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<p>Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is an American R&#39;n&#39;B singer, music producer, actress, dancer and model.</p><p> Born September 4, 1981 in Houston. Where, as a child, she participated in various music competitions and dance performances.</p><p> Beyoncé became famous in the 90s as a member of the R&#39;n&#39;B girl group Destiny&#39;s Child. During the Destiny&#39;s Child split, Knowles released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love (2003), for which she received a record five Grammy Awards.</p><p> In 2006, a year after the group finally broke up, Knowles released the album B&#39;Day. It peaked at # 1 on the Billboard charts and included hits like Déjà Vu, Irreplaceable and Beautiful Liar. The release of this album took Beyoncé to a new level of popularity. Her third solo album, I Am ... Sasha Fierce, released in November 2008, included the hit Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).</p><p> During each of her shows or music videos, Beyoncé changes a dozen dresses and different looks, and her repertoire during her concerts includes material ranging from old R &amp; B hits Destiny&#39;s Child to Schubert&#39;s &quot;Ave Maria&quot;. However, the classic soul remains the basis of the princess of the modern show business.</p>
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Keri Hilson was born in 1982 in Georgia. In her youth, Keri studied vocals and piano, and while in college, she already participated in her first ensemble. In parallel with her musical activities, Keri received her higher education at the university, specializing in the history of theater. In the early 2000s, Carey began writing songs for famous artists - her compositions were performed by Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher and others. In 2006, Carey signed as a solo artist to Mosley Music Group, Timbaland&#39;s label. By this time, Hilson had already appeared several times as a vocalist on the recordings of P. Diddy and Lloyd Banks, and in 2007 she took part in the recording of Timbaland&#39;s album &quot;Shock Value&quot;. However, Keri herself was eager to record a solo album.
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<p>Bakhtiyar Aliyev (Bahh Tee) was born on October 5, 1988 in Moscow.</p>
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<p>Ariana Joan Butera-Grande (born Ariana Joan Butera-Grande; born June 26, 1993, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is an American actress, model and singer.<br /> Grande was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Her older brother is actor and producer Frank Grande. She studied vocals with Eric Vetro. As a child, Ariana began performing at the Little Palm Theater in Boca Raton. A few years later, she began performing at the Fort Lauderdale Children&#39;s Theater.</p>
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If the musical encyclopedia had an article &quot;Compromise&quot;, the creative fate of Dmitry Malikov would be an excellent illustration of it. The musician with a conservatory education spent most of his career in the role of a pop artist, tirelessly emphasizing that first of all he considers himself a classical pianist, and only earns money on the stage. As a result, the classic train left him, frankly speaking, and in pop music he is being squeezed by less educated, but more relevant colleagues. Dima was born on January 29, 1970 in the family of the artistic director of VIA &quot;Gems&quot; Yuri Malikov and the former ballerina Lyudmila Vyunkova (she has been working as a director for Malikov Jr. for many years). Yuri Fedorovich saw in his son the successor of the dynasty and from a young age began to teach him music. Dmitry did not really resist, quickly gave up his dream of becoming a hockey player and began writing songs. Malikov combined his academic education with work in &quot;Gems&quot;, and soon made his debut with his own pop compositions &quot;Moon Dream&quot;, &quot;You will never be mine&quot; and &quot;Until tomorrow&quot;. Pleasant tunes and good looks of the singer did their job: Dima felt the taste of success.
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&quot;Fabrika&quot; is a Russian female pop group that appeared in the course of the &quot;Star Factory-1&quot; project and took 2nd place in it. The producer of the group is Igor Matvienko. More than 200 concerts were performed as part of the &quot;Final in Your City&quot; tour. The song &quot;About Love&quot; lasted 26 weeks in the charts. Initially, the group included: Sati Casanova, Irina Toneva, Alexandra Savelyeva and Maria Alalykina, but later Maria Alalykina left the team, deciding to devote herself to her studies and arrange her personal life. For a long time, Sati, Irina and Alexandra performed three of them. In May 2010, the team left Sati Casanova, who decided to take up solo work. In her place was invited the former soloist of the Russian pop group &quot;Hi-Fi&quot; - Ekaterina Li.
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<p>Alexander was born in Southwark, London, England. He grew up listening to his father&#39;s jazz songs as well as turning to soul (Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway), which sparked his interest in Garyj, drum and bass and dubstep. Although Claire was proficient in trumpet and drums, he ended up focusing on the guitar, writing songs and performing them on open mic using the source material.</p>
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Muscovite Leonid Rudenko is known in the West, perhaps even better than in Russia. His tracks regularly appear on the dance charts in Germany, France, Holland and even the United States, are featured in stadium DJ sets and are licensed by major labels such as Data Records, Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound. Export Istria turned out to be even more successful than that of PPK: none of Rudenko&#39;s tracks covered the result of &quot;Ressurection&quot;, however, unlike Polyakov and Pimenov, Leonid manages to shoot almost every single. ...
