Legal aspects of using the service

By using this service in any way, the user thereby agrees with the following rules for using the service.

1. The content of the service in the form of any content, including video clips, information, photo and video materials, etc. is the intellectual property of the administrator of the service or other third parties and is provided to users solely for personal non-commercial use.

2. Any distribution or commercial use of the content is allowed only in the form or methods expressly permitted by the administrator of the service.

3. The use of the content in any other way, not expressly permitted or functionally not provided, without the prior written consent of the administrator of the service is strictly prohibited.

4. The user can post comments, rate clips, create channels, write messages to other users. The user is responsible for the compliance of the user's actions within the framework of the service with legislation or these rules.

5. By posting comments or carrying out other communication within the service, the user undertakes not to violate intellectual rights, not to post obscene, offensive, defamatory or defamatory comments, information containing extremist materials that violate other intangible rights of individuals and legal entities or other applicable legislation.

6. The user undertakes not to post advertising information within the service, and also undertakes not to attempt to overcome the restrictions set by the administrator, including restrictions on the possibility of copying content units and restrictions on the territory of access, or to try to take other actions not expressly permitted by the administrator of the service.

7. The service administrator does not perform preliminary editing or other moderation of comments, ratings and messages of users.

8. The posting of comments, messages, ratings by users and other communication of users within the service is carried out by users at their own discretion and such communication cannot be considered as reflecting the position of the service administrator.

9. In the event that the administrator of the service, at his discretion or on the basis of messages, letters, requests from third parties, decides that the user's actions within the service violate the established rules, the administrator of the service can delete the corresponding comments, ratings or messages of the user, as well as, in the event applicability, user account.

10. Taking into account that in relation to individual pieces of content, the copyright holder can establish restrictions on the distribution and use within the service, the administrator of the service does not guarantee constant, both in time and across the territory, access of users to all pieces of content. Accordingly, some pieces of content may be inaccessible to a user located in a territory within which the display of a piece of content is limited by the copyright holder, or a piece of content may cease to be displayed in the user's channel, since the period of use of a piece of content within the service has ended.

11. In the process of providing the service, in order to improve the service, the service administrator may unilaterally and at his own discretion make changes to the content of user rights and to the rules for using the service.

12. The law applicable to the relationship between the parties in the provision of the service is the substantive and procedural law of Russia. The place of dispute resolution is the Moscow Arbitration Court in case of a dispute with a legal entity or a district court at the location of the service administrator in case of a dispute with an individual.

13. Any person who reasonably believes that the content of the service violates his rights and legitimate interests has the right to contact the administrator of the service at, who undertakes to take all necessary and possible actions to resolve the dispute. When contacting the administrator of the service, it is necessary to reasonably justify the subject of the appeal and submit supporting documents.

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