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Pink Floyd

Musician, Band
Country: Great Britain
Carier start: 1965
Genre: Rock music 
Pink Floyd is a British rock band. She is famous for her philosophical lyrics, acoustic experiments, innovations in album design and grandiose shows. They are one of the most influential and most successful bands in rock music.
The group was founded in 1965 by fellow architecture students at the London Polytechnic Institute (Regent Str. Polytechnic) Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals), Roger Waters (bass, vocals), Nick Mason (drums) and their Cambridge friend Syd Barrett (vocals , guitar). In 1968, the four were joined by David Gilmour, who replaced Barrett after the latter had to leave the group. After Barrett's departure, bassist Roger Waters and keyboardist Richard Wright became the dominant figures in the group, but over time, Wright gave way to guitarist David Gilmore. Waters consolidated leadership with each new album, gradually coming to one-man management. After Barrett's departure and until 1983, Waters was the author of the vast majority of the band's lyrics (starting in 1973, he alone wrote the lyrics for ten years) and the main author of The Wall's concept album. The group's last album (The Division Bell), the last tour and an unspoken disbandment took place in 1994. Each of the members of the group has made a more or less successful career, relying mainly on the experience of the alma mater. The last performance of the classic line-up happened in July 2005 at the Live 8 concert.
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