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John Newman

Genre: Pop music  Dance  Relax  Soul 

John Newman (born June 16, 1990, England) is a British soul singer and musician, songwriter, whose debut single "Love Me Again" topped the UK Singles Chart in July 2013. Previously as a guest vocalist, he has featured on Rudimental's hits such as "Feel the Love" (# 1 in England in 2012) and "Not Giving In".

John Newman began playing guitar and composing songs at the age of 14, experimenting with hip-hop and house music during his three-year study at Leeds College of Music. Inspired by the example of his older brother, John became involved in recording and producing his own music, and at the age of 20 he moved to London, where he formed his own band with Pierce Ajett. The musicians played live in London clubs, thanks to which they were noticed by the producers of the record label Island Records.

Success overtook John after recording the song "Feel the Love" with the English electronic quartet Rudimental. The single topped the UK Singles Chart nationwide.

"Feel the Love" debuted on the UK Singles Chart on June 9, 2012 with a circulation of 93,841 copies. The song lasted 11 consecutive weeks in the UK Top 10. The hit in 2012 had a total circulation of 619,000 and was ranked 16th on the bestseller list of the year.

In the fall of 2013, in the wake of the success of the single "Love Me Again", John Newman released his debut album "Tribute", which instantly reached the top of the UK music charts.

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