet off the stage, dodging beer glasses and rotten tomatoes, Gorchitza was greeted by the people very well. Many note that this stylish, timely project with high-quality fresh sound and strong lyrics from the first notes managed to create a sense of quality work in the listeners. this opinion was supported by the concept videos of the group “Call It A Dream” and “Final Cut”, which soon appeared on the air of Russian music channels.
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<p>Alexey Poddubny was born on January 8, 1969 in Kiev. As a child, he learned to play the accordion, guitar, keyboard. In the army, he played the French horn, being a member of a brass band. Actually, he also began composing at a very young age.</p><p> Alexey was a member of many bands: Cool Before Drinking, Jolly Jail, The Plunge.</p><p> But in 2004 he creates a group himself, uniting Alexey German (keyboards, trumpet), Vladimir Pismenny (guitar), Sergey Goray (bass guitar) and Alexander Okremov (drums) under the pseudonym Django, which he invented while in the army.</p>
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<p>Adam Lambert (January 29, 1982) is one of the few mainstream performers who openly inform the public about his &quot;rainbow&quot; orientation. Adam began performing on stage at the age of ten. As an actor, throughout his studies he took part in various school performances. And the young artist got his first singing experience when he played in an amateur production of Arthur Sullivan&#39;s American opera &quot;The Pirates of Penzance&quot;. Later, Adam began to sing in the school group MC Jazz. Even then, he was the pride of the entire school, and the girls referred to him as &quot;Sweetie&quot; (&quot;sweet&quot;) ..</p>
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In just a few years of its existence, TOKiO managed to appear on the stage of one of the largest festivals in our country &quot;Maxidrom&quot;, act as special guests at the Blur concert, organize their first solo concert, which was a stunning success, record their debut disc and gather their army fans - albeit not very numerous, but this is just the beginning. Each of the current TOKiO members has a lot of musical experience behind them. The band&#39;s vocalist Yaroslav Maly is not only a professional musician, but also a conductor, one of the organizers of the international festival of electronic music Ravedubrovski and, along with Gosha Kutsenko, the ideological inspirer of the Dangerous Liaisons project. Bass guitarist Demyan Kurchenko succeeded not only in theatrical art, but also in writing music for a wide variety of films. More recently, TOKiO has drummer Roman Titenstein. The talent and predisposition to participate in the above-mentioned ensemble were noticed in it a year and a half ago, when everything was just beginning for TOKiO. And now, after exhausting rehearsals and work on himself at home, Roma has become a full member of the team.
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The owner of a pleasant appearance and a multi-octave voice &quot;shot&quot; into the charts with his first single. The song &quot;Relax Take It Easy&quot; had that wonderful effect that as soon as you hear it once, you get the feeling that you have known it all your life, and as you know, this is exactly what real pop hits are like. The song, at the same time, became one of the first swallows to take off in the charts, not only and not so much due to CD sales, but due to paid downloads. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that Mika studied vocals in the class of opera singer Alla Alaberdyeva, studied Chinese for nine years and has remarkable artistic talents (a couple of times he mentioned that he was going to quit his musical career for animation), in general, he was a bright and extraordinary character, which has long been the British pop scene was waiting.
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<p>American rock musician, vocalist, songwriter. Cooper was one of the first shock rockers and became, according to the All Music Guide, the king of this genre, with his pioneering work, radically expanding the scope of ideas about the stage capabilities of a rock artist.</p>
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Moby bears little resemblance to a pop star. A bespectacled intellectual, preoccupied with political issues, a consistent vegetarian, and finally, the owner is far from Apollo&#39;s appearance. However, his records are sold better than the discs of other boy bands. In his youth, Moby listened to Joy Division and played punk, later became interested in electronics and released a whole series of techno records under various names. The pseudonym Moby (this nickname Richard received in honor of the book &quot;Moby Dick&quot;, the author of which, Herman Melville, is a great-nephew) appeared in 1991. His single &quot;Go&quot;, based on samples of the theme from the movie &quot;Twin Peaks&quot;, hit the top ten of the UK charts, and Moby himself - on the program &quot;Top Of The Pops&quot;, but the life of the pop star Moby was not very attractive. He continued to make music for his own pleasure, recording rave, punk, and ambient. Sometimes, as in the case of Everything Is Wrong, his creations were a commercial success, sometimes, like the Animal Rights album, they failed miserably.
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From the very beginning of their careers, U2 positioned themselves as a highly social group aimed at working with a progressive sound. Having relied on creating vivid concert images, U2 quickly became one of the most popular Irish bands, and Bono was recognized as one of the best vocalists and showmen of rock in the 80s. At the forefront of music, U2 collaborated heavily with producer Brian Eno, and the albums The Unforgettable Fire and the subsequent The Joshua Tree took the band from the talent camp to the classics of world rock. U2&#39;s performance was recognized as one of the best performances on a par with Queen&#39;s phenomenal set at the grandiose concert to help the starving Ngarods of Africa Live Aid. In the midst of the performance, Bono jumped from the stage into the audience and began to dance with one of the fans, thereby demonstrating all his nepotism and closeness to the fans.
