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Тимати – <p>Timati is an artist, musician, producer, businessman.</p><p> Timati is one of the main newsmakers of the country&#39;s music industry and one of the most successful hip-hop performers in Russia, who has managed to enter the world music market over the past few years and become the leader of the main European charts. The list of the artist&#39;s numerous awards contains all the main awards of the country, near and far abroad. Timati is known and loved by listeners who prefer high-quality modern music. His projects are highly appreciated and respected by world-class partners. To date, Timati has achieved the status of a successful artist and businessman, behind whom is the implementation of large projects. In the near future Timati plans to release the first English-language album in Europe and the USA.</p> – Timati блэкстар тиман
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