Ване́сса Шанта́ль Паради́ (Vanessa Chantal Paradis) Like
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Vanessa Paradis

Singer, Actress, Model
Real name: Ване́сса Шанта́ль Паради́ (Vanessa Chantal Paradis)
Country: France
Carier start: 1989
Genre: Pop music  Rock music  Chanson  Electronic  Relax  Jazz / Blues  World Music  OST 
Vanessa's career began early: at the age of seven she appeared on TV with the song "Emilie Jolie". And at the age of 14 her hit "Joe Le Tzxi" brings her European fame. After that, it is not surprising that Vanessa's debut album "M & J" goes platinum. Vanessa begins acting in films, sometimes - not particularly shy about explicit scenes. Apparently, the screen and stage image attracts another bully and rebel of cinema to her - Johnny Depp. The couple becomes inseparable, begins to live in a civil marriage and successfully brings up two children. True, Johnny and Vanessa's wedding is still in no hurry to this day. Vanessa, in addition to family concerns, does not forget about filming a movie and musical activities. The records of Paradis regularly appear on store shelves, get worthy places in the charts, and at concerts yesterday's girl still gets sold out.
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2014-09-20 21:40:14 Little Star
я люблю ее только потому, что она жена моего любимого Джонни Деппа! а так говно говном! она должна сказать спасибо только ему! я б ее не добавила если б не Джоннька!
2013-12-29 18:26:36 gurgich
отстой говно не нравится не люблю такую музыку
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