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Genre: Pop music  Russian pop  Ethno / Folk 

Sevara Nazarkhan began singing as part of the Sideris group, created by Mansur Tashmatov and consisting of four girls, but became popular only after starting a solo career, playing folk dutar with modern motives.

Being a successful singer in Uzbekistan, in 2000, Sevara met Peter Gabriel and received an invitation to record a solo album on his Realworld Records label.

The album Yol Bolsin was released in 2002. The music producer of the album is the famous French musician and producer Hector Zazu. Yol Bolsin was warmly received by European music critics who named it one of the most artistic releases of the year.

This was followed by Sevara's participation in Peter Gabriel's Growing Up world tour, during which more than 50 concerts were played at all major venues in Europe, the USA and Canada.

In 2004, Sevara was named Best Asian Artist at the prestigious BBC World Music Award [1] [2]. The next two years, Sevara and her group spent on continuous tours, the geography of which covered all of Central Europe and Asia. At the same time, Sevara performed in Moscow with great success.

In 2007, Realworld Records released Sevara's second album "Sen". This time the album was produced by Bruno Ellingham, who worked with such bands as Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, Doves, and the legendary Petersburg musician Victor Sologub (Strange Games, Deadushki).

In 2012, Sevara took part in the "Voice" project on Channel One. I chose the team of Leonid Agutin and successfully passed two stages of the show. But in the third I dropped out.

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2014-12-15 01:03:08 zoya
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Севара непревзойденный мастер песни и музыки!Магический голос,искренность и талант!Прекрасный композитор,все альбомы восхитительны,и на русском языке,и на санскрите,высочайший уровень и мастерство вызывают бурю восхищений,особенно на ее живых концертах,это что -то неповторимое и сказочное!!!!!Успехов и вдохновения, дорогая Севара!!!
2014-12-11 01:14:22 Tusya
это что за чудо
2014-10-03 20:15:00 Little Star
фуфуфу, она нничего из себя не представляет. это все Градский ее продвинул! он звезда, она отстой. бывает же такое, ахахах
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