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Real name: Антре Танненберг (Andre Tannenberger)
Country: Germany
Carier start: 1998
Genre: Electronic 
Antre Tannenberger's career began in the first half of the nineties. Solo and with the group Sequential One, Tannenberger mastered the fields of the German rave - not without success, but invariably remaining in the shadow of Westbam and Marusha. In 1998, signing with the abbreviation ATB, Andre released the solo single "9 PM (Till I Come)", which became a hit on the wave of the then fashionable dream trance. The track went down in history as the first "trance" song to reach number one on the British charts. Luckily for Tannenberger, he has managed to keep out of the long list of one hit wonders and put his success on stream. The single was soon followed by the album "Movin 'Melodies", two more singles from which made it into the British five. And although the single "Let You Go" (2001) was Andre's last work to hit the British charts, major dance labels, including Kontor, ZYX and Ministry of Sound, constantly showed interest in his tracks, and almost every one in his native Germany the release went with a bang.

An important role in the success of the project was played by Andre's love for cover versions and remakes. Tannenberger did not feel such a passion for reworking someone else's legacy, like his compatriots Scooter, but he never shied away from enriching his repertoire with some old song about the main thing, or a new remake of his own old action movie. Since the late nineties, Tannenberger has turned into a kind of music machine - in ten years his discography has been replenished with seven albums, while next to the dance tracks on his discs there is a place for all kinds of relaxation. André covered the lounge and new age territories, perfectly fitting into the format of chill-out compilations "Café Del Mar" and the like. On singles, however, the German preferred to publish proven club pop. To record tracks, Tannenberger usually invited vocalists from outside (among those who have appeared on his records more than once were Yolanda Rivera, Roberta Harrison, RuDee and even Heather Nova).
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