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<div><p></p><p class="MsoNormal">The date of birth of the group can be considered 1995, when four guys from Los Angeles - Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusik founded a musical group called Kara&#39;s Flowers.</p><p class="MsoNormal"> The first album, Kara&#39;s Flowers, was released in 1997. The album, titled &quot;The Fourth World&quot;, was warmly received by fans and critics. The latter called the record a good example of alternative rock of the late 90s. However, it was at the turn of the century that the musicians decided to change their sound. The group has a new guitarist - James Valentine, and the new musical style combines soul, pop, rock and roll and rhythm and blues. At the same time, the name of the group also changed, now Levin and the company called themselves <span lang="EN-US">Maroon</span> 5.</p><p class="MsoNormal"> In 2002, the first album of the revamped group was released, entitled &quot;Songs About Jane&quot;. He did not reach special heights, but the promo-single for the album - &quot;Harder to Breathe&quot; hooked the audience. The composition hit the Top 30 of the modern rock rating and climbed to 18th position on the Billboard Hot 100. In the wake of popularity, the group released a second single, titled &quot;This Love&quot;, the success of which far surpasses the previous record.</p><p class="MsoNormal"> &quot;This Love&quot; topped many charts and was the first to receive platinum single status among the official downloads. After that, sales of the album &quot;Songs About Jane&quot; jumped, and the bands were showered with music awards, as well as two Grammy nominations. Since 2003, the guys from <span lang="EN-US">Maroon</span> 5 have become the real stars of the scene and go on an extended tour.</p><p class="MsoNormal"> The fans of the band had to wait for the next disc until 2007. In March the album “ <span lang="EN-US">It</span> <span lang="EN-US">&nbsp;</span> <span lang="EN-US">Won</span> &#39; <span lang="EN-US">t</span> <span lang="EN-US">&nbsp;</span> <span lang="EN-US">Be</span> <span lang="EN-US">&nbsp;</span> <span lang="EN-US">Soon</span> <span lang="EN-US">&nbsp;</span> <span lang="EN-US">Before</span> <span lang="EN-US">&nbsp;</span> <span lang="EN-US">Long</span> ”, and the very first single from it called“ Makes Me Wonder ”topped the US Billboard Hot 100 sales chart.</p><p class="MsoNormal"> The band&#39;s third numbered album was released on September 21, 2010 and was called &quot;Hands All Over&quot;. And in June 2011 the group presented their new creation - the single &quot;Moves Like Jagger&quot;, performed together with Christina Aguilera. The single debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at # 8 on July 9, and topped it at the end of August with total sales of 1.326 million copies in the United States.</p><p></p></div>
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Jersey Jon Bon Jovi from childhood wanted to become a musician and chose the shortest path for this, in his opinion - he got a job at a recording studio. He worked as a simple cleaner, but got access to the equipment. In the evenings, after work, he recorded his first demos, which he began sending out to various record companies. As a result - John got a contract with Mercury, and began a dizzying career in the world of rock music. The Bon Jovi style was a cross between hard rock, glam rock and country, and the lyrics about the life of ordinary working guys instantly elevated the young group to the rank of hitmakers, however, traditional rock critics ostracized Bon Jovi for being too pop. However, it is not unreasonable.
