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Country: Great Britain
Carier start: 2000
Genre: Rap 
N-Dubz are some of the best representatives of British hip-hop, praising all the delights of the London suburbs - not only people from Harlem frighten the public with socially oriented lyrics! They are very, very popular: their hit "I Need You" took high places in the UK charts, and six singles hit the UK Top 40. N-Dubz are quite successfully targeting the modern youth audience, actively promoting music on the Internet. But recently they became heroes of the tabloids for a completely different reason: the vocalist Tulisa fell with a high fever during the 2008 tour. The newspapers were full of headlines that the girl was diagnosed with swine flu, but the diagnosis was not confirmed, and N-Dubz got their 15 minutes of world fame. Today the group continues to work actively, not forgetting to scandal - either they quarrel with La Roux, or Dappie will be put on trial, or they will once again be accused of plagiarism. In short, a normal rapper life is at the intersection of scandalousness, crime and bright parties. You need to live high.
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