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Group Wham! was a duet of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley. They went to school together and were thinking about creating a joint musical project. However, the first attempt - the group - The Executive was unsuccessful, and then George and Andrew decided to perform as a duet and called themselves Wham!

His first single Wham! released in 1982. He quickly fell under the ban on radio stations, since it contained open obscenity. After that Michael and Ridgley disappeared from sight only to shoot in 1984 with their first real super hit - the single "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". The first places in the charts of Great Britain and the USA were conquered.

It was later revealed that 1984 was a stellar year for Wham! In the summer, the duo released the ballad "Careless Whisper", which conquered the charts of the old and new world, and in the fall, the single "Freedom" appeared, which reached the same heights. A charity single with songs "Everything She Wants" and "Last Christmas" is released for the Christmas holidays. The latter was later covered by more than a dozen groups and performers. Cover versions, in particular, were noted by Savage Garden, Atomic Kitten and Coldplay.

In 1985, an incredible thing happens to the duo: Wham! became the first performers of the capitalist West, who came on tour to communist China. But, despite all the successes, Michael thought more and more about a solo career. The next single - "A Different Corner" - although it was recorded as a duo, was promoted as a solo work by George Michael. In mid-1986, Wham! give a farewell concert at Wembley in London, release their latest single "The Edge of Heaven" and announce their disbandment. George Michael will continue a successful solo career, and Andrew Ridgeley will leave show business for good.

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