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Katy Perry

Musician, Songstress
Real name: Кэтрин Элизабет Хадсон (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson)
Carier start: 2001
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Electronic  Pop-rock  Authors  Other 

Katy Perry released her first disc, Katy Hudson, under her real name Katy Hudson. Later, the singer took her mother's maiden name - to avoid the similarity in name with the actress Kate Hudson. Katy Perry is an American pop singer and songwriter. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. It was under this name - Katie Hudson - that the singer released her first album "Katy Hudson". Later, the singer took her mother's maiden name - to avoid the similarity in name with the actress Kate Hudson.

Born in Santa Barbara into a family of pastors, Katie was not allowed to listen to music, which her mother called "mundane," in her early years, which did not prevent the girl from secretly listening to her older sister's tapes and dancing. For some time, Katie studied Italian opera at the Santa Barbara Academy of Music. At the age of 15, Katie began taking singing lessons and learned the basics of music from local country veterans; the aspiring singer was signed by the Christian label Red Hill.

From the cover of her solo album, Katie Hudson looks with a sinless blue eye. 11 songs "Katy Hudson" - emotional girlish gospel with a clear touch of rock - not so bad material, although the album went completely unnoticed. After the release of her debut album, Katie changed her name and went to conquer Los Angeles. The first attempt was unsuccessful: a contract with Columbia Records brought her a long-term collaboration with the production group The Matrix, but the album was never released.

The all-out reboot that spawned Katy Perry the way millions have recognized her - with her pin-up looks, flowery dresses and hooligan songs - came after signing with Capitol Records, which included a mandatory re-image clause. The career of a former orthodox Christian woman began to be built on the principle of scandalousness. The first video that the singer was supposed to present was for the song "Ur So Gay", as a result of which the singer was accused of homophobia and at the same time got Madonna as a fan. Perry's first single was "I Kissed A Gir", a powerful electropop with guitars that has been heavily featured in every possible broadcast. For him, the singer, in turn, was attacked by the previously sympathetic Christian media and was accused of exploiting lesbian topics. Needless to say, Perry is not a lesbian, but the owner of an excellent PR company.

Among the singer's latest highlights is the song “If We Ever Meet Again” with Timbaland, which appeared on his album “Shock Value II”. Now the singer is working on her new album, inspired by The Cardigans and Madonna, where she promises to present the same energetic girlish pop-rock. Flashed in episodes of a couple of TV series, Perry in 2011 will appear in the film about the blue gnomes "The Smurfs" as Smurfette.


Virgin music awards
2008 - Best Track
ESKA Music Awards
2009 —Best Foreign Album of the Year
BRIT Awards
2009 - Best Foreign Singer
Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica
2009 - Best Ringtone
MTV Europe Music Awards
2009 - Best New Performance
MTV Australian Music Awards
2009 - Best New Artist
MTV Video Music Awards Japan
2009 - Best Video Artist
NRJ Music Awards
2009 - Best Foreign Album of the Year
People's Choice Awards
2009 - Favorite pop song
Teen music
2009 - Best New Musician
Glamor Women of the Year Awards
2009 - Rookie of the Year

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