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Siempre people is smiling
In Estados Unitos
And life is beautiful - coke and libertad
But I remember siempre friends and la vida mexicana
Mas que nada
Una chica como el sol

I did it, oh, with Maria
Showed her amorrrrr mexicano
We drink tequila, bailamos
But after all - tortura
"Hasta la vista" I said
Now you're away from me,
Too far away from me......

I love you baby

Por momentos I smile,
But still duele
Porque siempre te requerdo
And now no love, soledad and...I'm alone
Remember Maria and dreaming at noche
I whisper "mas que nada...."
Quizas...dond'esta, oh???
America says "smile, it's here where you belong!"...

I love you baby

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