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Whoa… bring, baby girl… sing, yeah
Put a bang, put a bang, bang bang
Girl … I gotta let you know I’m the man
Girl cut the way that you are whine and a bubble it, bubble it
… one trouble it …me there
Yeah think clear, me does that thing bout the way are you sexy…
Girl me a pretty things… girl
I tell you you are the artist girl around here
This has … come well prepared
Girl give me the time.
Don’t be afraid of the love … if it is…
Ever blesses, ever blazing girl…
Day after day, say me loving you …
Anything you give me…
Every time… sickness, but me walk…
So start stress girl

How deeps is your love, how deep can you go?
How deep is your love, let us explore
How deeps is your love, how deep can you go?
Might run down to the ocean for, …whoa.

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