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Natalia Oreiro

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Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias Poggio Bourie was born on May 19, 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

When Natalia was 8 years old, she began to study acting. At 12, she started acting in Uruguayan commercials. At the age of 14, she was chosen as the main assistant in the Shushi show (port. Xuxa - Brazilian singer and TV presenter).

At the age of 16, Natalia went to Buenos Aires to take part in castings for roles in TV shows. She did not succeed in winning the auditions immediately, but in the end, at one of them, she got the role of a statistician in the film "Recalcitrant Heart", where she met Pablo Echarri.

After that Natalia had a small role in the series "Tender Ana" and one of the main roles in the series "Models 90-60-90". But real success and fame came to the actress thanks to the filming in the TV series "The Rich and Famous", where her partner was Diego Ramos.

After this shooting, Natalia in early 1998 went to work for the Argentinean television channel TeLeFe, where Gustavo Yankelevich offered her the lead role in the film "The Argentinian in New York". The film was a great success. At the same time, Natalia released her first solo disc, Natalia Oreiro. The disc went on sale in Argentina on January 28, 1999, and on February 10, 1999, its international version was released. Thanks to singles such as Cambio dolor and Me muero de Amor, Natalia became even more famous, and the disc itself soon became gold.

The next role that Natalia got on TeLeFe is the orphan Milagros / Cholito in the series "Wild Angel".

In December 1999, Oreiro started recording the second disc. Album Tu Veneno ("Your Poison"), was released in Argentina in August 2000. The international version of the album was released on September 19, 2000.

On January 29, 2001 Natalia embarks on her first major tour. The singer gave concerts in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the USA, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, as well as in Russia, where she performed at the Kremlin Concert Hall.

In November 2001, Natalia Oreiro met the 44-year-old leader of the Divididos rock group Ricardo Mollo, and in early 2002 they got married.

In the fall of 2002, Oreiro's third solo album, Turmalina, was released. Disc sales reached 1.5 million copies.

At the end of April 2005, Natalia again came to Russia to shoot in the 16-episode film "In the rhythm of tango". In May 2005, she also took part in the Golden Heart charity event. In early December 2005, Natalia began acting in the series You Are My Life, where Facundo Arana again became her partner. Filming was supposed to end in August 2006, but ended only in December 2006.

On January 26, 2012, in a clinic in Buenos Aires, Natalia Oreiro gave birth to a boy. The child was named Merlin Atahualpa.

In 2013, Natalia starred in the TV series "Only you" (Solamente vos).

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