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Musician, Singer
Real name: Андрей Леонидович Ширман (Andrey Leonidovich Shirman)
Country: Russia
Carier start: 1999
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Russian pop  Rap  Electronic 
Andrey Shirman, known not only in Russia, but also in Europe and the USA as DJ Smash, was born in 1982 in Perm. Parents instilled love for high-quality music in the future star. Which is not surprising: Andrey's father is a jazz musician, music teacher, head of youth organizations and musical groups. Mom is a professor of music, choirmaster, honored cultural worker, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. When Andrei was 6 years old, he began to attend a music school in the piano class.
The fact that Andrey was going to be successful in the music field became clear almost immediately: at the age of 8 he started writing music, and at the age of 14 he already released his first album “Get funky”, which sold 500 cassettes. The record ended up on the table of the director of the most popular Perm club "Apocalypse", and Andrey Shirman turned into Dj Smash. According to the artist, he chose the pseudonym for a reason: “smash” is his favorite hit in tennis.
At the age of 16, Dj Smash created the composition "Between Heaven and Earth", which was a resounding success with the public. And Andrey began to think about conquering the capital.
At the age of 18, Andrei moved to Moscow and for four years worked as an arranger at the Depo judge. The young musician spends this time with benefit: he not only acquires the necessary knowledge and experience, but also makes the necessary acquaintances.
In 2003 Dj Smash began to play in the cult club Shambala, where his talent was noticed by one of the founders of the Moscow club life - Alexey Gorobiy. In 2004, Andrey became a resident of the Zima Project fashion project.
2004-2005 become iconic in the club culture of the capital, because during this period it was Dj Smash that created a fundamentally new format of nightclubs, opening the fashionable direction “retro house”. Until this moment, Russian-language compositions were not played in clubs at all. The culmination was a remix of Yuri Antonov's song "I Remember".
For this in 2006, Dj Smash was awarded the most prestigious Night Life Awards as the best DJ, thereby becoming the youngest winner in the history of this award (then he was 23 years old).
In 2007 his national hit "Moscow Never Sleeps" was released. First, the song got into the playlist of the Dägilev club, and then into the hot rotation of all Moscow radio stations.
In 2008 Dj Smash released his first full-length album "IDDQD", which went platinum. It includes the tracks "Best Songs", "I Am Wave", "Airplane" which have already sounded all over the country.
In 2008, at the MTV Russia Music Awards, Dj Smash received two awards at once, winning the prestigious Debut of the Year and Best Dance Album nominations.
In 2009 Dj Smash received the prestigious Golden Gramophone award, and in December he became a full participant and laureate of the Song of the Year festival, where he was represented by the legendary Alla Pugacheva.
Since 2010, Dj Smash begins to conquer European musical spaces: he becomes a resident of the legendary clubs MOVIDA / LONDON and VIP ROOM (St. Tropez). In addition, an English version of “Moscow Never Sleeps” is released in Europe, recorded together with the world famous Alex Gaudino.
In 2011, the album "23" was released, which included the tracks "Bird", "It is possible without words", "From Russia With Love".
2012 is a whirlwind of events sweeping through the creative life of Andrey Shirman: in the center of Moscow he opens the Boom Boom Room restaurant project, creates his own musical group SMASH LIVE, releases the singles "Rendez-Vous", "Moscow" (joint work with the Vintage group), and also "Love at a Distance" - a duet with the sex symbol of the Russian scene Vera Brezhneva. Moreover: Andrey signed a contract with one of the most authoritative producer labels Velvet Music, whose first joint "brainchild" will be the forthcoming album "New World". And, as you know, a talented person is talented in everything: Andrey Shirman took part in the filming of the New Year's fairy tale "12 Months". The answer to the question "who became the author of the title track for this film" does not require much thought. Of course, Dj SMASH!
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2014-09-16 20:47:25 Megaherz
Он самый клевый диджей!!!! Я его просто обожаю!!!!!!!
2014-07-16 14:13:53 Добрыня Уразов
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я не понял а где клип Rapchture
2014-06-09 23:53:44 Вика Смит
DJ Smash самый лутший. Я его обожаю
2014-01-10 21:33:17 Anna2995
он крутой диджей
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