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<p>American singer, songwriter. A bright and unsurpassed vocalist, many hits of famous DJs are associated with her name.</p>
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<p>Vladislav Mikhailovich Topalov (born October 25, 1985, Moscow) - Russian singer, ex-soloist of the group &quot;Smash !!&quot;.</p><p> Vladislav Mikhailovich Topalov was born on October 25, 1985 in Moscow, Russia. Since childhood, he studied music, graduated from a music school, violin class. In the Topalov family, interest in music was hereditary. Vlad&#39;s father - Mikhail Genrikhovich Topalov (1960) - also graduated from a music school and a school of arts, piano; as a schoolboy, Vlad played in rock bands in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg. In 1990, Vlad, along with his younger sister Alina (born in 1988), were sent by their parents to the children&#39;s musical ensemble “Fidgets” under the direction of Elena Pindjoyan. Vlad was then five and a half years old. Yulia Malinovskaya, the future presenter of the Morning Star children&#39;s music television contest, became his permanent partner in duets. The future soloists of the Tatu group - Elena Katina and Yulia Volkova performed in the same group. For ten years, as part of the Fidgets group, Vlad has performed at concert venues not only in Russia, but throughout the world.</p><p> Having left the ensemble &quot;Fidgets&quot;, Vlad together with his friend, also a member of the ensemble, Sergei Lazarev, recorded several songs, including the aria &quot;Belle&quot; from the famous French musical &quot;Notre Dame de Paris&quot;.</p>
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<p>The Script is an Irish rock band.</p>
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<p>For a long time Gwen Stefani was known exclusively as the vocalist of the No Doubt group, but in 2004, when the band members decided to take a break from each other, Gwen chose not to waste time and record a solo album. At first, it was planned to quickly record a frivolous dance disc, but the process carried the girl away, and things took a serious turn. Initially, Stephanie&#39;s main assistant was Tony Kanal, but eventually Love, Angel, Music, Baby turned into an ambitious project involving people like Linda Perry, Dr Dre, The Neptunes and Nellee Hooper. Stylistically, Gwen settled somewhere between R&amp;B and 80s electropop, which suited her bright stage image perfectly (in addition to singing, Gwen also excelled as a fashion designer).</p>
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Basta was born in 1980 in Rostov into a military family. In addition to the general education school, he studied at the music school. At the age of 15, he first tried to write rap, gathered his own group. He entered the school for the conducting department. But, after completing the first year, he left, because he realized that his sphere of interests lay far from the school program. Hip-hop became the most vital and attractive for Basta. Then it was Wu-tanc clan, Ol&#39;dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes and hip-hop stars of the time. At the age of 16-17, Basta listened to a lot of different music, tried to read it himself, and at the age of 17 he recorded his first track - &quot;City&quot;. From that moment the movement in music began.
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As a child, Natalie Imbruglia studied ballet and Scottish dancing, intending to make a career as a dancer. However, already at the age of 14, the singer&#39;s talent was discovered in her. When the teachers offered to &quot;make a star out of her,&quot; Natalie proudly refused and at the age of 16 she began her career as an actress, starring in commercials and the Australian television series Neighbors (by the way, Kylie Minogue played in the same series. Having become famous in Australia as an actress, Natalie moved to London, where she spent time in nightclubs and lazed around, as she could not get a work permit in England.When the money ran out, Imbruglia decided to try herself as a singer.The very first demo that Natalie made, very impressed the managers to RCA Records, who immediately signed a contract with her - after all, it was a recording of her future international hit Torn (oddly enough, Imbruglia is not the author of this song, first recorded by the Los Angeles band Ednaswap).
