Кайза Рэй Эллестад (англ. Kiesa Rae Ellestad) Like
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Real name: Кайза Рэй Эллестад (англ. Kiesa Rae Ellestad)
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Electronic  Relax  OST  Other 

Kaisa was born and raised in Calgary. Her paternal grandfather is from the Norwegian city of Fagernes, her surname Ellestad is also Norwegian.

The girl took part in Young Canadians and danced tap and jazz dances, and also performed in the theater. In addition, Kaisa tried herself as a ballerina. However, a knee injury ended her ballet career at the age of 15. The singer said that when she was 18, her parents' divorce forced her to write her first song as a way to express her feelings. In the same year, she heard that her song was played on the radio.

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2015-01-10 09:38:58 ♕Эсми♕
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Слышала Кейза
2014-09-09 16:07:58 kittiket
Кто знает как правильно читать имя Кайза или Киеза?
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