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Green Day

Country: USA
Carier start: 1987
Genre: Pop music  Rock music  Alternative  Pop-rock 
Green Day had a chance to repeat the fate of many alternative teams of the 90s - abruptly and impudently jump to the top of the charts, settle there, spit from the top on the heads of rivals, and then slide down with a crash, giving way to the new "king of the hill", sinking into oblivion. Nevertheless, the American truth-tellers reoriented themselves in time, becoming almost the main political tribunes of the planet.

They took off on the third album - the song "Basket Case" from the 1994 album "Dookie" sounded almost from every iron, and the shaggy trinity of newly minted punks, the successors of the alternative cause of the American music industry, informed everyone and everything that they still had creative ideas full and they will not turn into a group of one song. Nevertheless, reality almost proved the opposite - Green Day plunged into a dead end of a creative crisis, and it was not very clear whether they would get out of there or not.

But Billy Joe decided to act like a real punk - protesting. After all, if you are a punk, then the protest against everything that exists should become the basis of your worldview. For Green Day, President George W. Bush and his administration were the target of such a protest. The 2004 album, directly called "American Idiot" in punk, became a kind of punk opera criticizing Bush's policies for which it stands.

Green Day went on a large-scale tour - and, as it turned out, hundreds of thousands of spectators sympathized with politically active punks. The time for stadiums returned, and political activity continued - the new works of Greeb Day are distinguished by pomp, scale and ardent political challenge, and the album "21st Century Breakdown" has already earned the highest marks from critics and listeners ..


American Music Award
2005 - Best Pop / Rock Album, Best Alternative Artist
2009 - Best Alternative Rock Artist
Billboard Music Award
2005 - Album of the Year, Pop Group of the Year, Top 100 Artist of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year, Contemporary Rock Artist of the Year, Rock Song of the Year
BRIT Award
2006 - Best International Artist, Best International Album
Esky Music Award
2006 - Best Group
ECHO Award
2005 - Best International Group
2010 - Best International Rock / Alternative / Heavy Metal Band
Grammy Award
1995 - Best Alternative Album
2005 - Best Rock Album
2006 - Record of the Year
2010 - Best Rock Album
Japan Gold Disk Award
2005 - Top 10 International Pop / Rock Albums
Juno Award
2005 - International Album of the Year
Kerrang! Award
2001 - Special nomination "Classic author"
2004 - Special nomination "Hall of Fame"
2005 - Best Band on the Planet, Best Live Band
MTV Award
1996 - Best Rock Video
2005 - Best Album, Best International Rock Band, Best Rock Band, Best Rock Video
2009 - Best International Rock Band, Best Rock Band, Best Rock Video

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