Куази Дангуаш (Kwasi Danquah) Like
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Tinchy Stryder

Musician, Singer
Real name: Куази Дангуаш (Kwasi Danquah)
Genre: Pop music  Rap 
Tinchy Strider is the brightest of the young representatives of British rap, combining the melody of R&B with the bright and clear reading typical of American rap artists. He got his nickname ("Baby") for his small stature (about 5 feet). Stayder actively collaborates with representatives of not only the pop, but also the rock scene, for example, he remixes The Killers songs. while among his friends - Craig David (Craig David). Bright, melodic, catchy songs provide Strider with high places in the charts and wide radio circulation. For all his fame, Strider is a very religious person, as he regularly reports in every interview. He graduated from Catholic High School and would like to see human ideals reflected in his songs. Tinchy Strider is an avid fan of Manchester United Football Club and played for the Wimbledon youth team as a child.
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