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Taio Cruz

Musician, Singer
Real name: Джейкоб Тайо Круз (Jacob Taio Cruz)
Country: Great Britain
Genre: Pop music  Dance 
Briton Tayo Cruz, who was born into a family of immigrants from Nigeria and Brazil, was known as a musical prodigy since childhood, and in his twenties already had a reputation as an excellent pop songwriter. Producer Dallas Austin even dubbed Tayo "the new Babyface". The talented young man quickly found application in show business, but for the first few years he was on the sidelines and worked on songs for Usher, Maya and Britney Spears. Having gained experience and connections, Tayo decides to start a solo career. In 2006, he founded his own label Rockstarr under the "roof" of the Universal concern and released his debut single. The track "I Just Wanna Know" reached the top thirty in the UK charts. Two years later, Cruz published his first album, "Departure", where he not only became the author of all the songs, but also did most of the production work with his own hand. The record climbed to 17th position in the UK charts, and the single "Come On Girl", a duet with singer Luciana, reached the top five. Tayo has also received several nominations for the prestigious MOBO Awards and Urban Music Awards. At the same time, Taio did not give up his work "on the side", continuing to work for the benefit of Sugababes, Cheryl Cole and Ke $ ha, with whom he even recorded a duet. Taio Cruz's second album, also titled "Rockstarr", was released in the fall of 2009. Cruise, meanwhile, turned his own company Rockstarr into a fashion brand, starting to produce sunglasses under this brand. Soon pop stars like Kelly Rowland were wearing Tayo Cruz glasses. Personal life: not married, lives in London.
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нет трека camon gerl
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Это самый мой любимый певец я его обожаю!!!!!И хотелось бы его увидеть

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