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"Kiss" is a rock band from America known for their stage makeup and pyrotechnic effects. Founded in New York in 1973. The total circulation of sold records is over 100 million (for 2010) worldwide.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (former members of Wicked Lester) are the founders of the group. At the performances, the guys experiment with makeup and costumes, shocking the audience as much as possible. Each member came up with their own makeup: Gene became the "Demon", Peter became the "Cat", Ace became the "Space Ace", and Paul became the "Star Child".

The first performances of the group took place in 1973, and in the same year they began recording their first album "Kiss", which was released in 1974.

Then, despite the tours and a busy touring schedule, the guys started recording their second studio album "Hotter Than Hell", which will be released in autumn 1974. However, the only single "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll" failed, and as a result the disc reached only 100th place. Therefore, it was decided to interrupt the tour and record another, third album.

The band is moving away from heavy to cleaner sound, which gives rise to the album "Dressed to Kill", which was quite a success commercially.

Despite the fact that album sales were not so high, the group instantly became the most spectacular. After all, their concerts included many pyrotechnic miracles, namely: "fiery breath", drums flying, sparks and smoke from guitars and much more.

In 1975, an album called "Alive!" Was released, which later received gold status. A year later, the band released the album "Destroyer" - the group's most "ambitious" album, which also went gold.

Over the next few years, the group will have time to make a fortune at concerts, sale of albums and souvenirs, and of course, leave their mark on history.

After 13 years, Peter and Ace leave the group, and the band is shown on stage for the first time without makeup, which makes a huge impression on the fans. Then their new album "Animalize" was released.

In 1996, the long-awaited reunion of the old line-up of the group takes place, and two years later the album "Psycho Circus" is released.

After 4 years, the group announced that they were leaving the stage and the music was done forever, but this did not last long, until 2003, when, after a farewell tour, the guys suddenly changed their minds.

In 2008, Kiss embarks on a new Alive / 35 World Tour to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary.

In April 2011, the band started recording an album with the interesting title "Monster".

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