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Depeche Mode

Country: Great Britain
Carier start: 1980
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Rock music  Electronic  Alternative  Relax  Other 
The group was formed in 1979 by school friends from the provincial English town of Basildon. The band, initially called Composition of Sound, played a new romance characteristic of those times, but by 1980, having found a new vocalist Dave Gahan and the new name Depeche Mode brought by him, the group completely switched to synthesizers. Opening up for Fad Gadget, the young group took a liking to the owner of the independent label Mute, Daniel Miller, and soon under his strict guidance they recorded an album for Mute Records. Album "Speak & Spell" climbed to the 10th place in the UK charts, which was an outstanding result for a very young band, published on an indie label. However, immediately after the album was released, the author of most of the songs, Vince Clarke, left the group. In order to compensate for his participation, it took two people at once. The vacant songwriter position was taken by Martin Gore, who was previously on the sidelines, and Londoner Alan Wilder was invited to work on the arrangements.

The line-up change significantly changed the musical image of the group. Gore's songs sounded darker, and Wilder, who became a full-fledged member of the group starting with the third album "Construction Time Again", made a bet on experiment. From a teenage pop group Depeche Mode turned into musical innovators, which did not interfere with the commercial success of their records. By the end of the eighties, Depeche Mode had become hardened stadium stars. The tour in support of the album "Music For The Masses" (1987) consisted of 101 concerts, the last of which formed the basis of a video film and a live album, so called "101". Dutch photographer and music video director Anton Corbijn played not the least role in the group's success, completely taking over the visual side of the group from CD covers to video clips and stage design.

The pinnacle of DM's creativity is the album "Songs of Faith And Devotion" (1993), where instead of synth-pop the musicians surprised everyone with a combination of experimental electronics, rock and gospel. The "Devotional" tour was a dizzying success, but it almost gave up the band. Wilder announced his retirement from the band, Gore got serious alcohol problems, and Gahan became addicted to heroin. During the recording of the disc "Ultra" (1997), the band as such did not actually exist. The connecting role between Gore and Gahan, then living in Los Angeles, was played by Tim Simenon, who was invited to play the role of producer. However, just like the Beatles' Abbey Road, the tension between the members was good, the album came out brilliant, and the songs It's No Good, Useless, Barrel of a Gun and Home added to the band's classic repertoire.

By the age of two thousand, Dave finally managed to solve his problems, and the relationship in the group returned to normal. And although, in the opinion of many, the Depeche Mode recordings of this period were already only a shadow of the great DMs of the 1987-1997 period, the records released in the new era had considerable success, and the long stadium tours were sold out. In parallel with this, the musicians were engaged in solo projects. Dave Gahan has released two solo albums: "Paper Monsters" (2003) and "Hourglass" (2007), Martin Gore recorded cover versions ("Counterfeit 2", 2003), as well as, like the third member of the band Andy Fletcher, was engaged in DJing. Recently, rumors have even begun to circulate in the fan community that Alan Wilder, who once appeared on stage with Martin Gore to play an acoustic version of "Somebody", will return to the group.

Dave Gahan lives in New York with his third wife Jennifer, their daughter Stella Rose and their son Jennifer Jimmy. Has a son Jack from his first marriage. Martin Gore: lives in Santa Barbara, California. He is divorced and has three children. Andy Fletcher: lives in London. He is married and has two children.


BRIT Awards
1991 - Best British Single
VIVA Comet Awards
2001 - Best International Artist / Group
Q Awards
2002 - Music Innovation Award
Dance Star Awards
2002 - Best Remix
MTV Europe Music Awards
2006 - Best Group
International Dance Music Awards
2006 - Best Dance Artist / Group
2007 - Best Dance Artist / Group
Echo Award
2010 - Best International Pop / Rock Group

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