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Look at those eyes look at those thighs damn that girl you know she fly got me hung up, got me strung up like a drug 여자 to much Just like a witch doctor she got me in a spell Just called for my prescription got to get my pills her love, her love the kind that's got me tripping without a touch is gonna poison me (ooooo!) I know it's bad I don't wanna stop So come and give me all you babe PRE CHORUS #2 Oh! She's wants me (got it!) Oh! She's got me (hurting!) Oh! She burns me Don't touch, this girl, she's gonna eat you up Someone call the Doctor falling deeper in her love I just can't stop, i'm wrapped in your spell She got me feeling like I never even felt before what should I do, when all I wants you (AY-YO!) Too Much. No more. Your love. It's an Overdose! (hey!) Too Much. I need. your love It's an Overdose! BRIDGE What have you done to me today Never even got to sleep she got me under her control and then my whole worlds crashing down again I'm too far in now left me by myself always on my mind You're in my heart RAP BREAKDOWN Right now the The walls they feel like closing time You left me hung up but I know you fine Gotta Get up In your Love I'm addicted girl Had a Feeling In my Heart But you ripped it out Took that away but I want One time Said I'm okay, but i'm not that fine Kill anybody I want you mine Somebody help or I think I'll die Say you gotta go? Make that Slow All I know, Can't let go. Tied to my heart like a tattoo now I gotta have you but I can't stand you and so i'm gone. Someone call the Doctor.
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