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<p>The Mayakovsky group appeared quite recently. The group is new, but the faces are recognizable. Ilya SAM Samitov came from &quot;KHAKI&quot;, Ilya GREEN Zelenov was seen in &quot;4POST&quot;, Dima Tikhonov is known for the TV series &quot;Ranetki&quot; and the group &quot;Balabama&quot;, and Zhenya POTAP Potapchuk came from Chelyabinsk, where he did not speak about him as a musician only lazy. One way or another, these names are well known. They had known each other for a long time, but only recently decided to create together.<br /> Now they are not interested in regalia and harsh laws of show business. Now they are only interested in music and the guys have united to play in their own style.</p>
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<p>Rob Zombie, née Robert Cummings, is a veteran shock rocker, `` King of the Monsters &#39;&#39;, born in 1966 in the States. A worthy successor to the work of the idols of his youth - Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper, Rob formed the White Zombie group in 1985, the sound of which compiled the thunderous energy of heavy metal, aggression of hard core, hammering precision of industrial and ... the `` iron &#39;&#39; rhythm of disco ... The Zombie lyrics were teeming with chilling stories about walking corpses, vampires, sacrificed virgins, etc., which was the result of Rob&#39;s fascination with classic horror films, anti-science fiction and in general all kinds of `` chernukha &#39;&#39;. The group got its name from the 1932 `` horror film &#39;&#39; filmed by the iconic White Lugosi and immediately gained a reputation as a Satanist. In addition to the original sound, Zombie also worked on the unique image of the group: `` branded &#39;&#39; T-shirts and outfits in general, cover design a la horror-comics and scenery for stage shows - everything was done by hand. However, the resounding recognition was long in coming: only after five `` independent &#39;&#39; releases, White Zombie&#39;s efforts were rewarded and the group signed a contract with a major label Geffen Records. Zombie&#39;s major debut was marked by the album &#39;&#39; La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 &#39;&#39; (1992). The single `` Thunder Kiss&#39; 65 &#39;&#39; won a Grammy and has sold over 2 million copies.</p>
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<p>Martina Stossel was born in Argentina and is the daughter of Alejandro Stossel, director of the Baila Conmigo Paraguay program and Mariana Muzlera. Officially, the actress states that she was born on March 21, 1997, however her date of birth is controversial. Martina plays the piano very well, dances, sings. Martina in 2011 wrote the song &quot;Glow&quot; which was included in the album &quot;Disney Princess&quot;.</p>
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<p>The history of one of the most successful singers on the domestic pop scene began exactly 10 years ago. It was then, on Christmas Eve 2002, that a disc with Gluk&#39;oZa&#39;s song &quot;Shuga&quot; got to the production center under the direction of Max Fadeev &quot;Elf&quot;. The song went on the radio, but no one noticed it in the festive bustle of the capital. But they noticed in Kiev - on &quot;Our Radio&quot; the song quickly entered the top 10.</p><p> They quickly woke up in Moscow - and several leading record companies rushed to find the author of the hit, and a month later Gluk&#39;oZa signed her first music contract. She signed and said &quot;I&#39;m not going to go on tour. And to appear on the covers of magazines - too! I live on the Web.&quot; Maxim had no other options but to release the virtual image of the singer into the world. Gluck&#39;oZa invented and painted herself - and graphic designers only finalized the details. This is how the cyber-blonde was created, which was paired with the faithful Doberman and made her debut in the first video of the project - for the song &quot;I Hate&quot;. The song was a wild success. And the viewers of the music channels were curious about who and where was this girl from?</p><p> After the appearance of new clips, the hero of which was the same virtual girl, gossip began to grow like a snowball. The most incredible rumors circulated. Some argued that the virtual blonde is one of the already famous singers who decided to translate themselves into 3D and thus raise their rating. Others said that Glucose as a singer does not exist at all, and all these songs are invented by different people, after which they are given out to the public with the sauce of one blonde.</p>
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<p>Valery Aleksandrovich Kipelov (July 12, 1958, Moscow, USSR) - Soviet and Russian rock musician, singer and composer. He is known as one of the founders and the first vocalist of the rock band Aria from 1985 to 2002. Since 2002, he has been the head of his own group, Kipelov.</p>
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The American group Backstreet Boys was formed by the entrepreneurial impresario Lou Perlman, who was inspired by the success of New Kids On The Block in the late eighties. For the selection of musicians, Lou organized a large-scale competition with a budget of three and a half million dollars, and invited Johnny and Donna Wright (Jonny Wright, Donna Wright), who previously worked with NKOTB, to play the role of group managers. The first Backstreet Boys album was released in 1996 and became successful in Europe and Canada, but went unnoticed in the homeland of the group in the USA. The breakthrough was the singles &quot;Quit Playing Games With My Heart&quot; (# 2 on the Billboard 100 chart) and &quot;Everybody&quot; (# 4), after which the disc reissued in America finally became a bestseller: at number four on the national chart and 14 total million copies sold. Most of the money earned, of course, went to the cunning manager, and in 1997 the group was already in full lawsuit with Pearlman. At this moment, the Backstreet Boys were approaching the peak of fame, the third album titled &quot;Millennium&quot; became the most successful in their career - its circulation exceeded forty million.
