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Singer, Band
Country: Romania
Carier start: 1999
Genre: Pop music  Dance  Electronic  Asia 
Akcent was founded in 1999 by Adrian Claudia Sana and fellow singer Ramona Barta. Their first single "Kylie" hit a number of European charts and had some success even in the USA. In 2002 the debut album "In Culori" was released in Romanian. The album "French Kiss with Kylie", which contained English versions of the band's popular songs, became the English-language debut. In 2008, Marius Nedelcu left the group and began his solo career. The band members invited Corneliu Ulici to join, but he left in 2009. Despite the difficulties with the line-up, the guys continue to release albums. In 2009 the album "Fara Lacrimi" was released with two big hits - "Stay With Me" and "That's My Name". Also in 2009, the band's second English release, "True Believers", was released.
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