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Carier start: 2009
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Russian pop 
In the summer of 2009, the single "Hold My Hand" appeared on Russian radio stations - the song instantly became one of the most rotated hits of the summer, entering the Top10 Airplay chart in a month. The listeners were at a loss as to who was behind the strange name Ika. The appearance in the debut video of Katie Topuria only added fuel to the fire and launched a whirlwind of rumors about the "new project of the vocalist of A-studio." It seemed that the authors of the hit themselves enjoyed watching the attempts to unravel the true heroes.

Having paused in the best theatrical tradition, Ika opened the cards. The Ika project is Inna Kostochkina, she is the voice and face of the project, and Nikolai Rostov is a composer, arranger and producer.

The answer to the favorite question of journalists “What does your name mean” is: Ika is Inna's family nickname. Light, sweet, a little strange - it suited the project perfectly. In addition to Inna and Nikolai, Ika also includes a dance group: Andrey Moturnak and Mika Kanaev. However, Inna-Ika was and remains the center of the project.

Awareness of her vocation came to Ika at the age of 6, when, to the accompaniment of a bayan player, she made the audience sob over a Russian folk song. Ika has always been famous for her irrepressible enthusiasm and energy, so her life was similar to the well-known "drama circle, photo circle". Nevertheless, the "hunt to sing" prevailed over other hobbies, and by the age of 16 Iki had more than one won singing competition, concerts at government events and participation in numerous projects. At the same time, Inna and Nikolai met, who at that time worked at a local radio station, and to whom Ika once came to the studio to record a track together with her musician father. Music bound the guys so tightly that after graduating from school in Kaliningrad, where Inna's family moved, the girl chose to leave for Moscow, where Nikolai, in addition to ambitious plans, already had his own recording studio.

Ika studied at the Faculty of Cultural Studies during the day, recorded her songs in the studio in the evenings, and performed in clubs at night. “All these years I have been gaining experience, studying show business, and finally, I have outgrown the state“ I want to sing jazz ”and matured for my own project. I believe in what is called positive psychology: as soon as I presented myself on stage, in a costume, with dancers, two weeks later my first performance as Ika took place, ”says the singer.

In less than a year, two successful singles were released, one of which was included in the soundtrack for the film "Antikiller D.K", an agreement was signed for the release of an album, two videos were shot. In the near future - the release of the debut album "Fragile Faces".

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