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Group "Bi-2" today is one of the most successful and popular rock groups in the country. In 2007 "Bi-2" received one of the most prestigious music awards - MTV Russia Music Awards in the nomination "Best Rock Project", and in 2010 "Bi-2" won the national award "Muz-TV" in the category "Best rock band".

The group "Bi-2" is famous for duets with other Russian performers: "Spleen", "Chicherina", "Brainstorm", "Night Snipers", "Chaif" and others. A significant part of the works recorded by "Bi-2" with the participation of other artists , falls on the project "Odd Warrior", within which three records have already been released.

For several years "Bi-2" has been collaborating with the symphony orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and thanks to such a collaboration, numerous hits of the group appear in a new sound.

From 2000 to the present day, eight numbered albums of the "Bi-2" group have been published. According to the results of the sales of their debut album "Bi-2" won the World Music Awards.

The disc "What Men Talk About", released as a soundtrack to the comedy film of the same name "Quartet I", became one of the best-selling albums according to Billboard magazine. Releasing the album "Spirit" in 2011, "Bi-2" invented and implemented a "trust corporatization system", which excluded the mediation of record labels in the interaction of artists and fans.

Not stopping at what has been achieved, "Bi-2" continues to move forward, boldly demonstrating development within the framework of their own creativity and compliance with the advanced and current Western trends.

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