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Quest Pistols – <p>Quest Pistols is a pop group formed from the dance ballet &quot;Quest&quot;. Their first performance took place on April 1, 2007, after which the guys went on a tour of the cities of Ukraine. Lyrics are written by Isolde Chetkha, with the exception of the song &quot;White Dragonfly of Love&quot;, the author of which is the young musician Nikolai Voronov. The soloists are three members of the ballet &quot;Quest&quot;: Anton Savlepov, Konstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk. The Quest Pistols celebrate the ideology of the present. This is not anti-glamor, this is a call to be yourself. “We want to teach people not to judge others only by their appearance. For example, at a concert we throw toilet paper into the audience, and everyone likes it. The audience begins to do the same. Especially in nightclubs, it works great, ”they boast.</p> – Квест Пистолс квест пистолз Quest Pistols Show шоу
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