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Jay Sean

Musician, Singer, Producer
Real name: Камалджит Синг Джхути (Kamaljit Singh Jhoot)
Country: Great Britain
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Rap  R&B 
Jay Sean was born in London to Punjabi immigrants sometime between 1979 and 1983 (exact date of birth unknown). His musical career began at the age of 11 under the nickname Nicky J. After leaving school in 1997, he studied medicine and biology, but in 2003 chose a career as a professional artist. His first band was called Rishi Rich Project - with them he recorded the song "Dance With You", which had some success in the UK charts; Jay Sean soon signed a £ 1 million deal with Virgin Records. In 2004, the first album, "Me Against Myself", was released, earning Jay critical praise for his skillful and innovative blend of hip-hop, r & b and Indian music trends. Album sales in Britain exceeded 100 thousand copies, but Jay expected much more success in India and Asia, where sales exceeded 2 million.

Remaining signed to Virgin Records, Jay prepared the next 16-track album, which the company was in no hurry to release. Jay eventually canceled his contract with Virgin - he was already rich enough to start his own label, Jayded Records, which released the album "My Own Way" in 2008. An Indo-language version of the album was also released, which became mega-popular in India and Asian countries. In the same year, Jay signed to the American hip-hop label Cash Money Records, the first single for which, "Down", recorded with Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne), became the best-selling British artist's single in North America since "Candle in the Wind "by Elton John. The album that Jay released in America in 2009 is called "All or Nothing".
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