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Led Zeppelin

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This greatest rock band was formed in 1968 from the wreckage of the Yardbirds. When all the original members scattered in different directions, guitarist Jimmy Page began to select new partners for himself. For the role of vocalist, he planned to invite Terry Reed, but he refused and offered instead of himself the candidacy of Robert Plant. The audition was successful and Plant brought in drummer John Bonham with him. The line-up was supplemented by bassist John Paul Jones, and after a short rehearsal, the quartet embarked on a New Yardbirds tour of Scandinavia. After the tour ended, the musicians realized that their style was strikingly different from the previous blues band, and so when "The Who" drummer Keith Moon advised them to rename "Led Zeppelin", they happily jumped on the idea. In the fall of 1968, the band's manager Peter Grant organized sessions for the debut album, and then knocked out a solid contract from Atlantic Records to his wards.

Powerful, heavy blues-rock with psychedelic and folk elements fell in love with the listeners, and the disc entered the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic. And by the end of 1969, Led Zeppelin tore down the chart towers in many countries around the world with their masterpiece second album, even heavier than its predecessor.

In the fall of 1970, the third LP was released on "Atlantic", with which the musicians turned to folk roots. The biggest noise was caused by the unnamed fourth disc, popularly known as "Led Zeppelin IV", "Untitled" or "Runes".

In the spring of 1973, the musicians introduced the audience to the "Houses Of The Holy" program, which included new components in the form of funk and reggae. The disc again found itself in the first positions, and the accompanying tour broke all attendance records. In 1974 Led Zeppelin took time out and founded their own label, Swan Song.

Their first release was the "Physical Graffiti" counterpart. The work turned out to be multi-platinum. In 1975, the team began a major American tour, but the tour was interrupted due to the fact that Plant and his wife got into a car accident. The next spring the disc "Presence" went on sale. Although the album debuted at number one on both sides of the Atlantic, critics greeted it coldly and sales declined markedly. In September 1976 the live album "The Song Remains The Same" was released, recorded three years earlier. A few months later, the group went on tour, but the tour had to be interrupted due to the death of their six-year-old son Robert.

When the vocalist more or less came to his senses, Led Zeppelin began to prepare the program In Through The Out Door. Unfortunately, the band continued to pursue evil rock, and in the fall of 1980, as a result of a fair binge, John Bonham died. In December, the remaining "zeppelins" announced the disbandment of the team, and in 1982 a "posthumous" collection of unrealized tracks with the symbolic name "Coda" was released.

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