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<p>HIM is one of the most successful Finnish rock bands, formed in 1991 by vocalist Ville Valo, guitarist Mikko Lindström and bassist Mikko Paananen.</p><p> The band first performed cover versions of the songs &quot;Black Sabbath&quot; and &quot;Kiss&quot;. Only in the mid-90s Valo began to compose his own material.</p><p> The band&#39;s debut was the 1995 mini-album &quot;This is Only the Beginning&quot;.</p><p> The following summer, HIM recorded the single 666 Ways To Love: Prologue, and in 1997 released their debut album Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666 &quot;. But the band became widely known for the cover version of Chris Isaac&#39;s &quot;Wicked Game&quot; performed by &quot;HIM&quot;.</p><p> The group released their second album &quot;Razorblade Romance&quot; in 1999, and it became really successful, hitting the top lines of the German charts.</p>
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<p><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">Finnish pop group originated in the Finnish Popstars competition. Consists of two vocalists (Paula Vesala and Mira Luoti, who are the core of the group) and three musicians. The group was formed in Helsinki at the end of 2002. The lyrics were written by the vocalists of the group, and the music by Yori Sjeroos, the producer of the group. Absolutely all RMMP songs are written in Finnish.</span></p>
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<p>&quot;Lavica&quot; is the pulse of DJ scratches, the beat of the ethnic heart and the blood of living and real feelings. They do not recognize show business standards and do not limit their creative energy to musical styles. And thanks to the reliable professional support of their producer Andrey Pasichnyk - the founder of the largest Ukrainian music label MOON Records and co-producer of the &quot;Hot Chocolate&quot; group, they give listeners a fresh sound and a vivid mix of pop music sensuality, fiery dance rhythms, positive reggae vibrations and endless variations of musical ideas and moods!</p>
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<p>Russian-German musician, DJ and producer. Winner of the Grammy Award (2014) of the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for Best Dance Recording for the song &quot;Clarity&quot;, performed in collaboration with British singer Foxes</p>
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<p>Vyacheslav Bykov (real name - Vyacheslav Anatolyevich Bykov; born January 1, 1970, Novosibirsk) - Russian musician, singer, songwriter. Known as the author and performer of legendary hits like: My beloved, My girl, I will call you a cloud. Awarded a personal prize from Alla Pugacheva: Best Song of the Year. Laureate of festivals: Song of the Year 1998, Song of the Year 2008. Laureate of the song festival New songs about the main thing 2006. &quot;Radio Chanson&quot;: &quot;Best New Year&#39;s song&quot;. The artist&#39;s repertoire includes songs: lyric, dance, rock.</p>
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Alyosha Dixon began her career in the pop group Mis-Teeq, but when the group disbanded in 2005, the singer continued to write songs and successfully continued her stage activity as a solo performer. Her first albums &quot;Fired Up&quot; (released only in Japan due to problems with the Polydor label) and &quot;The Alesha Show&quot; contained songs that instantly became hits on European radio stations. In addition to music, Alyosha takes an active life position, helping the peoples of Africa, and also performing the function of a Goodwill Ambassador. it is the singer&#39;s social activities that have recently distracted her from creativity, but in 2010 a new solo work of the singer is planned.
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<p>Björk is an iconic Icelandic singer, musician and actress. He is also the laureate of many music awards and the owner of the Palm Branch of the Cannes Film Festival.</p><p> Bjork has been singing since the age of 11. She participated in several musical groups, but in the end she decided to sing solo. The singer released her solo album in 1993 and gave it the name &quot;Debut&quot;, he gave her world fame and the opportunity to work with other famous musicians. Some of the songs from this disc were written by Bjork as a teenager.</p>
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<p>The leader of the Soviet-Russian group &quot;Bakhyt-kompot&quot; is Vadim Stepantsov, who was born in 1960 in the Tula region. It may surprise many that he graduated from the 3 courses of the Moscow Technological Institute of the Meat and Dairy Industry, as well as with honors from the Literary Institute. M. Gorky.</p>
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The bassist and guitarist of the future Blink-182 met in 1992 at the initiative of the guitarist&#39;s sister Mark Hoppus. Soon, the guys decided that they needed to make a full-fledged band, invited drummer Scott Raynor, and began to actively rehearse - until the moment when Mark&#39;s girlfriend declared &quot;either the band or me.&quot; Mark hung his nose and went to the girl, but bassist Tom DeLonge told him that he &quot;took to drive&quot; a four-track tape recorder and was already writing a demo with the drummer. The girlfriend was abandoned, and the musicians continued with rehearsals called Blink. Under the same name, they recorded their first studio album, Buddha, which was released on cassette in 1993.
