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Swedish hitmaker Arash teamed up with American legendary rapper Snoop Dogg to present an incendiary track and colorful music video titled “OMG”. The song was Текст песни:

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Snoop Dogg – <p>One of the most famous rappers on the planet was born in Long Beach, California. His father - Vernell Varnado, a Vietnam War veteran, singer, musician and postman - left his family when his son was only three months old. The baby&#39;s mother, Beverly Tate, very soon married Calvin Cordozar Broadus and named her son after him (with the prefix &quot;junior&quot;).</p><p> When Calvin was still young, his grandparents nicknamed him Snoopy after a cartoon dog (for his physical resemblance). Translated from English, snoop means &quot;a man prying his nose into other things.&quot;</p><p> In 1993 Snoop Dogg released his first album &quot;Doggystyle&quot;, which became one of the most anticipated releases of the year. More than 1.5 million pre-orders have been placed prior to the record&#39;s release. &quot;Doggystyle&quot; collected a mountain of positive reviews from music critics, the singles from the album instantly took off to the first places of all US charts.</p><p> Snoop Dogg made &quot;gangsta rap&quot; one of the most popular musical styles in America. In the summer of 1995, he founded his own recording studio, Doggy Style Records.</p><p> Over the years of his career, the rapper has worked under different pseudonyms (Snoop Doggy Dogg, Bigg Snoop Dogg, Niggaracci, Snoop DO Double G, Da Bigg Boss Dogg). His permanent stage name - Snoop Dogg - appeared in 1998.</p><p> In parallel with his musical career, Snoop Dogg works in film and television. In 2000, he directed and starred in the pornographic film Snoop Dogg&#39;s Doggystyle, and in 2002 the film Snoop Dogg&#39;s Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp was released. He has also launched several television shows, and in 2005 founded his own film company, Snoopadelic Films.</p><p> In addition to television, music and film activities, Snoop Dogg does many other things. For example, he is the coach of the Pomona Steelers youth soccer team, which his son plays for. The rapper makes at least $ 15 million annually selling clothes, shoes, games, food, drinks, toys, porn films, headphones and sports equipment with his name and image.</p><p> Snoop Dogg had problems with the law more than once (for possession and use of marijuana, possession of weapons). In 1996, he was arrested during an MTV ceremony: the rapper was suspected of murdering outlaw Philip Voldemarium. Soon all charges were dropped from Snoop Dogg: it turned out that Philip was killed by the rapper&#39;s bodyguard in self-defense.</p><p> In 1997, Snoop Dogg married his high school friend Shant Taylor. In 2004, the couple divorced due to &quot;irreconcilable differences&quot;, but in January 2008 they got married again. They have sons Cord and Cordell and a daughter, Cory.</p> – Снуп Дог snoop dog snup snop
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Arash – Arash was born in Iran, but his great-grandfather was from Azerbaijan. Therefore, the musician himself admits that in his soul, and, therefore, in his work, a variety of cultures are intertwined. To build a career, he decided to cross from east to west, to Sweden. There, Arash began writing music for Swedish and Indian films, and then, in 2004, his single &quot;Boro Boro&quot; hit the charts and topped them. So the long-awaited glory comes to Arash. He instantly becomes popular at discos in Europe, his songs are snapped up and even get on the Eurovision Song Contest (his duet with Aysel Teimuradze takes third place in the 2009 competition). In addition, he begins to record remixes, including even for Russian groups and performers. And Arash&#39;s performances at the Olympic sports complex in Moscow attract 40,000 spectators, a record for the singer. – араш
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Swedish hitmaker Arash teamed up with American legendary rapper Snoop Dogg to present an incendiary track and colorful music video titled “OMG”.
The song was written and produced by Arash in collaboration with Alex P, Robert Uhlmann, Viktor Svensson.

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