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Genre: Dance 

Deepcentral (Dipcentral) is a Romanian project of two talented musicians George and Doru. The biography of the group is incredibly interesting - two young men met by chance in 2006 at one of the concerts held in winter. Up to this point, each of them pursued their own careers. Both were fluent in musical instruments, reached for music, achieved their goal with all their might. Photos of young men periodically appeared on posters - Dory became a famous vocalist, his voice was recognizable and loved by many fans. George is a renowned DJ who creates unrivaled mixes from what is at hand. For a long time, the guys did not show themselves as a separate group - they gladly worked with more famous and renowned musicians, collaborating and performing at joint concerts. Three years later, the guys decided to try themselves in a new role - in the role of their own, independent project. Georgy and Dory's expectations came true, they were not just accepted - the first composition Cry it away brought unprecedented success, general recognition and fame - the one they dreamed of. The guys began to replenish the discography, gradually expanding their geography - now they were already known not only in their native Romania, but also far beyond its borders.

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