Smash, Полина Гагарина, Егор Крид - Команда 2018

Project #LIVE, together with Smash, Yegor Creed and Polina Gagarina recorded the song “Team 2018” dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and shot a music video.Текст песни:

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Smash – <p>Russian DJs are mostly stewed in the club subculture - only a few of them make their way to pop stars. In the 90s, this was Groove, in the &quot;zero&quot; Smash came forward, who added the ability to mix the actual foreign with the talent of composing his own. A DJ writing dance hits with his own hand is still a rarity on the Russian stage. Therefore, Smash became widely known, despite its not very stellar appearance. Andrey Shirman was born on May 23, 1982 in Perm. At 18 he moved to Moscow, where he worked as a resident in several nightclubs. At first, he composed his sets of topical house compositions, diluted with adaptations of Soviet pop hits (&quot;Margarita&quot;, &quot;Flying Gait&quot; etc.), no wonder characterizing his style as a retro house. This earned him the title of Best DJ of 2006. Then compositions of our own production appeared in the repertoire. The track &quot;Moscow Never Sleeps&quot; in 2007 became a hit on the dance floor of the &quot;Diaghilev Project&quot; club, but quickly left the establishment and took on a life of its own.</p> – Смэш смеш DJ Smash
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Егор Крид – <p>KReeD - Yegor Bulatkin, a young popular lyricist, musician from Moscow. Participant and winner of many Hip-Hop festivals and Battles. Many people confuse him with a Hip-Hop performer, but this is a bit different, Hip-Hop is divided into a large number of genres and styles. Egor performs in the &quot;Lyrics&quot; style. Was born on June 25, 1994 in the Russian city of Penza. For those who are wondering how old is Yegor Bulatkin - we answer: June 25, 2014 Yegor turned 20 years old.<br /><br /> He writes songs to his tracks independently. He recorded his first track back in 2005, at the age of 11, the song &quot;Amnesia&quot; was called, already at that time Yegor wrote the lyrics for his first song. Probably, the creative atmosphere of Yegor&#39;s family played an important role in his life. So KReeD from early childhood showed not a small interest in music, and his favorite toy was drum sticks.<br /><br /> At the moment he is professionally engaged in music.<br /><br /> Tracks performed together can be heard with such performers as: Bahh-Tee, Dima Kartashov, Polina Bulatkina and many others. Most of the videos were filmed in his hometown - Penza. Egor speaks openly about his creative plans in music, as for the topic of his personal life, he prefers not to touch it.<br /><br /> In 2013 Timati becomes the producer of Creed.<br /><br /> KReeD has already started recording its new musical material at the studio under the direction of Timati.</p> –
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Project #LIVE, together with Smash, Yegor Creed and Polina Gagarina recorded the song “Team 2018” dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and shot a music video.


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