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<p>A female pop trio from London (UK), which was formed in 1998. The group has released 27 singles, six of which went on to become # 1 in the UK, and seven albums, two of which also climbed to the top of the UK Albums Chart. The girls&#39; three albums went triple platinum. In 2003, they won the Best Dance Artist nomination, and in 2006, they were named 21st Century Performers in the UK, ahead of artists such as Britney Spears and Madonna. Over six million copies of Sugababes albums have been purchased worldwide.</p>
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<p>Singer Stacy was born in Latvia. From 2008 to 2010 she was an artist of the world major &quot;Sony BMG&quot; - Finland. In 2010 she became a laureate of the international competition for young performers of popular music &quot;New Wave&quot;, in the same year she received an award as the best performer &quot;OEVMA&quot;.<br /> Sigle &quot;Awol&quot; hit the top of the UK charts in 2011. The Russian public is known for the hit &quot;Magistral&quot; recorded together with the Swedish singer Pandora.</p>
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The bassist and guitarist of the future Blink-182 met in 1992 at the initiative of the guitarist&#39;s sister Mark Hoppus. Soon, the guys decided that they needed to make a full-fledged band, invited drummer Scott Raynor, and began to actively rehearse - until the moment when Mark&#39;s girlfriend declared &quot;either the band or me.&quot; Mark hung his nose and went to the girl, but bassist Tom DeLonge told him that he &quot;took to drive&quot; a four-track tape recorder and was already writing a demo with the drummer. The girlfriend was abandoned, and the musicians continued with rehearsals called Blink. Under the same name, they recorded their first studio album, Buddha, which was released on cassette in 1993.
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Usually American rappers tend to be as &quot;gangsta&quot; as possible. They knit their brows, rattle their weapons and boast that they grew up in a ghetto and at the age of 13 &quot;held the block&quot;, even if nothing of the kind actually happened. Flo Rida is not like that. He moved in the opposite direction from the beginning. “All my friends served in due time - he says - but not me! I preferred to look at things positively and chose hip-hop. The correct outlook on life was taught to me by my mother, who alone raised me and my seven sisters. If you believe in it , she said - you can achieve it. And I believed in music. &quot;
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The musical career for the daughter of working parents, Anna May, began in St. Louis, where in one of the nightclubs she met bluesman Ike Turner and asked to join him to sing along. When Ike was recording the single A Fool In Love in 1960 and his singer did not appear, Anna sang for her, and the song became a major hit in the United States. Shortly thereafter, Ike Turner married Anna and proposed her stage name Tina - and so Tina Turner, vocalist of The Ike &amp; Tina Turner Revue, appeared. The group was a great success as Tina began to develop her stage talents and soon became one of the most impressive women on stage in the 1960s. Ike and Tina released the hit River Deep, Mountain High, covered Proud Mary, the Creedence Clearwater Revival song, and earned a Grammy for Best R&amp;B Performance.
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Roderick was the fifth child in an English family, his parents were fond of music and football - Rod&#39;s father played in the team and predicted a football career for his son. However, in 1959 Rod received a guitar from his father and soon began to play in youth groups. To the chagrin of dad, the son gave up his football career, as she did not allow him to walk, drink and meet girls. As a result, Rod became a handyman, constantly trying his hand at various bands and auditions for producers - without any notable success. Disappointed with the then popular rock and roll, Rod joined the ideological antagonists of rockers - the fashion movement and even became popular among the youth of London due to his emerging husky vocal style and impressive appearance - Rod was one of the first musicians to wear a disorderly &quot;spiked&quot; a hairstyle that would become the hallmark of punks in the 1980s. In general, in the first half of the 60s, Stewart, in his attempts to become famous, &quot;got tired&quot; so much in the musical circles of London that he became already quite famous among the musicians of his &quot;circle&quot;.
