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Paul Van Dyk

Musician, Singer, Producer
Real name: Маттиас Пол (Matthias Paul)
Country: Germany
Carier start: 1991
Genre: Pop music  Dance 
GDR-born Paul Van Dyck became a key figure in the German trance scene in the first half of the nineties. Then soft, melodic club electronics became perhaps the largest item of German cultural export after Kraftwerk. Paul became famous not only for his own tracks (among which at that time the most notable hits were "My World" and "For An Angel"), but also thanks to remixes. Among his clients were not only colleagues like Humate, but also British rock stars. The MFS label, where Paul published his compositions, was owned by British expat Mark Reeder, who introduced Van Dyck to New Order and Inspiral Carpets. Paul played records in clubs, one of the first international stars drove to Moscow, in general, behaved like a shy guy.

However, as Van Dyck became more and more popular (in 2000, Paul was already a resident of the Gatecrasher mobile festival brand and his set could well have gathered a medium-sized stadium), a kind of Bono from electronics began to wake up in him. Paul declared war on drugs, and also began to fight poverty and engage in pacifist propaganda. Van Dyck's music also began to change - if in the sets the German continued to play melodic trance, then on the albums he gravitated more and more towards the pop format. At first, Paul began to dilute the arrangements with vocals and guitar parts, and for the album "In Between" he finally made a choice in favor of globalist club pop music. The rhythm section began to resemble electro house, and the vocalists included pop stars of various calibers from Reamonn vocalist Rea Garvey, who sang on "Let Go," to Jessuca Sutta of the Pussycat Dolls.


1999 - Person of the Year
Trance Awards
2005 - America's Best DJ, Best Producer
2006 - Best DJ, Best Producer
DJ Magazine
2005 - Best DJ
2006 - Best Producer, Best DJ
Ministry of sound
2008 - Best International DJ, Producer
2009 - Best International DJ, Producer

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