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Сектор Газа – <p>The Gaza Strip is a Soviet and Russian rock group founded on December 5, 1987 in Voronezh by musician, vocalist and songwriter Yuri Klinskikh, better known under the pseudonym Hoy. On June 9, 1988, the first performance of the group in the &quot;electric&quot; line-up took place at the local rock-club at the thermal power station. On it, the group received the Audience Award. However, traditionally, the date of the founding of the group is December 5, 1987, when the first solo performance of Yuri Klinskikh took place with the repertoire (&quot;Kolkhozny punk&quot;, &quot;Drowned man&quot;, &quot;Easter&quot;) of the future &quot;Gaza Strip&quot; in the Voronezh rock club.</p> –
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