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<p>Her career began with a meteoric rise. The energetic and sensual voice combined with accordion notes and arrangements by Edward Maya earned the track &quot;Stereo Love&quot; platinum sales worldwide and the subsequent gold for the single &quot;Latin Moon&quot;.</p>
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<p>Singer Eve, who has honed her skills since childhood, has achieved success not only in music. She launched her own clothing line &quot;Fetish&quot;, and was also the heroine of her own show dedicated to her and lasted for three seasons.</p><p> Eve Jihan Jeffers was born in Pennsylvania and began singing already at school, becoming a member of the EDGP group, as her interest in music grows, she performs in a choir, solo, or in groups (for example, she sang in DGP) , and a little later joined the rap project &quot;ABC&quot;. However, the team soon broke up, and she began to work under the pseudonym Eve of Destruction. It is interesting that all this vigorous activity developed when she was still in school, so she barely managed to graduate.</p>
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The BiS group belongs to that happy minority of Star Factory graduates who, after the end of the television phase of the project, remained under the tutelage of a kind producer. Bikbaev and Sokolovsky met in 2007 at the seventh (and to date, the last) &quot;Factory&quot; under the strict guidance of Konstantin Meladze, who, to the delight of the teenagers, decided to combine two pretty blondes together. Vlad Sokolovsky had such a career from birth: he is the son of Andrei Sokolovsky, the leader of the little-known boy band “IKS-Mission”, the abbreviation of which stands for “Art. Culture. Sport&quot;. Dima Bikbaev made his way on his own - at the age of 15 he moved from Ussuriisk to conquer the capital and on the way to the &quot;Factory&quot; he managed to work in the Luna Theater.
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<p>Iggy Azalea is a rapper and songwriter from Australia. Her father was an artist and her mother was a real estate agent. Azalea started rapping at age 14. Before starting her solo career, Iggy Azalea formed a group with two other girls from her neighborhood, but after a while she decided to leave the group. In 2011, Iggy started uploading her freestyle videos to the internet. Her popularity began to grow exponentially when her first official music video, &quot;Pu $$ y&quot;, was uploaded to the site. On September 27, 2011, Azalea released her first project, a mixtape titled &quot;Ignorant Art&quot;.<br /><br /></p>
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<p>Alexandra Stan (born Alexandra Stan, born June 10, 1989, Constanta, CPP) is a Romanian singer.</p>
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<p>July 20, 1984 in Rostov-on-Don was born &quot;Shark&quot; - Oksana Aleksandrovna Pochepa.</p><p> She began to sing from childhood and constantly participated in music competitions.</p><p> At the insistence of her father, Oksana entered the music school. Rimsky-Korsakov.</p><p> She took part in 1997-1998 in the projects &quot;Youngster&quot; and &quot;Youth against drugs&quot;.</p><p> Sergei Zhukov invites Oksana to Moscow in 2000 and, thanks to their joint efforts, “Shark” appears. And already in 2001 her first album &quot;Acid DJ&quot; was released with which the girl went on tour.</p>
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The main quality of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is the ability to feel the spirit of the times and remain relevant at every moment, now and then running ahead of the musical locomotive of history. It was this flair that eventually led the daughter of poor provincial immigrants from Italy and Canada to the title of the main pop star of the turn of the century and the most successful woman in the music world. In the eighties, Madonna looked quite organically in the image of a disco diva: she performed unpretentious, but affectionate and well-arranged dancers and gradually shocked the audience with an image that was too sexy by the standards of those times. And although many rightly noted that the singer&#39;s choreographic training is much ahead of her vocal training, those who happened to work with Madonna (and the “best people” of the disco era like Nile Rodgers and Shep Pettibone often worked on her records) they have always noted her hard work, desire to develop and sobriety of mind: &quot;When communicating with Madonna, it is impossible to get rid of the feeling that in front of you is not a pop star, but a successful business woman.&quot;
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Akon is one of the undisputed lucky ones of modern pop music: fate could more than once bring the singer to the brink of disaster, but Akon always found the only correct way out of a difficult situation. Well, or almost always. He was born into the family of jazz musician Mor Thiam, and in early childhood he was sent to his historical homeland - Senegal, where he spent his childhood. However, the father tried to raise his son, taught him to play musical instruments and sometimes took the baby with him on tour. Therefore, when the Tiam family finally decided to move to the United States, fifteen-year-old Akon already understood what was happening in American realities.
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<p>Disturbed is an alternative metal rock band. Formed in Chicago, Illinois by musicians Dan Donigan, Steve Kmack, Mike Vengren and David Draiman. Since forming the group, they have sold over 13 million album copies worldwide and released five studio albums, making them one of the most successful rock bands in recent years.</p>
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