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<p>For the vast majority of fans, the star of Sergei Lazarev first ascended in 2001, when a video for the aria &quot;Belle&quot; from the famous musical &quot;Notre-Dame De Paris&quot; appeared on the screens of music TV channels. Two pretty boys, a brunette (Sergey Lazarev) and a blonde (Vlad Topalov) - colleagues in the children&#39;s ensemble &quot;Fidgets&quot; - at the suggestion of Vlad&#39;s mother, recorded this song for Vlad&#39;s father&#39;s birthday. Dad was so delighted with the gift that he decided to make a group out of the guys, and he himself became the producer of the group. The duo was named Smash !! And instantly drove almost all Russian girls crazy.</p><p> However, according to biographers, Sergei began his career much earlier. From 9 to 11 years old he sang in the children&#39;s ensemble of V.S. Loktev, and at the same time played at the Pokrovsky Theater. At the age of 15 he joined the famous &quot;Fidgets&quot;, in which in 1997 he became the winner of the &quot;Morning Star&quot; festival. In the same year he starred in the TV magazine &quot;Yeralash&quot;. In 1999 he entered the Moscow Art Theater School, which he graduated with honors in 2003.</p><p> Alas, the story of the duo Smash !! was, though glorious, but not long. In December 2004, immediately after the release of the album &quot;2nite&quot;, Sergei left the duet and in December 2004 began a solo career. True, he started it not with an album, but with ... a theatrical performance. While working on the disc, he simultaneously began to play the main role in the play &quot;Borrow a Tenor!&quot; in his native theater. A.S. Pushkin.</p><p> In December 2005 Sergey&#39;s debut solo album &quot;Don&#39;t Be Fake&quot; was released, which was recorded with the participation of the famous producer Brian Rowling - producer of hits for Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Craig David (Craig David) and Rob Thomas (Rob Thomas). The album contained exclusively English-language compositions. But Sergei did not manage to remain completely without Russian texts: in 2006 he released the single &quot;Even If You Leave&quot; - an adaptation of &quot;Just Because You Walk Away&quot; - especially for Russian radio stations.</p><p> The solo concert of Sergei Lazarev, which took place on November 16, 2011 in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall, ended with a triumph.</p><p> For 7 years, Sergei languished in anticipation of his fans, so it is not surprising that the hall was one hundred percent sold out. Lazarev, who always strives for world standards in his work, also approached his solo album in Moscow on a truly grandiose scale. According to the reviews of viewers and journalists who came to the concert, no one in Russia did such a show!</p>
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Janet Jackson is the famous younger sister of Michael Jackson. The singer was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana. For the first time on the stage, America saw a touching girl in 1977, when Baby Jen flashed in TV shows and dashingly danced on a TV show with her older brothers, who were already Jackson 5 - a phenomenon of American musical culture. Father and manager Joseph Jackson decided to start her musical career, not particularly interested in his daughter&#39;s opinion on this matter. The first two albums &quot;Janet Jackson&quot; and &quot;Dream Street&quot;, recorded on A&amp;M Records with the active participation and leadership of her family, turned out to be weak, critics greeted them coldly, and the public almost did not notice. Janet was accused of lack of talent and trying to leave at the expense of her last name.
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<p>Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986, Toronto), better known under the pseudonym Drake, is a Canadian rapper and actor.<br /><br /> Aubrey &quot;Drake&quot; Graham was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Denis Graham, a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, he is the nephew of musician Larry Graham. Graham&#39;s father is a black American from Memphis, Tennessee, and Graham&#39;s mother, an educator, lives in Canada. His parents divorced when he was five, and he was raised by his mother in the affluent suburb of Toronto, where he attended elementary school as well as high school and college, which he never graduated from. He also spent many years with his father in Memphis.<br /><br /></p>
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