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Cinema Bizarre

Musician, Band
Country: Germany
Carier start: 2005
Genre: Pop music  Rock music 
The band's first single, Cinema Bizarre, with an average age of about 19 at the time, was released in 2007 and was titled "Lovesongs (They Kill Me)". A little later the first album "Final Attraction" was released. The group was nominated for participation in Eurovision from Germany, but in the end did not pass the audience vote. Perhaps the real reasons were the infantile image and the music of the group, which is primarily aimed at emo teenagers, and not at a wide audience - the band members, for example, even hide their true names, using "anime" pseudonyms for musical activity. After the release of the first album and while touring Europe, keyboardist Luminor left the band. Instead, a musician named Romeo appeared in the lineup. In 2009, two more albums were released, "ToyZ" and "BANG!", With the latter specifically targeting the American market. Despite advertising and promotions, in particular, joint tours with the future megastar Lady GaGa, the albums enjoyed modest success. In January 2010, the group officially announced their disbandment.
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2015-08-23 16:06:15 Little Star
мои любимые) у меня вся стена плакатами с ними обклеина
2014-09-01 19:14:26 Renata Yunicheva
1 7
люблю их *_*
2014-08-14 12:36:28 olga.obsession
сильно их люблю и слушать и смотреть на них
2014-05-24 18:38:22 Little Star
люблю их они классные и няшные!♥♂♀♥
2014-02-12 21:27:25 Микки
4 7
Ну... Киро и Шин выступают вместе, да и Страйфи начал сольную карьеру, об остальных не суху не духу...
2013-12-30 23:46:18 kroshkabem
жаль распались :с
2013-12-28 18:55:56 gurgich
не нравится
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