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<p>David was born on August 25, 1968 in France, in addition to him, there were seven more children in the family, and one mother raised them. Since childhood, he became interested in music, especially electronic. His favorite performers at the time were Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre.</p><p> Later he moved to Paris and started playing in one of the nightclubs.</p><p> The single &quot;Love To Love You Baby&quot;, featuring Donna Summer, was his first hit in 2006. The second single is &quot;Unidos Para La Musica&quot;.</p>
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Gabriella Chilmi was born in 1991 in the suburbs of the Australian city of Melbourne, in a family of immigrants from Italy. Already at an early age, the girl began to take an interest in music, and her favorite bands and performers were already &quot;not fashionable&quot; for a long time, but from this no less great T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens and others. Among rock singers, Gabriella was especially impressed by Suzi Quatro and Janis Joplin. Although the girl had a clear vocal gift, relatives told Gabriella that she could not be a singer. Despite this, Chilmi did not stop her musical activity and as a result, at the age of 13, in 2004, she was noticed by an employee of Warner Music - he heard Gabriella performing the Rolling Stones song &quot;Jumping Jack Flash&quot; at a street festival. Shortly thereafter, Gabriella visited the United States and Britain to sign a contract to record her own material. The girl had to consider several offers, and in the end she made a deal with Island Records.
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<p>Success came to the group immediately after it had thought of correctly presenting its zest - the low voice of the soloist Irina Zabiyaka. The first hit &quot;Summer&quot; was launched in 2006 almost anonymously: no data, except for the name of the project, were reported to the public. The song was already being sung with might and main, but the intrigue of who sings it - a man or a woman - remained. Some even saw in &quot;Chi-Li&quot; the reincarnation of Organic Lady, a half-forgotten singer of the 90s with very low vocals. The question remained until the presentation of the debut album &quot;Crime&quot;, where guests were shown a striptease to the songs from the disc, then several dummy soloists were released, and only then the real vocalist Irina Zabiyaka was presented.</p>
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A fabulously wealthy man (worth more than $ 30 billion), husband of the first R&amp;B diva Beyonce and former staffing director of the Def Jam label, Jay-Z is one of the leading figures in hip-hop today, he is also often called &quot;The greatest of MC&quot;. His youth was &quot;stormy and interesting&quot;: for example, at the age of 12, Sean wounded his brother with a pistol, who stole his bracelets, rings and other tsatski from him; in addition, the rapper confessed that he was a young man selling cocaine and crack on the streets. Jay-Z went to school with Busta Rhymes and Notorious BIG, and of course started writing and reading early. Rap.
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<p>The official date of the creation of the &quot;Dances minus&quot; group is April 1, 1993. However, there is evidence that Vyacheslav Petkun went on stage with the musicians under this name on May 8, 1994 in St. Petersburg. And already next year the group moved to Moscow, where it actively performs with concerts.</p><p> The musicians of the two capitals, led by the soloist, released their debut album in 1998, called the disc &quot;10 drops&quot;.</p><p> The song &quot;City&quot; brought significant success to the group, namely its release in 1999 in the album &quot;Collection of completely different music U1&quot;. &quot;Dances Minus&quot; shoot the first videos for the songs &quot;City&quot; and &quot;Flowers are Blooming&quot;.</p>
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Percussionists Uffe Saveri and Morten Friis were educated at the Danish Royal Conservatory, and, while still students, formed a duet, unpretentiously composing the name from the first letters of their names. At first, Uffe and Morten did not even dream of a career as a pop artist, recording their own interpretations of works by Johann Sebastian Bach (JS Bach), Frederic Chopin (Frederic Chopin), Bela Bartok and Steve Reich on marimbas and vibraphones. However, in 2000, their work unexpectedly caught the attention of DJ and producer Michael Parsberg. As a result, the track &quot;The Bongo Song&quot; was born, which immediately became a hit on radio stations and TV channels. The highlight of the new reincarnation of Safri Duo is the combination of expressive Afro-Asian drums with a frivolous club sound.
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Bobby was born in 1950 to opera singers Robert McFerrin, Sr., the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and Sara Cooper. It&#39;s no wonder that, being raised by such parents, Bobby became one of the most talented vocalists of our time. His vocal technique includes the skills to quickly switch between regular register and falsetto, he is a master of vocal polyphony and throat singing, and also uses the percussion capabilities of his vocal apparatus and body. Bobby often sings a-cappella and recorded the whole jazz album The Voice (1984), all parts on which he performed himself without an orchestra and without overdubbing.
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The recognized king of pop music (The King of Pop), the largest representative of the world of show business. Unprecedented record holder: leader in number of solo album sales, hits recorded and awards received, including the most prestigious - the Grammy, the industry&#39;s main newsmaker for decades. The musician who radically changed the course of the history of the recording industry, developed music video to the level of an independent genre, became the brightest star in the history of pop music, lasted exactly four decades on the professional scene.
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<p>American rock musician, vocalist, songwriter. Cooper was one of the first shock rockers and became, according to the All Music Guide, the king of this genre, with his pioneering work, radically expanding the scope of ideas about the stage capabilities of a rock artist.</p>
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