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Dong Bang Shin Ki first officially debuted at a concert by BoA and Britney Spears in December 2003 (although they had actually performed before). They performed the song Hug from their first single and O Holy Night, performed with BoA.
The first member of DBSK was Sia Junsu. At the age of 12, he entered a television competition for young talent, where the judges were Moon Hee Jun and Kangta. Sia's vocal skills impressed the judges and they chose Junsu and began to professionally train his vocals. Junsu took the pseudonym "Sia" for himself, because the name sounds short like "Asia". He wants to become famous under this name not only in Korea, but all over the world.
The second member of DBSK was Junou Yunho, who got into the group by winning a dance competition. Prior to that, he was backup dancer and rap vocalist for Korean singer Dana. He also accompanied Korean singers to China. He chose the stage name "U-Know" because it sounded like his real name, Yunho. Yunho is the leader of DBSK.
The third member, Hiro Jaejoong, left his hometown of Chuncheonnam-do to audition for SM Entertainment. But before joining the group, he had to experience poverty and hunger, and to pay the rent, he donated blood. The pseudonym "Hero" was chosen due to his Korean pseudonym Yongun, which translates as "hero".
Hiro auditioned in front of a 5,000 audience. He won because his voice was the best, which made him a member of DBSK.
The fourth member of the group, Max Changmin, is the youngest member of DBSK. As with Junsu, his voice impressed the judges very much and they chose him. He joined the group as Chowegan Changmin. Changmin means "best" in Korean, so Changmin chose "Max" for the English version.
Six months before the group's debut, the group was joined by its last, fifth member, Mickey Yoocheon. He lived in Virginia (USA) for 4 years and got into SM Entertainment thanks to his victory in the singing competition, after which he was offered to sign a contract with SM Entertainment. Yoocheon's nickname "Micky" in Hancha (Chinese characters) is 宻 器 - meaning "Hidden Weapon", which symbolizes Mickey's desire to be a hidden weapon in the music industry. Also "Micky" is Yoocheon's name when he lived in Virginia.
Three months after their debut, Dong Bang Shin Ki began to periodically hit # 1 on the Korean music charts. Since then, they have been the No. 1 group in Korea.
DBSK's official fan club is called "Cassiopeia", which is the name of the constellation of 5 stars in the Galaxy, which symbolizes the 5 members of the group.
Although DBSK was originally introduced to listeners as an a cappella group, most of the group's music consists of K-pop and J-pop. Their debut song and single "Hug" were performed in bubblegum pop style, but their next single, "The Way U Are", was performed as a dance / R & B, in which they used stylish outfits and choreographic dance routines. However, the song on their first album, 믿어요 (I Believe…), was a ballad. DBSK ended the year with a Christmas album, which also included an a cappella version of "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring". Since their debut in 2004, the group has shown versatility and versatility in the styles of their songs.
With subsequent releases, they did not deviate from this formula, as their second and third albums had a similar mixture of styles. The singles of the second album, for example, included dance tunes (their first release) and ballads (subsequent ones). The singles for the third album consisted of dance tunes, ballads and pop tunes. The group also made a cappella recordings of tracks for official albums released in Korea and Japan. For the 13th single, released in Japan, DBSK arranged their debut single "Hug" in a cappella style and performed with it on their 2nd Live Tour in Japan.
The music of this group came to the Japanese market from South Korea. As the group's Japanese fans were more mature, DBSK was keen on performing a cappella songs and melodic pop music, rather than heavy and fast tunes that include the stylish outfits and complex choreographic dance routines commonly seen in their hits in South Korea. ...

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