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Whizzkids & Inusa Dawuda

Musician, Singer, Band
Country: Germany
Carier start: 2009
Genre: Dance 
Whizzkids feat. Inusa Dawuda is a creative union of two turntable veterans and a colorful black vocalist / saxophonist.

DJs / Producers for Whizzkids are Jens Lissat and Hetama, prominent figures in the German house scene. Both of them stood at its origins, and Lissat stood at the console as far back as 1979, and at first played disco. His first own track "Work The House Sound" appeared in 1987 and is now considered the first house record in Germany. And also compatriots nicknamed Lissat "The Godfather of Techno" - at times he dabbles with this style.

Khetama appeared on the big stage a little later - in the late 80s, and was brought there by hip-hop and acid jazz, not disco at all. But in the end, he also began to preach house - the most fashionable and popular at the moment of all trends in electronic music.

Their friend Inusa Dawood aka Black Pharaoh is known for his impressive dreadlocks and vocals that are quite unusual for house music, in which you can hear the sound of the surf, feel the Jamaican sun and see white-toothed smiles on black faces. The Whizzkids project was created by DJs specifically for collaboration with Davuda.

The joint single of the three talents "Rumors" (Digi Digi) thundered all over Europe and even became a hit on the dance floors of several CIS countries. Rumors is a very interesting track. In addition to tasty, but quite ordinary house, there you can hear live guitars, saxophone parts and, most importantly, charismatic vocals with a light Rastafarian flavor, reminding the listener of Bob Marley and ragga music performers. To match the voice and the text - it tells about how good it is to love without regard to what people say.

The video for the song is made in the spirit of the 70s and evokes associations with Andy Warhol's pop art: it is filled with multi-colored geometric shapes and painted silhouettes of dancing women, and it even contains a hammer and sickle hanging over the image of St. Basil's Cathedral. Such a wonderful video sequence was presented to the performers by artists Dany Wild and Framekiller.

Whizzkids feat. Inusa Dawuda is obviously designed for a long-term existence: the band recently released a second track called “Rub-A-Dub Girl”.

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