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Linkin Park - LPTV Episode 8: Projekt Revolution '04

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Linkin Park – The American team Linkin Park serves as the best refutation of the thesis that the time of big stars in show business is gone. Fifty million discs sold all over the world (and this with a discography of only three albums) speaks for themselves. They are often criticized for the fact that their music is, they say, a cynically calculated pop product, but it is impossible not to admit that they are the ones who feel the very "Zeitgeist", that is, the spirit of the times, best of all. Their style can be described as a combination of metal, synth-pop (the guys have repeatedly confessed their love for Depeche Mode), hip-hop and pop music, which is usually played by boy bands. Heavy guitar riffs, electronic drums, scratches, verse recitative and monumental choruses - this is the hit formula that Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and company offer us. – Линкин Парк
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Альбом: LPTV Episode 8: Projekt Revolution '04 [Full Length]

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