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<p>Pur: Pur is a Ukrainian indie-pop group from the city of Kharkov. In their native country, the group quickly became popular due to the light, pleasant and melodic sound of their own songs /</p><p> The name of the group comes from the Latin root &quot;pur&quot; - meaning &quot;pure&quot;.</p>
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<p>Ashley Tisdale, full name Ashley Michelle Tizdale, was born on July 2, 1985, in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The girl got on television at a very early age. And how not to be an actress, if you have someone to take an example from - the older sister Jennifer. Ashley&#39;s manager, Bill Perlman, is her first producer and continues to represent her today. After her first audition, she successfully appeared in over 100 national advertisements.<br /><br /> At the age of eight, Ashley Tisdale landed the lead role on a national tour from the Broadway musical Les Miserables. Her solo album &quot;Headstrong&quot; debuted in February 2007 and entered the Billboard Top 200 list at the prestigious number five. Tisdale was also named People&#39;s U-25, Vogue&#39;s Young Hollywood Stars, and the popular Entertainment Weekly&#39;s annual Must List in Musical Hopes. (&quot;Must &#39;Musical&#39; Prodigy&quot;).</p>
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<p>Artem Semyonov (Ukraine) is one of the few singers in the world who has both a male tenor and a female soprano.<br /> Having become a super-finalist of the show &quot;Ukraine Got Talent&quot; (2009), he actively develops as an Artist, director, choirmaster, and songwriter.<br /> In 2013, he conducts his first solo concert, and a little later, very much of the same year, he goes on the First All-Ukrainian tour, which successfully passed through the cities from Kiev to Simferopol and Sevastopol.</p>
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Alyosha Dixon began her career in the pop group Mis-Teeq, but when the group disbanded in 2005, the singer continued to write songs and successfully continued her stage activity as a solo performer. Her first albums &quot;Fired Up&quot; (released only in Japan due to problems with the Polydor label) and &quot;The Alesha Show&quot; contained songs that instantly became hits on European radio stations. In addition to music, Alyosha takes an active life position, helping the peoples of Africa, and also performing the function of a Goodwill Ambassador. it is the singer&#39;s social activities that have recently distracted her from creativity, but in 2010 a new solo work of the singer is planned.
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<p>The band was formed in 2001 by two twin brothers from East Germany, Bill and Tom Kaulitz. Initially the group was called &quot;Devilish&quot; (Devilish). After watching the brothers&#39; duo perform, they were joined by bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schaefer.</p><p> Bill Kaulitz as a soloist took part in the TV show &quot;Star Search&quot; (an analogue of the Russian TV show &quot;Morning Star&quot;), where he reached the quarterfinals with The Weather Girls&#39; song &quot;It&#39;s Raining Man&quot; (no bands were expected to participate). Thanks to his participation in the show, the leader of the group managed to get to know producer Peter Hoffman, who took over the promotion of the project. At his insistence, the name was changed to a less defiant - Tokio Hotel. The Japanese reference also matched the artist&#39;s image, which was reminiscent of the Japanese Visual Kei style. Later, another producer Pat Benzner joins the team.</p><p> Bill Kaulitz in 2006.</p><p> The band was signed to Sony BMG. The video for the debut single &quot;Durch den Monsun&quot; (German through the monsoon) hit German TV channels in August. After the video was released, the group immediately gained a lot of fans and fans. The single began its journey on the German music charts on August 20 at 15th place, and already reached the 1st place on the 26th. This single also peaked at number one on the Austrian music charts. The group&#39;s second video, &quot;Schrei&quot; (German for shouting), was # 1 on all European charts. The band released the album &quot;Schrei&quot; in September.</p><p> At the beginning of 2006, the third video &quot;Rette mich&quot; (German: Save me) was released. This version of the song was different from the original version from the first album due to Bill&#39;s breaking voice and some instrumental changes. The video for the song &quot;Rette mich&quot; quickly reached the 1st place.</p><p> The second studio album &quot;Schrei - so laut du kannst&quot; was released in March. The release was due to changes in Bill&#39;s voice and came out with three new songs - &quot;Schwarz&quot;, &quot;Beichte&quot;, &quot;Thema nr. 1 &quot;In September the band released the fourth single from the album&quot; Schrei &quot;-&quot; Der letzte Tag &quot;(German for the last day). This song also climbed to the very top of the charts.</p><p> On November 18, 2006 the group gave a concert in Moscow. It was one of the first performances outside Germany, and this first experience showed that musicians are popular all over the world.</p><p> In early June 2007, the English-language album &quot;Scream&quot; and several singles to it were released. With this album, the group begins the conquest of England, Italy, Spain and America.</p><p> On October 2, 2009, the fourth studio album &quot;Humanoid&quot; was released. On it, Tokio Hotel&#39;s sound changed towards synthpop, the musicians brought more electronics to the arrangement of the songs. IN</p><p> In June 2011, Tokio Hotel visited Moscow again, arriving at the Muz-TV 2011 Prize.</p>
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<p><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Andrey Kishe was born into a musical family. Graduated from the choreographic department of the school of culture. He devoted 8 years to choreography. Ukrainian singer, TV presenter.</span></p>
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